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Clinton, Michigan

has many attractions that will bring you into the area, but what do we love the most? The restaurants and bars. These are our top picks in the 49236 zip code. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

♦ The Pantry ♦
The Pantry is a great place to go for breakfast or brunch any time you are in Clinton, and they are also known for their wonderful lunches. It's a casual place, yet it is such high quality that you will enjoy it much more than most of the other restaurants in the area. At least we do. They've got really great coffee and the waitstaff makes sure that your cup is always refreshed and piping hot. We really love their breakfast sandwich here too, it's so huge and really a giant step up from the typical. The apple pancakes are one of our favorite items as well, and how about those delish scrambled eggs and potato pancakes? Lots of great crepes and omelettes here too. You can find The Pantry at 44945 Morley Dr.

♦ Nordstrom Cafe Bistro ♦
Don't let the idea of dining in a department store put you off, this is a great spot to fill up when you're in the middle of a long day of shopping, and you can get that delicious pick-me-up without having to settle for food court junk food, or wasting an hour and a half in a regular restaurant. We love the sandwiches here, and the salads are a very refreshing choice in the middle of a long day too. The Thai Chicken Salad just may be our favorite. The desserts are wonderful here too, and the kids really go wild for them just as much as the adults do. The staff here is very friendly and helpful, and they've even got free wi-fi for you to take advantage of. You can find Nordstrom Cafe Bistro inside Nordstrom's at 17310 Hall Rd.

♦ Dan Good Pizza ♦
The name of this restaurant always makes us laugh... Dan Good Pizza! And it is in fact some damn good pizza. No question about that. This is located in the same spot that Sorrento's used to be in, so the location will be familiar to you but the food will be a cut above what it used to be. Our favorite pizza here has got to be the shrimp, portobella mushrooms, and pesto sauce, and we also enjoy the ground beef and Italian sausage. Everything is good from the crust to the sauce to the cheese to the toppings, and right down to the service and ambiance too. You can find Dan Good PIzza at 41880 Garfield Rd. Very highly recommended anytime you're craving a great pizza pie!

♦ Nordstrom eBar ♦
Nordstrom eBar earns Nordstrom's its second mention on this list! We love this at the Partridge Creek location! Their coffee beans are 100% pure Arabica, and when you pair that with their delicious steamed milk you know you are in for some wonderful coffee drinks. The black and white is our favorite, followed by the plain latte, and then the caramel latte. They have some nice things to eat here, including a really delicious hommous and fresh pita bread. A very nice pick-me-up in the middle of a long day of shopping and walking around Partridge Creek. Tip: One of our favorite things about Partridge Creek is that they have pet stations so you can bring your dogs, and most stores allow dogs too. Just check the window of each store for the paw print. You can find Nordstrom's eBar at 17310 Hall Rd.

♦ Luciano's Restaurant ♦
Luciano's Restaurant is a great place to go for delicious Italian food in Clinton. It's true that the prices here are a bit high, but not for this high quality of food. It's worth every single penny. The pasta is freshly made and tastes incredible with any one of their delicious sauces. We love their appetizers too, especially the eggplant! We'd very highly recommend the perch, and the chicken mama assunta is just fantastic. Our sole complaint about this restaurant is that the meat sauce has beef, pork, and veal, and we are not big fans of veal. For dessert we'd recommend the tiramisu paired with a delicious cappuccino! Truly a wonderful dining experience for special occasions and romantic dates! You can find Luciano's Restaurant at 39091 Garfield Rd.

♦ Royal Kabob ♦

Royal Kabob is just sensational for all your favorite Middle Eastern food. We especially enjoy their hommous and tabouli here. Both are made with all the highest quality ingredients and it really makes all the difference. They have delicious ghallaba here, whether you go with the meat, seafood, or vegetarian options, and we also are in love with their barbecued chicken and that delicious fluffy rice. It's tucked away in an unassuming strip mall, but don't let that exterior fool you. It's a wonderful restaurant, and the service is on par with what you'd find at a more upscale Mediterranean restaurant. Be sure to try their fresh juices and desserts too. You can find Royal Kabob at 41830 Hayes Rd.

♦ Asahi Sushi ♦
Asahi Sushi is one of our favorite places to go in Clinton Township for delicious sushi! Mmm! Before we even discuss the food, we have to recommend their giant selection of sake, wine, and beer. The servers really know their stuff and will guide you to the perfect choice to go along with your meal. The Asahi specialty roll is our favorite thing on the menu, and we also enjoy their crazy girl sushi. Their miso soup is higher quality than what we have found elsewhere in the area, and the salads are very fresh with delicious refreshing ginger dressing. The yellowtail and scallion rolls are delicious too, and you can't go wrong with anything with "tempura" in the name here! Really fantastic quality on everything. Very highly recommended. You can find Asahi Sushi at 41860 Garfield Rd.

♦ J Baldwin's ♦
J Baldwin's is an excellent upscale restaurant that we have enjoyed many times for special occasions and romantic dates. We love the fact that this is an independent restaurant, and the fact that it is so completely unique is a major plus too. For one, every draft beer in the house is a Michigan brew. They've got delicious lamb chops here, and wonderful tuna steak too, and for dessert you cannot go wrong with any of their cakes, especially the bumpy cake! They're got great espresso to pair with those cakes too. If you're trying to go lighter with your entree, the filet mignon is a nice choice as is the low carb chicken romesco. The ambiance here is truly elegant and beautiful, and the service is some of the best that you'll find in all of Michigan. Definitely a special experience. You can find J Baldwin's at 16981 18 Mile Rd.

♦ Great Baraboo Brewing Company ♦
Great Baraboo Brewing Company is one of our favorite places to go for a great beer when we are in Clinton Township. Unlike most breweries, the focus isn't just on the beer here... they also have amazing food. Kobe beef, anybody? Yes. That Kobe burger is just incredible. They've got delicious bleu cheese burgers here too, and perch that will really make your mouth water. You'll want to get those waffle fries for sure, and to drink, don't skip the Black Stone Porter. Enough said! We could stop this review right here. The ambiance is great pub style, and the service is so friendly and fast too! Whenever you want to chill with your buddies and a few great beers, this is the spot! You can find Great Baraboo Brewing Company at 35905 Utica Rd.

♦ Sonic Drive-In ♦
Sonic Drive-In is one of our favorite new spots in Michigan to grab a great burger, sandwich, coney, or whatever kind of drive-in fare suits our mood! They've got hundreds of drink combinations here and you can even customize your standard pop with all kinds of different flavors. Our top choice is the blue coconut, but many love the cherry and lime. The cherry limeade is a really refreshing drink to go with any sandwich or coney too. Great kids meals and toys for the kids too! It's the modern version of the drive-ins that your parents used to go to, and it can be a really fun and cheap date to go to Sonic, perhaps before or after a movie! Crank up some oldies while you're noshing too for a more authentic feel, or just park close to the speakers and enjoy whatever they're playing at Sonic. You can find this location at 40257 Groesbeck Hwy.

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