We service all of metro Detroit and south east Michigan including Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, Livingston County, Monroe County, Washtenaw County, and Genessee County.

Clifford, Michigan

is located in Lapeer County, and though you'll find one or two restaurants within the area, for most of your dining, drinking, and entertainment needs, you will be heading into nearby Marlette. All locations on this list are within easy driving distance. You'll be able to find all of these establishments within the Clifford zip code of 48727 and the Marlette zip code of 48453. We hope you'll take the time to visit at least one of these when you're in town with Limo Detroit.

Rose Bud's Cafe
9653 Main St
Clifford MI 48727
Rose Bud's Cafe is a really beloved spot if you ask any of the locals! They've got great high quality food, delicious coffee, and the kind of ambiance that everybody loves.

Beagio's Pizza & Restaurant
3003 Main St
Marlette MI 48453
If you're craving a delicious pizza in the Clifford and Marlette area, you cannot go wrong with a visit to the best of the best, Beagio's Pizza & Restaurant. Wonderful pizza and pasta!

Little Caesar's
3345 Main St
Marlette MI 48453
Hot and ready, anyone? Little Caesar's is perhaps now best known for their always-ready pizzas, but they've also got great pan pizzas and salads here. Check out the full menu, you'll be impressed!

Treve's Pizza
2575 S Van Dyke Rd
Marlette MI 48453
Another absolute essential for a delicious pizza in the Clifford and Marlette area.

♦ BARS ♦

Coach House Tavern
2701 Golf Course Dr
Marlette MI 48453
If you're seeking a good stiff drink along with a wonderful meal, you'd be hard pressed to find a better tavern than Coach House Tavern on Golf Course Dr. Very highly recommended.

Pronto Mart
3355 Main St
Marlette MI 48453
Sometimes you're in a rush and can't be bothered to sit down for a meal or even grab some fast food. At those times, a great convenience store is a necessity. Find what you're craving at this great little mart!

Main St Pharmacy & Deli
3006 Main St Lower
Marlette 48453
Easily overlooked, but we recommend that you don't! They've got fabulous deli sandwiches here just like the ones they made back in the day. Always a great, fast, healthy lunch!

3430 Main St
Marlette MI 48453
You can't go wrong with a delicious Big Mac or Quarter Pounder from the best known fast food restaurant in the world, Mickey D's. Find this one conveniently on Main St!

2875 Main St
Marlette MI 48453
When you're craving fast food but you don't want to break your diet, the best option is always Subway! Super fresh ingredients and a sensational staff make this one a must-visit.

Burger King
3783 S Van Dyke Rd
Marlette MI 48453
If you're not in the mood for McDonald's or Subway, how about Burger King? Nothing like starting your day with a great BK breakfast, or grabbing a hearty burger later in the day!

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