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Clawson, Michigan

is just packed with excellent bars and restaurants that we just know that you'll enjoy. We have enjoyed every single location on this list, and all of them can be found within the 48017 and 48398 zip codes!

♦ Noble Fish ♦
Noble Fish is rumored to be the best sushi restaurant in Michigan, and we cannot argue with that! Can't beat the convenient downtown Clawson location either. Despite the great location, it's actually very much a hidden gem, located in the back of an Asian grocery store. As you might expect, there's not much seating here, so you'll want to arrive a little bit early in case you have to wait for a table. The green tea is excellent and free, and the sashimi is truly the highest quality in the state, hands down. People go crazy over this place. One of the nicest things is that they have all the most authentic sushi here, but they also have the Americanized rolls for those who aren't ready to be quite so adventurous. Perfect for sushi experts and beginners alike. Do NOT miss this place. Your mind will be blown by the quality and the flavor. You can find Noble Fish at 45 E 14 Mile Rd.

♦ Black Lotus Brewing Company ♦
Black Lotus Brewing Company is one of our favorite American style brew pubs in the entire state, and it's so conveniently located right here in downtown Clawson. The selection of beers is really noteworthy, and our favorite is probably the apricot wheat. They also have an amazing oatmeal stout that we have enjoyed on many occasions. The macaroni and cheese is excellent, and we love the chicken nachos as an appetizer too. The sandwiches here are just incredibly good, including Reubens that will really make your mouth water. They also have a magic mushroom melt that includes peppers and bleu cheese, and if that sounds like your kind of thing, just wait until you taste it. Really fabulous food here. You'll be able to find Black Lotus Brewing Company at 1 E 14 Mile Rd.

♦ Da Nang Restaurant ♦
Da Nang Restaurant is a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant located in downtown Clawson. They are known for their delicious spring rolls or fresh rolls, filled with high quality Chinese veggies and pork. If you are seeking really delicious pho, you can't go wrong here. The vegetarian pho is superb. They have grilled boneless chicken vermicelli that will really tantalize your tastebuds, and how about the imperial rolls and pot stickers? These are the things that get your meal off to an amazing start and they are just so flavorful and impressive. We can't wrap up this review without mentioning our favorite thing on the menu, which is the spicy shrimp soup! It's not super spicy so you may want to ask for a little extra heat, but it is packed with flavor with really delicious spices. Everything here is just A+ and then some. The prices do reflect that, but we'd pay even more for quality like this. You can find Da Nang Restaurant at 1 S Main St.

♦ Frittata ♦
Frittata, needless to say, is a breakfast and brunch restaurant! We absolutely love this place! We're huge fans of eggs benedict, and theirs is really excellent. The french toast has always been a great choice here too, and for the lighter diet you may want to opt for a fruit plate with toast. Needless to say, the frittatas that the place is named for are the signature dish, and they are fantastic. Not enough restaurants serve frittatas so it's nice to have a place to go to get a really great one. There are many different types to choose from. Lots of good sandwiches here too if you're not in the mood for breakfast! They do get very busy on Sundays just before noon with all the after-church crowds, so you might want to head in prior to 10:00 AM to beat that rush. You can find Frittata at 236 S Main St. Very highly recommended!

♦ Shilla Korean & Japanese Cuisine ♦
Shilla Korean & Japanese Cuisine gets major points from us because not only do they have some of the most delicious Japanese cuisine around, but they also feature delicious Korean delights. That's hard to find, and very much appreciated. They have a very large menu here, so it's perhaps not the place for beginners unless you have someone to point you in the right direction. We love the gyoza style dumplings and the chop suey for appetizers, the spicy pork and bibimbap for a main course, and you can't go wrong with the sushi either! If you'd like something to drink, the Asian beers are very good and they have great cocktails as well. Very friendly service and they're happy to help you navigate the menu too. You can find Shilla Korean & Japanese Cuisine at 1019 W Maple Rd.

♦ Clawson Steak House ♦

Clawson Steak House is a surprising addition to this list, because we were not aware of it until very recently and have just fallen in love with it. All of our friends have given it rave reviews too, and the general consensus on the internet is that it's a winner. The flaming sausage appetizer is a new twist on an old favorite, saganaki, replacing the cheese with delicious sausage! Inventive and fun. The steaks here are just out of this world, very high quality and perfectly cooked to order. We love the new york strip, and you can never go wrong with a filet mignon or a prime rib. You get lots of sides with your steak too, including bread, salad, soup, and your choice of vegetables or potato. The perfect dinner. They also have delicious cocktails too. Great place for a date or special occasion! You can find Clawson Steak House at 56 S Rochester Rd.

♦ Due Venti ♦
Due Venti is the spot to go for delicious Italian food whenever you are in the Clawson area. It's not a huge restaurant, just a cozy local spot, and that's part of what we love so much about it. The flavors are really fantastic, and their wine list is noteworthy too. Not a huge list, but a very good one. And we prefer that to an overflowing list of wines that are just okay. We especially love the gnocchi here, and it's some of the best that we have ever had (right up there with Pia's in Taylor which is our top fave!). They have a delicious winter salad here that we'd highly recommend, crafted from arugula, oranges, grapefruit slices, goat cheese, and dandied walnuts. For your main dish, you cannot go wrong with the espresso encrusted beef tenderloin. Enough said. If we hadn't already been here, the phrase "espresso encrusted beef tenderloin" would have us sold, sight unseen. You can find Due Venti at 220 S Main St. Don't miss this one!

♦ Royal Kubo ♦
Royal Kubo is one of the highest recommended restaurants on this list, because their Filipino flavors are just too impossible to resist! Their Kare Kare is one of our favorite dishes here, prepared with the freshest and most delicious cabbage, and really highlighting some of the best flavors of the Philippines. The pancit is just fantastic here, and we also love the longanisa and pinakbet. The beer is excellent here, especially the specialty Filipino beers. If you're in town on a weekend, you'll want to stop in and see how this place transforms into a nightclub, complete with fun karaoke and pay per view sports on television. Not the fanciest place in town, but still high quality and always a fun place to dine and drink. You can find Royal Kubo at 27 E 14 Mile Rd.

♦ Renshaw Bar & Grill ♦
Renshaw Bar & Grill is an essential in Clawson, partly for those great strong drinks and partly for the amazing pizza and cheese bread! Gotta love that. They also have some of the best macaroni and cheese that we have ever had, and their fish and chips are just out of this world. Close your eyes and you'll think you're in an authentic English pub far from these American shores. There are tons of things to keep you busy here, from Golden Tee to pool, from darts to the jukebox. The prices on beer and cocktails are nice and low with lots of specials to help you keep your pockets lined with green. Great staff here too, very friendly and attentive so your cups are never empty and your dining experience is always just as it should be. You can find Renshaw Bar & Grill at 210 E 14 Mile Rd.

♦ Barb's Pasties & Pizza ♦
If you are a lover of comfort food as well as delicious pizza, you really owe it to yourself to check out Barb's Pasties & Pizza! This wonderful spot is just for carryout, but don't let that put you off. A sit-down dining experience is not necessary to enjoy these delights! The carrot cake is one of our favorite things here, and of course the pasties that gave the place part of its name work hard for that fame. They are delish! We recommend buying those pasties hot and fresh from the oven, or if you are going to be eating them later on, get them pre-cooked and frozen so you can just heat them up at home. We love the beef. Gravy is actually unnecessary because these are so good, but the gravy is great too so we won't blame you if you order some anyway. Really, really good stuff! You'll be able to find Barb's Pasties & Pizza at 610 S Main St! Very highly recommended.

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