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Clarkston, Michigan

is located within Oakland County, and it's perhaps best known for its popular DTE Energy Music Theatre (formerly Pine Knob Music Theatre). After those fun concerts in the summertime you've got to know where to go for a bite to eat or something to drink! All of the restaurants and bars listed on this page are among our favorites, and can all be found within the Clarkston zip codes of 48346, 48347, and 48348.

♦ Union Woodshop ♦
Union Woodshop is an excellent choice for a great barbecue meal in Clarkston! The price is right here, not too high but not so low that you wonder where they're cutting corners. They have a full bar where you can relax with your friends before or after that big concert at DTE... and they've got plenty of TVs so you can catch the game too. They're open until 11:00PM on Fridays and Saturdays so coming in a little later in the evening is not a bad thing. The macaroni and cheese is our absolute favorite thing here, and the pulled pork is just crazy good. If you are a lover of brisket, you will be very pleased with the quality here too! Excellent service and the kind of atmosphere that everybody loves. You can find Union Woodshop at 18 S Main St.

♦ Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen ♦
Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen is one of our favorite places to go for a great beer when we are in Clarkston. Lots of good stuff on draft and in bottles, and there is plenty of good food to go along with it! We love the sausage platter because they make the sausage on the premises, and they also have excellent hamburgers here. If you are looking for a really delicious appetizer, the artichoke dip can't be missed. The smoked chicken dip is also really noteworthy. We can't forget to mention the macaroni and cheese because it's truly stellar and always recommended by everyone we know! Excellent service, great atmosphere, and all the great food and drinks that you can stand. Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen is located at 54 S Main St.

♦ Mesquite Creek Steak House ♦
Clearly Clarkston has its fair share of delicious barbecue restaurants and steakhouses! This is another one of our favorites. Whenever we find ourselves in Clarkston, we always think, "Mesquite Creek." The prices here can be a bit on the expensive side, but they are always, always worth it. It's a fancier place than the others on this list, and you will want to be a little dressier when visiting this one, of course. They have excellent ribs here, and you can't go wrong with that jalapeno barbecue sauce! It's not quite hot enough for our tastes (nothing short of Tabasco will cut it for us!) but it's got a nice heat and rich flavor. When you're craving a delicious steak you can get an amazing one at Mesquite Creek Steak House, at 7728 N Main St.

♦ Old Village Cafe ♦
Old Village Cafe is a classic for breakfast in Clarkston, so if you spent the night in a hotel after the concert, or perhaps stayed all night in the bars and need something hearty to sober you up, Old Village Cafe is the only name you need to know. It's not very big here, but nicely decorated and quite comfortable. They have all the delicious breakfast favorites that you love, including really great home fries, and the eggs are always cooked perfectly here. Enormous omelettes too, just packed with all the most high quality ingredients. If you'd like to support one of the few independent businesses in Clarkston that's really worth your time of day, then this is the one to visit. Everybody loves Old Village Cafe, and you can find it at 2 S Main St.

♦ Mr B's ♦
Everybody knows Mr B's, and everybody has hung out here at least a time or two before or after a concert at DTE (or Pine Knob back in the day!). Every Mr B's is different, so if you're not a fan of another one that you're familiar with, we'd recommend that you give this one a chance. We love the clean atmosphere and the delicious food that's served, and the service is really great too. The patio is very pleasant and when the weather is good you should definitely ask to sit outside. Our favorite thing here is the cobb salad, and the drinks are always good and strong without being overpriced. Very popular after-work spot for sure, and always a good time no matter when you come in. Mr B's Pub is a real classic, and you can locate this one at 6761 Dixie Hwy.

♦ Gregg's Gourmet Cafe ♦

Gregg's Gourmet Cafe is known for its fast service and friendly staff, and we love coming in for a hearty pizza or perhaps some pasta, such as their delicious mostaccioli. They have great ribs and chicken here for the barbecue crowd, and the bread sticks are really noteworthy. Everybody loves them! You can get lunch and dinner here, and most entrees go for less than ten bucks! We've stopped here many times before a concert for a great bite to eat and we have always been very pleased with the dining experience that we have received. Nice place for a cozy lunch with friends! For a taste of the gourmet at Gregg's, head over to 5914 S Main St. Very highly recommended!

♦ Clarkston Cafe ♦
Clarkston Cafe is yet another great spot for delicious home cooked goodness when you're in the area. Sometimes when you are here for a show or for other entertainment, you just don't feel like noshing on all that bar food or chain restaurant menu items. You want something better than that, something that tastes homemade, something that makes you feel at home and makes the words "comfort food" come to mind. This is the spot for that. We've had many excellent meals here over the years and nothing but positive experiences with the waitstaff. We feel very comfortable recommending this place to you, and we won't bother to point out any specific menu items this time because everything is delish here. You could close your eyes and point at something random on the menu and do just fine. You can find Clarkston Cafe at 18 S Main St.

♦ Lorenzo's ♦
In the midst of all those chain restaurants in Clarkston, it's easy to miss a classic Italian restaurant like Lorenzo's. But don't. Seek this one out. It's upscale without being pretentious, beautifully decorated but still casual. You don't feel like you need black tie and tails to eat here, but you do feel like you get that level of service and food quality that you would if you did! We love all of the pasta here, with a heavy emphasis on their spaghetti and fettuccine. The steaks are also fantastic. Best of all, the service is very good and there's TV so you can catch the game too! Open until 11:00PM on Fridays and Saturdays so you can catch a late meal. Lorenzo's is located at 7071 Dixie Hwy.

♦ Burger King ♦
Weird to see Burger King on this list? It might seem that way, but when you're heading out of a concert at DTE Music Theatre and it's late at night, and there's barely any place left in town to stop for a quick bite to eat... or if you just want to hurry up and get back on the freeway to get home and you don't want to waste much time eating... then Burger King is truly the best fast food option around! We love that they let you customize your order to your heart's content, and the quality of the food is just so much higher than that other beloved fast food restaurant that gets all the attention. Always a great choice for a delish fast food meal! You can find this BK location at 6674 Dixie Hwy!

♦ Brioni Cafe & Deli ♦
If you're in town early and want to catch a really great lunch, this last item on our list (but certainly not least) is one of our highets recommendations. This is the kind of deli that you'll want to visit every day during your lunch hour if possible. They've got some of the best soups in town, including a tomato tortellini that we absolutely adore. The salads are also generously sized and very crisp and fresh. All of their sandwiches are very high quality and piled high with all the toppings that you request. Their breads and meats come from Zingerman's and Dietz and Watson, so you know that everything is good. Best sandwich here? That's a tough question but we'll go with the reuben! Brioni Cafe & Deli can be found at 7151 N Main St, Ste 215.

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