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Chelsea, Michigan

is located within Washtenaw County, and it is known for its wonderful bars and restaurants, and we wanted to put together a list of the best ones for you. This way, when you're traveling in Chelsea, you will know where to drink and dine. Take a look at these great places in the 48118 zip code.

♦ Common Grill ♦
Common Grill is one of the most delectable places to dine in Chelsea, really fit for foodies and gourmet types! The seafood risotto is one of our favorite things here, and the tuscan pear with gorgonzola is just amazingly good. It's really a beautiful environment here, with very tall windows letting in just the right amount of sunlight, and tall ceilings to go along with it, making the space feel even larger than it is (and it's already pretty large on its own). Despite its large size it's very cozy and comfortable here. Intimate, even. Truly one of the most elegant places to dine in Chelsea! The only downside to this restaurant is that they only accept reservations for parties of six or more. Common Grill can be found at 112 S Main St.

♦ Mike's Deli ♦
If you are a lover of a great sandwich, then Mike's Deli is the place for you and then some! We really go wild for these sandwiches, which begins with Zingerman's bread, grilled to perfection, and then piled high with all the best quality ingredients, just the way you order them! There's zero pretense here, just great food prepared quickly and served at a great price. The reuben is one of the best things here in our opinion, and we also love the stingray club. If you've got kids they're sure to love the mini hot dogs, and really the adults love 'em too. If you can appreciate a hole in the wall deli that serves some of the greatest sandwiches of all time, then what are you doing still reading this? Head over there now and dig in! The exquisite Mike's Deli can be located at 114 W Middle St.

♦ Zou Zou's ♦
Zou Zou's is the spot for coffee and tea in Chelsea. We can't even count the number of times that we have stopped in to enjoy the subdued music, the relaxed atmosphere, and the wonderful coffee. The breakfast sandwiches are one of the best ways to begin your day, and they have lots of wonderful lunch options for you too. There are some art pieces and pottery inside for you to browse and buy, and that adds to the ambiance as well as giving you a way to bring home a souvenir. Great desserts too, and in our opinion that's the perfect thing to pair with a great coffee or tea. The service here is just excellent, and you'll feel right at home even on your very first visit. Zou Zou's is found at 101 N Main St.

♦ Las Fuentes Authentic Mexican Restaurant ♦
Las Fuentes Authentic Mexican Restaurant sounds good and it is good! With the word authentic in the name, your first thought is, "Is it really authentic?" And we would say yes, it is. The chiles rellenos is one of our favorite items on the menu, and they have wonderful fresh salsas here that complement every single dish on the menu. Don't make the mistake of thinking salsa is just for chips. We love it on the rice and beans especially! If you love Don Equis Amber, you'll be thrilled to know that they have it on draft here. If you love carnitas, go with the carnitas con salsa verde. The flavor is simply out of this world. Las Fuentes Authentic Mexican Restaurant can be found at 350 N Main St.

♦ Cleary's Pub ♦
Not only is Cleary's Pub a wonderful authentic atmosphere where you can really relax and celebrate special moments in life with your friends, it's also conveniently located on Main St. The area is very nice, and though it's quite small inside, that just makes it more intimate and comfortable. The food here is of course bar fare, but very very good. The taco salad is a nice choice, and we have enjoyed all of their sandwiches. The perch is a very nice choice if you're looking for something classic and delicious, and pairing that with a black and tan is really a phenomenal idea if you ask us! They make them just perfectly. Friendly staff, friendly crowds, friendly atmosphere! You will be able to find Cleary's Pub at 113 S Main St.

♦ Chelsea Grill ♦

Chelsea Grill is another bar and grill that we believe you will enjoy very much! They've got really delicious sandwiches here and that's the big draw for us; particularly that classic yet modern turkey reuben, and if you're a seafood lover you absolutely cannot go wrong with the fried shrimp and clams! Mmm! We're big fans of a great dirty martini, and the ones that they make here are PERFECT. They have a nice selection of beers on tap, and a really great Sunday brunch too! It's not a buffet, and we actually kind of prefer it this way. They give you very generous portions so there's no need to worry about that. Nothing but good times here over the years! Chelsea Grill may be located at 1120 S Main St.

♦ Cottage Inn Pizza ♦
Cottage Inn Pizza got its start in Ann Arbor, and now here it is going strong in Chelsea too. Everything is so fresh and delicious here, just a cut above all the other pizza parlors that you have ever visited! Very clean environment, great atmosphere, cozy ambiance... and of course a great staff that really ties it all together. All of their specialty pizzas are worth trying, and theirs salads are very good too. The chicken bites are just excellent for a quick snack, and their subs are just soooo good. Forget that "other" sub shop that everybody's always rushing to! This is way better, to say the very least. What's our favorite? Gotta be the ham and cheese. Can't go wrong with any one of them though! You can find this great Cottage Inn Pizza location at 520 S Main St.

♦ Uptown Coney Island ♦
If you are seeking a great coney island in Chelsea, look no further, Uptown Coney Island is the one. The thing that we love best about this place is that it not only has the best breakfasts around, with really hearty omelettes and home fries, but it also has a huge array of Greek specialties that are better than you'll find at most coney islands in the area. The portions are enormous here, and they pack each and every item with huge quantities of high quality ingredients. The coffee is excellent here, and they always have the cream and sugar right there on the table for you so you can craft that cup just the way you like it. Low prices, high quality, great service! You can find Uptown Coney Island 1555 S Main St.

♦ Chinese Tonight ♦
Chinese Tonight has one of the cutest names for a restaurant... a charming play on the oft-asked question, "Honey, do you want chinese tonight?" So clearly you have to think of them every time you utter that phrase! This is primarily a carryout restaurant, or at least that's the way we have always taken advantage of it, and we think it's perfect for when you need some good grub on the party bus! The orange chicken is probably our favorite thing here, and you'll love it too if you like juicy white meat chicken perfectly breaded and tossed in a delectable orange sauce. We like it spicy hot, but you may want to opt for the medium depending on your personal preference. Good stuff! If you want Chinese Tonight (don't mind the play on words!) you can find it at 127 S Main St.

♦ Jet's Pizza ♦
Jet's Pizza is one of our favorite places to get a really delicious square deep dish Sicilian pizza. Their sauce is what really makes it! It's delicate and sweet, and very distinctive compared to other pizzerias. They've got slices available all day so it's easy to "jet" in whenever you have a moment and get a quick lunch. Their wings are awesome too, available in plain, BBQ, honey BBQ, mild, or hot! We recommend the hot, but we love everything super spicy, so let your tastebuds be your guide. They have an incredible variety of crusts here, eight at last count! And they've got great subs and "boats" here too! We love the chicken parmesan boat and the meatball boat. The classic grilled chicken and the tuna are very good too! Jet's Pizza is always good, and located at 506 N Main St.

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