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Center Line, Michigan

can be found within Macomb County, and is represented by the zip code 48015. If you find yourself traveling in this area with Limo Detroit, we hope that you'll have the time to visit at least a couple of these great bars and restaurants. Here are just a few of our favorites:

♦ Martin's Ham & Cornbeef ♦
If you are seeking a really mean sandwich in the Center Line area, you really owe it to yourself to stop in to Martin's Ham & Cornbeef! We absolutely adore this deli! They've got the absolute best sandwiches around. Clearly the ham and corned beef would be the way to go, but you've got a ton of other options here if that's not your thing. We highly recommend this restaurant for breakfast too, and omelets would be our choice if we were in your shoes! But really you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Look at the famous omelets section of the menu for their specialty selections. So good! Martin's Ham & Cornbeef can be found at 24564 Van Dyke Ave right here in Center Line.

♦ Stosh's Pizza ♦
Stosh's Pizza is really a standout pizzeria in Center Line. Their square pizza is our absolute favorite, and all their toppings are so fresh and delicious. If you're like us and you enjoy a mean salad with your pizza, you'll be very happy with their selection here. They've got amazing flavored crust here too, and it's no extra charge! The garlic butter crust is absolutely divine, and be sure to order some hot pepper flakes to sprinkle on your pizza too — that is really kicking it up a notch, and it is just unbelievably good! Family owned and operated, great prices, and even amazing ribs. Stosh's Pizza can be found at 24312 Van Dyke Ave right here in Center Line.

♦ Vern Haney's Restaurant ♦
Vern Haney's Restaurant is a cozy family restaurant that everybody around here really loves. It's very "small town," and who doesn't love that? Most of the people who frequent this restaurant are locals, and the waitstaff knows them by name, not just because they come in a lot, but because they likely went to school with them or they're neighbors! It's very tight-knit here, and that's nice to see. The food is out of this world, including wonderful breakfasts — from omelets to pancakes, they've got it all! Vern Haney's Restaurant is located in its familiar spot at 24447 Van Dyke Ave in Center Line.

♦ Maria's House of Pancakes ♦
Maria's House of Pancakes is one of the newer restaurants in the area, having just opened in the summer of 2010. It's a really refreshing option in this area, with so many different things to choose from! We love their breakfast menu, which is filled with delicious french toast, waffles, and crepes, plus all the wonderful combinations of eggs and meat that you could ever dream up. The omelets are just great here, and the coffee is superb. The Belgian waffles are unbelievably good, especially with the fresh strawberries and whipped cream! You can find Maria's House of Pancakes at 25029 Van Dyke Ave in Center Line. Very highly recommended!

♦ Franco's Pizzeria ♦
Though the place is called Franco's Pizzeria, we love it even more for the subs! Our favorite subs are probably the classic Italian and maybe the turkey club. These aren't the wimpy twelve inchers either — you get a full sixteen inch sub for an amazingly low cost! They're oven baked and so delicious — and their salami is simply the best as far as we're concerned! They even have delivery, which you may or may not need when you're traveling with us, but it's nice to know that it's available! Franco's Pizzeria is found right here in Center Line at 24662 Van Dyke Ave.

♦ Pizza Depot ♦

The Pizza Depot is not just a pizzeria, it's a pizza buffet! It also happens to be one of the very best. They have a much larger selection of pizza pies to choose from than any other pizza buffet we've reviewed in Michigan, and we're huge fans of all the different ones that they have to choose from. It's not the most gourmet pizza in the world, but it is good. You'll also enjoy the calzones, and the soup is just superb. There are better pizza buffets in terms of the quality of the actual pizza, but the extras at this one is what really makes all the difference. So base your choice on whether you just want pizza, or all the trimmings. Pizza Depot is found at 26631 Van Dyke Ave right here in Center Line.

♦ Quizno's Subs ♦
Quizno's Subs is always a healthy choice in the middle of a hard working day, or when you need to make a quick stop after a long day or night of partying! They've got a huge array of subs and salads to choose from, and if you aren't as familiar with this place as you are with that other huge sub franchise, we suggest that you get familiar with it! Tons of options, ample seating, quick pickups, and it's good to go! What more can we say about this place? Oh, they've got a very friendly staff too. Highly recommended! Quizno's Subs can be found at 25009 Van Dyke Ave right here in Center Line.

♦ China Villa ♦
China Villa is a simple and straightforward Chinese restaurant that offers all of your traditional favorites. We're big fans of the broccoli chicken here, and the General Tso's is really superb. We've also tried the almond boneless chicken and you can never go wrong with that dish. Their sweet and sour dishes are also really tasty, and if you're a fan of noodle dishes you'll enjoy both the lo mein and the chow mein too! Very friendly staff and a super clean environment makes this one a real winner. China Villa can be located at 25019 Van Dyke Ave in Center Line.

♦ Papa Romano's Pizza♦
Papa Romano's Pizza is always getting awards for their super fresh ingredients and customer satisfaction, and if you are already a frequent customer, then you know why. It's just so good! The dough is so flavorful, the cheese is the perfect amount and so good tasting, and all of their veggie toppings are just as fresh as if you picked them yourself straight off the vine. Their pepperoni is super flavorful too, and we love their square pizzas the best! Never a bad pizza pie from this restaurant, that's for sure! Papa Romano's Pizza is found at 25343 Van Dyke Ave in Center Line.

♦ Sand Baggers Sports Bar ♦
Sand Baggers Sports Bar is a classic in Center Line, and all the locals know this place so well. It's always filled with regulars, and the waitstaff is so welcoming to you whether you're one of those regulars or an absolute newcomer. They've got a good selection of your favorite beer, wine, and spirits, and you'll enjoy watching the big game on their TV while you're there. They keep the place nice and clean, and we think the ambiance is just perfect for a laid back neighborhood sports bar. We've never seen any fights while we've been there, and everyone always seems to be in such a great mood. Great food and drinks! You can find Sand Baggers Sports Bar at 25615 Van Dyke Ave right here in Center Line.

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