We service all of metro Detroit and south east Michigan including Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, Livingston County, Monroe County, Washtenaw County, and Genessee County.

Carleton, Michigan

is within Monroe County, and it has lots of great places to dine within its zip code of 48117, and when you run out of places within Carleton itself, nearby Flat Rock has got you covered in its zip code of 48134. We know you'll really enjoy these places when you are out for a bite to eat or something to drink with Limo Detroit, and we look forward to taking you there!

♦ Grafton Inn ♦
Grafton Inn is one of those places that everybody always compares to Cheers, because it's full of regulars, everybody knows each other, and it's just the most comfortable place in town to grab a stiff drink and have a nice chat with your friends. They've got raffles every week which is so much fun, and the big one on Friday is a really big draw for all the locals. The prices are a little bit higher here than elsewhere in town, but it's without a doubt worth every penny. Always an excellent time here. Grafton Inn can be found at 12601 Grafton Rd right here in Carleton.

♦ Ron's Pizzeria & Restaurant ♦
Ron's Pizzeria & Restaurant originally closed down about a decade ago when Ron's wife passed away and he retired, but Ron's kids have now reopened it and it's even better than it was back in the day, if that's possible! The pizzas are hand-tossed as always, and the ingredients are of the highest quality possible, so it's nothing short of the fresh delicious quality that you were familiar with back in the day. If you didn't know this place back then, it's time to get to know it now. Find out what you've been missing! Ron's Pizzeria & Restaurant can always be found at 1119 Monroe St right here in Carleton!

♦ Nina's Italian Pizzeria ♦
There are a lot of noteworthy pizzerias in the Carleton area, but Nina's Italian Pizzeria really shines. We have recommended this place time after time to all our friends and customers, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to you right now. It's family-owned and they have the greatest tasting pizza that you will find for miles around. Great service, clean restaurant, friendly staff... what more could you ask for in a great little hometown pizzeria? Nina's Italian Pizzeria can be located at 1209 Monroe St right here in the city of Carleton.

♦ China Club ♦
China Club is just a tiny spot where you can go and grab some delicious Chinese carryout, and that's just perfect for Limo Detroit travel! They've got a very large menu with generous portions of all your favorites, and the ingredients that they use here are really high quality and super fresh. The management has changed hands in recent years, so if it's been quite some time since you have stopped in, it's worth giving them another try. Family-friendly and always a great meal here — no delivery though. China Club is found at 12509 Grafton Rd in Carleton.

♦ Tiffany's Pizza ♦
Tiffany's Pizza gets tons of awards, and there's no question why! One taste of their famous pizza and you'll know. It's superb. The Hawaiian pizza is the absolute best that we have ever had, and we love the "doneness" of the crust here. If you like yours well done, ask for it, because it's a little on the softer side (and we like it that way!). This is just a great little hometown pizzeria — not like a Buddy's or a Pizza Papalis or any of those fancy ones — but it is perfect for a Friday night pizza craving, and great for bigger parties too. Tiffany's Pizza is located at 25066 Telegraph Rd, very close by, in nearby Flat Rock.

♦ Kate's Kitchen ♦

The Kate's Kitchen is that quaint little restaurant near the corner of W Huron River Dr and Arsenal/Telegraph Rd in nearby Flat Rock. They are known for their homemade pies as well as their delicious breakfasts. It's very difficult to get in to this restaurant on the weekends because their breakfast is so popular, so plan to arrive plenty early if you're traveling with us on a weekend! The omelets are absolutely out of this world, and we cannot get enough of their home fries. Wonderful biscuits and gravy too! Everything is homemade, and once you try it you won't be able to get enough. Kate's Kitchen is located at 26558 W Huron River Dr in nearby Flat Rock.

♦ Piper's Fine Foods ♦
Piper's Fine Foods is a real staple among all the people who live Downriver, located in nearby Flat Rock. You can't beat the convenient location on Telegraph Rd when you're traveling, and you won't find a more authentic old fashioned experience than this. They've even got those mini jukeboxes on every table. Love that! Their lasagna is always delicious, and everybody loves their chicken. The chicken pot pie is another favorite. You can even buy them to take home and cook for yourself, though that won't be quite the same, it's nice in a pinch! Piper's Fine Foods is still in its old familiar location at 25418 Telegraph Rd in nearby Flat Rock.

♦ Big Bear Lodge ♦
Big Bear Lodge is one of our favorite places to dine, period. And it's located so nearby in Flat Rock on Telegraph Rd! We love the lodge feel of this restaurant, and we love it even more that it's a one-off restaurant rather than a chain. They've got a nice selection of Michigan craft beers for you to enjoy, and since they've got a wood fired oven here, you will be treated to some of the most amazingly flavored barbecue you've ever had. The prime rib and pork roast are just out of this world. We love the antler chandeliers and that rustic hunting lodge feel! Big Bear Lodge is located at 25253 Telegraph Rd in nearby Flat Rock.

♦ China House♦
If you're seeking authentic Chinese food, China House may not be for you because it is in fact the more Americanized version of it — but if you love that style of Chinese-American cooking, then you will love this place just as much as we do. Most things here are homemade, and we are especially big fans of their Singapore rice noodles. So good! Their bean curd is an excellent Szechuan style treat, and you can't go wrong with a classic like General Tso's! Everything here is just superb. China House can be found at 26638 Telegraph Rd in nearby Flat Rock.

♦ Hungry Howie's Pizza ♦
Hungry Howie's Pizza is a real tradition here in Michigan, and this location in Flat Rock is one of our favorites. They've always got the freshest tasting dough and ingredients, and since they have those famous flavored crusts, it really sets off the flavor of the cheese and toppings just perfectly! They've always got great deals and specials to save you a few bucks, and you can stretch your dollar even further if you check their Web site for coupons before you go! Always a pleasure to eat at Hungry Howie's any chance we get! Hungry Howie's Pizza is found at 24637 Gibraltar Rd in nearby Flat Rock.

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