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Capac, Michigan

is found within St Clair County, and though this is a relatively small area, you'll be surprised at the nice array of restaurants, bars, pizzerias, and fast food restaurants that are available for you to enjoy here. Below you will find our top choices that are located in the shared Capac and Mussey zip code of 48014. Be sure to check out at least one or two of these when you are in the area, either with Limo Detroit or during your travels on your own!

Becky's Restaurant
102 E Church St
Capac MI 48014
Becky's Restaurant is a great place to fill up on your home cooked American favorites. The atmosphere is very clean and pleasant, and the service is always good here. It's not often you hear this when someone is telling you about a good dining choice but these folks make the best mashed potatoes I have personally ever ate in my entire life, and they serve them up with equally impressive gravy.

Louie's Family Restaurant
560 N Main St
Capac MI 48014
Louie's Family Restaurant has always been a favorite in the Capac area, with many of the locals considering this their favorite place to dine for both lunch and dinner. There are no frills here, you will get a plastic cup with a Pepsi logo on the side but that's okay, nothing wrong with that, it's usually a good sign you are about to enjoy some quality stick to your ribs kind of grub and that's exactly what you recieve here.

La Mexicana 2
129 N Main St
Capac MI 48014
La Mexicana 2 has been dishing out delicious Mexican favorites to the residents of Capac for many years now, and we're certain that you'll love this taste of Mexico just as much as we do! They have some fragrent and sizzling fajitas including a rare exclusive version called Fajitas Marinas which is the shrimp, scallops, and a filet of tilapia with onions, tomatoes, zucchini, and bell peppers served with rice, beans, lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Mr R's
100 N Main St
Capac MI 48014
Mr R's is the go-to place for ice cream and frozen yogurt in the Capac area. We can't imagine the summertime in Capac without this wonderful ice cream parlor! But wait, there's more! They have a kitchen making some great food as well, why disco fries aren't a thing everywhere we do not understand, it's just French fries with garlic and Parmesan with some parsley but they are oh so yummy. Also can't seem to get enough of the Classic Club Croissant with ham, turkey, cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato all on a buttery toasted croissant.

♦ BARS ♦

Good Time Charlie's
15036 Downey Rd
Mussey MI 48014
We really love the salads and sandwiches here, and the old fashioned ambiance is a big draw for us. The staff is also very attentive and friendly, and that makes all the difference. It's a bit of a biker hangout so time your visit wisely if you want to avoid the rowdier times. They have some unqiue sandwich options that include a smoked sausage sandwich on a toasted french roll and calamari sandwich with lightly breaded calamari steak on toasted sourdough.

Timmy D's
116 S Main St
Capac MI 48014
Timmy D's is one of the most consistent and reliable places to get a really delicious cheesy melty pizza when you're in the Capac area! Always wonderful food at an affordable price. They take great care in making their own fresh in house pizza sauce which has a nice garlicy tang to it that blows most other bland sauces out of the water. The crust is also made fresh in house which is a nice balance between crispy and chewy.

Cowboy's Pizza Corral
534 N Main St
Capac MI 48014
Cowboy's Pizza Corral is another of our favorites for a really hot fresh delicious pizza. Great staff, delicious crust, and the highest quality cheeses and toppings. They even sell a huge 24" family sized pizza which sports over 100 pepperonis, assuming of course you choose to order it with pepperonis that is. Another wonderful offering they provide are their chicken wings not only do they come breaded, bbq, and buffalo but also Italian wings breaded with an Italian spice blend and it is fantastic.

120 S Main St
Capac MI 48014
Subway is always a great place to get a healthy meal that won't break the bank, and the fact that everyone that works here is so friendly doesn't hurt either! What really sets Subway apart from other sub shops is the wide variety of freshly baked buns made fresh every day, all are great from the 9-grain wheat to the Italian Herbs & cheeses, or a personal choice for best bread the 9-grain honey oat. Of course it all comes down to what you will be putting on it to decide the best for the job at hand.

3200 Capac Rd
Mussey MI 48014
The undisputed reigning ruler of fast food, you can't go wrong with a great McDonald's burger and fries when you're in a big rush and just need to satisfy your craving! Sometimes it just feels good to grab a Big Mac with a large fry and their signature thick chocolate milkshakes. No matter what you choose to order you know you will enjoy it, even if you may regret it once the afterglow wears off, sometimes you just have to treat yourself to something quick and satisfying though.

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