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Canton, Michigan

is found within Wayne County, and it has always been one of our favorite cities to visit for shopping, dining, and drinks. When you find yourself in this area, perhaps for an event with Limo Detroit, we'd love for you to consider a few of our favorite restaurants and bars in the 48187 and 48188 zip codes!

♦ Neehee's Indian Street Food ♦
Neehee's Indian Street Food is unbelievably affordable, and it's true Indian style street food at its best! We really love it. They've got really delicious chole bhature with a red sauce that's got plenty of heat, and a really delicious masala dosa as well! Everything here has just the perfect spicy level of heat, and there are so many different items to pick from! It's a little bit overwhelming in a good way. You'll want to come back many times so that you can try everything. But you know, the best part of this place is really the fact that you can enjoy street food in such a nice setting. You can step in out of the hot sun (or the icy cold depending on the season!) and escape into a world of delicious delights. You can find Neehee's Indian Street Food at 45656 Ford Rd.

♦ Matsuchan ♦
Matsuchan is an elegant ramen restaurant where you can indulge in some of the very best ramen that you have ever tasted. We have tried ramen in just about every state, and none of it even comes close to this. You can tell that it's good because of the crowds that gather here, and the fact that so many of them are actually Japanese. The owner studied with a master before coming here, so this is as authentic as it gets! Our favorite thing here is the summer noodles, but those are of course only available in the summertime, so when that option is out, we go for the pork ramen, which is truly stellar too. Absolutely wonderful restaurant, incredible service, and a lovely atmosphere. Very highly recommended. You can locate Matsuchan at 5990 N Sheldon Rd.

♦ Izakaya Sanpei Restaurant ♦
Izakaya Sanpei Restaurant is an absolutely sensational Japanese and sushi restaurant that is a million steps ahead of all the rest. Why? Well, for starters, their secret menu (just ask for it) is amazing. It was originally written in the Japanese language, but now it is complete with descriptions in English as well as photographs. The takoyaki and keroke are our two favorites from that menu. In terms of the regular menu here, you cannot go wrong with any of the sashimi, and the saba fish is absolutely amazing as long as you do not mind picking out the bones. For dessert, the green tea ice cream is perfect. Izakaya Sanpei Restaurant can be found at 43327 Joy Rd.

♦ Aji Ten Japanese Restaurant ♦
This list of best restaurants in Canton is beginning to look like a list of the best Japanese restaurants in Canton! And that's in fact one of the things that we love most about this city. Aji Ten Japanese Restaurant gets major love from us because they have the best noodles around. We don't go here for the sushi at all, and rather focus exclusively on their noodles, katsu, and curry rice. The soups are just amazing here, with the most flavorful broth that you will ever taste. And the service is so warm and friendly, you will feel right at home even if you have never been to a Japanese restaurant before. It's always a pleasant dining experience here. You can find the wonderful Aji Ten Japanese Restaurant at 42087 Ford Rd!

♦ Best China ♦
Best China is one of the most unique Chinese restaurants in all of southeast Michigan, and we have truly enjoyed dining there! Just take a look at a few of their best dishes and you'll understand why they're a cut above the rest... braised duck with a soy sauce glaze... fish and pickled vegetable noodle soup... scallion pancakes... fried dumplings... spicy salted shrimp... egg rolls (note that they do not have egg rolls here at all)... and pork tongue! If you are as adventurous of an eater as we are, you will fall in love with this place! They also have a regular menu that is less intimidating, so don't feel that you have to avoid this place if you like it a little less authentic! Best China can be found at 7233 N Lilley Rd.

♦ O'Sushi Japanese Restaurant ♦

O'Sushi is located in an unassuming shopping center, and you'd be tempted to think it's just a small carryout restaurant, but it's not! It's actually one of the more expensive sushi restaurants in the area, and definitely one of the best. Worth every single penny. They have the freshest sushi in the area in our opinion, and it is all really flavor packed. They use the perfect amount of wasabi so you don't really need to add any. The special rolls are noteworthy here, including shrimp tempura that will really make your tummy happy, and a devil roll that will please the spicy sushi fans out there! Happily we note that the green tea is served hot and kept refilled constantly, which unfortunately is too rare around here! We love this place. 42408 Ford Rd is the location of O'Sushi!

♦ Mexican Fiesta II of Canton ♦
Mexican Fiesta II is really excellent... if you are already familiar with the original Mexican Fiesta on Ford Rd in Dearborn Heights, you will find that the Canton location is a dramatic upgrade in terms of ambiance and size. The service is just as good if not better, and the food is on par with the Dearborn Heights location as well, again, if not better! Our favorite thing here is the fajitas with chicken, beef, and shrimp, and it's large enough to split between two people. The perfect date night meal if you ask us! Very romantic to share, and when you pair it with a couple of alcoholic beverages you're really setting the stage for a beautiful night. Very highly recommended. Tip: Send the cold chips back when they arrive and pay for the hot chips. They're fantastic! You can find Mexican Fiesta II at 44401 Ford Rd.

♦ Ginger Restaurant ♦
Ginger Restaurant is an Asian fusion restaurant that we have really gotten a passion for in recent weeks! The first dish that we had here was the deep fried squid with spicy salt, and that is a flavor that you quickly become addicted to! So yummy. The slick egg with beef is another excellent choice, and their Singapore lo mein is just incredible. They have fresh smoothies here too for the health conscious or just those who want something cool and refreshing, and the bubble tea also fills that role nicely! For an appetizer, don't miss the Cantonese fried bread. Truly the best, and that dipping sauce is what really makes it a winner. You can find Ginger Restaurant at 8465 N Lilley Rd.

♦ Ashoka Indian Cuisine ♦
Ashoka Indian Cuisine is our favorite place for Indian and Pakistani cuisine in Canton! The naan is just out of this world, and the navratan korma is something that you simply have to try. If you love creamy textures along with sweet and spicy flavors, you will not want to miss that delicious dish. The paneer makhani and the chicken tikka masala are both delicious, one being perfect for vegetarians and the other being perfect for meat eaters like ourselves! Sometimes the wait can be a little bit long here, but it's always worth it, for the service, the food, and the ambiance. All around a very pleasant place to dine and enjoy the company of your dining partners! You can find Ashoka Indian Cuisine at 2100 Haggerty Rd.

♦ IKEA ♦
IKEA is of course known for its Swedish furniture and its low prices, but what you may not know is that on the second floor you can find a restaurant with some of the lowest prices you'll ever see. It's cafeteria style and you can pile up a small plate or as much as you like, paying per item so you never have to spend a lot to craft a delicious and filling meal, depending on your own appetite of course! After spending some serious time walking through the massive furniture store and figuring out what furnishings to bring home with you, you will definitely want to stop and refuel here. Especially with their wonderful Swedish meatballs! Our favorite. Don't miss this one! Not to be overlooked. IKEA is located at 41640 Ford Rd.

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