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Cambria, Michigan

can be found within Hillsdale County, and there are quite a few good bars and restaurants within short driving distance that you should definitely consider next time you're in the area. The entries you see below are located in Reading (49274), Camden (49232), Osseo (49266), and Quiincy (49082). Don't miss them when you're in the area with our company, Limo Detroit!

Heartland Cafe
105 N Main St
Camden MI 49232
Heartland Cafe is a fabulous place to grab a bite to eat, a hot cup of coffee, and even some wonderful heartwarming conversation with the regulars and with the staff. There is just something so comfortable about this charming little cafe, the smell of coffee and baked goods in the air as you enter put you at ease and set the table for an enjoyable experience. The skillet gets works over time here slinging some of the tastiest breakfast choices in the area, hands down the best sausage links around.

137 S Main St
Reading MI 49274
Kasy's has so many great things to choose from on their menu. Everything's always fresh and perfectly cooked to order. But at it's heart this is a quirky modern coffee shop and bar where you hang out. And as you would expect they pour a mean Irish coffee, great day or night, well depending on the kind of day you are looking to have of course. Make sure to try their desserts and baked goods.

The Clubhouse
113 S Main St
Camden MI 49232
This is definitely one of our favorite restaurants in the area for a great country home cooked meal, especially on Fridays when they've got their famous ribs special! This is a classic sports bar and grill, so you know they have some incredible, incredible big juicy burgers on the menu, no matter which one you choose you will love it. But the real star of the show here is the prime rib and seafood dinners.

Mel's Diner
4127 Hudson Rd
Osseo MI 49266
Mel's Diner is one of our favorite places to grab a home cooked meal in the Cambria and Osseo area. Great service, great food, and great atmosphere. While they have some classic diner staples it's not all they have. They also serve up some incredible seafood, like their Pistachio Crusted Catch which is a flaky whitefish lightly dusted in pistachio flour and sautéed, they serve it over ice pilaf and seasonal veggies drizzled with a key lime hollandaise sauce.

Judy's Diner
174 E Chicago St
Quincy MI 49082
Another great diner where you can get a delicious breakfast, a quick lunch, or a hearty dinner. You absolutely can not go wrong with their signature entree, Country Fried Steak, served with their incredible pan gravy and fluffy, rich mashed potatoes. Their meatloaf is another crowd favorite here, which is a phrase you don't hear all that often.

♦ BARS ♦

Ray's Tavern
114 S Main St
Reading MI 49274
A wonderful place to stop in for a delicious hamburgers and perhaps even play some shuffleboard! Nice staff and very clean surroundings. They take their burgers very seriously here, you simply must order their double cheese burger, these are the main attraction here. To show you how serious they are about their burgers they not only have excellent waffle fries to go with them but equally excellent onion rings, it's hard to choose, often times you will see a basket of each at tables.

Reading Pizza Barn
222 S Main St
Reading MI 49274
The Pizza Barn is known for its delicious pizza, submarine sandwiches, and of course all of their ice cream! Kids and adults love this place equally. Very highly recommended. There is nothing fancy here, you will see new specials hand written on paper taped up on the walls. But the pizzas are where they shine, they aren't afraid to load the toppings on their pizzas, with a layer of sliced cheese over the sauce then sprinkled with some shredded cheese on top of which the pile on the toppings, the Meat Lovers for example is piled so full you can hardly see the cheese but don't worry they add more shredded cheese on top.

Butch's Pizza
23 E Chicago St
Quincy MI 49082
Another wonderful place to grab a hot slice of pizza, or an entire pizza pie! Always hot, fresh, and delicious. Great service too! They have been around for years slinging some very tasty pies. Their chicken wings are another great item the serve, you can get BBQ, Buffalo, Breaded, Italian and they are all incredible. When ordering you will also want to get yourself an order of their cheese bread, it's a show stealer.

603 S Main St
Reading MI 49274
When you just want to pick up a hot slice of pizza for lunch, Amoco's always got it hot and ready! Plus you can pick up whatever else you may need including drinks, coffee, gum, and more. And fill up the tank while you're at it! Sure it's not fine dining but sometimes you have things to do and need a quick bite. They also have some really good hot dogs here if you aren't in the mood for pizza.

Oriole Snack Shack
31 E Jefferson St
Quincy MI 49082
Another great spot to fill up and quench your thirst! Always a quick stop when you're in the area, and always a warm welcome from the staff too. They have some great fries, it's kind of the thing they are known for. The best way to describe this place is it's a bit like a concession stand you would find at baseball fields.

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