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Burton, Michigan

is located within Genesee County, and it is simply packed with amazing places to dine and enjoy a fine beverage, and we have taken the time to compile a list of our favorite bars and restaurants for you. All of these can be found within the zip codes of 48509, 48519, and 48529.

♦ Starlite Coney Island ♦
Starlite Coney Island is a real essential in Burton. This is probably the place that stays open the latest in this area, and it's impossible to miss it with those familiar neon stars guiding you in after a long night at the bars. All that greasy spoon diner food that you love is here, including some of the best burgers around, and of course, of course, the coneys that the place is named for. We absolutely love the old fashioned vibe, the good old school kind of service, and the charm and ambinace of a place that has stood the test of time. When you're in Burton it is hard to do better than this for a great coney or burger! Very highly recommended. You will be able to find Starlite Coney Island at 1500 N Center Rd.

♦ El Conzumel Mexican Grill ♦
El Conzumel Mexican Grill has been tops on our list of favorite Mexican restaurants in Burton for quite some time now. We are big on burritos, and their burrito marino is our favorite thing here. They also have a really fantastic chicken soup, and a margarita that is just too good to believe. The service is out of this world here, with a truly friendly staff who really works hard at their jobs and yet they always have a smile on their faces. This isn't necessarily the most authentic Mexican food around, but more of a refreshing American and/or Tex Mex spin on it, and we really like it that way. Very fresh flavors and charming ambiance. You can find El Conzumel Mexican Grill at 4190 E Court St.

♦ Firkin & Fox ♦
Firkin & Fox is an English pub that we have really fallen in love with! They've got wonderful bangers and mash with baked beans and grilled onions, and that is by far our favorite dish, as well as being the most authentic. They've also got an excellent selection of draft beers ranging from your international favorites to the standard domestics, as well as some local flavors too. Thursdays are the best day to come in because it's half off pints! The Irish nachos are a nice surprise here, and the cobb salad is very nice too. Always excellent service, and the closest that you'll get to an authentic English pub atmosphere in Michigan! Firkin & Fox can be found at 1341 S Center Rd.

♦ The Red Baron ♦
The Red Baron is a great little bar and grill that we have been to many times and we have always enjoyed it. The theme is of course, the Red Baron, and old war posters to go along with it. They have an incredible array of beers on draft, if you can believe this, there were about three dozen last time we were there! Wow. That is beyond impressive. They rotate the taps often so you can get a nice mixture of flavors depending on when you come in. The thing that we absolutely have to order each and every time we come in is the Fat Darryl Sandwich, which is piled high with all your appetizer favorites like chicken fingers, cheese sticks, french fries, and more. Beyond good! Very good service and the kind of atmosphere that is all too rare nowadays. If you want to visit The Red Baron, you can find it at 2495 S Center Rd.

♦ Empire Wok ♦
Empire Wok is an inexpensive Chinese restaurant located in the same parking lot as Home Depot, so it's easy to access and very convenient when you're in the area for other things. The lunch buffet is the reason that we typically come in, because you will not find a cheaper meal than this that's such high quality and in such endless portions. They've got Mongolian barbecue style food here, so you just pick out what you want and let the chefs grill it up for you to perfection. The ambiance isn't much to write about, but the food is always enjoyable, and it's a nice quick meal (or a long leisurely one, you pick!) whenever you're in this area and needing something good to eat! Empire Wok is located at 4211 E Court St.

♦ Walli's Restaurant ♦

Walli's Restaurant has been around forever, and we have always loved coming here for the great food as well as the drinks. Both kids and adults love this place, and it's that great classic atmosphere that's behind all of that. The essential item here, as far as we are concerned, is the waffles, and a very close second would be the spaghetti. But truly you can't go wrong with anything on the menu or any of the cocktails that they serve here. It's always a good time whether you come in with family, friends, or that special date. Just a cool place to chill and enjoy a great meal and a couple of drinks! One of our faves. You can find the one and only Walli's Restaurant at 1241 S Center Rd.

♦ Paul's Coney Island Family Restaurant ♦
Paul's Coney Island Family Restaurant is one of our favorite coney islands in Michigan, and do you know why? Well, for one, we love their food. It's so delicious and cooked just perfectly. The Flint style coneys are done with seasoned ground beef instead of chili, and they use the natural casing hot dogs that snap when you bite into them, which happens to be one of our favorite things in the world! So good. Two, they've got excellent breakfast food here, including buttermilk pancakes that are good enough to make a grown man cry. Three, and this is the big one... THE DRIVE-THRU. How many coney islands do you know that have a drive-thru? This is the ultimate convenience on a busy morning when you're in a rush. Take a look at Paul's Coney Island Family Restaurant for yourself at 2280 S Center Rd.

♦ Grand Traverse Pie Company ♦
Just like The Cheesecake Factory which is not all about cheesecake, Grand Traverse Pie Company is not all about pie. They have really delicious and nicely prepared lunches here, including lots of grilled sandwiches that always satisfy our appetites. The Grilled Lighthouse was the first one that really caught our eye on the menu, and we have been getting it ever since, and really enjoying that roasted turkey along with the cheese and tomatoes plus that delicious pesto mayonnaise! Mmm! Of course the desserts and pies are the big attraction here though, so be sure to save room for it! You'll be glad you did. Get yourself some delicious pies at Grand Traverse Pie Company, at 2350 S Center Rd!

♦ Bubba O'Malley's ♦
Bubba O'Malley's is a great little bar that we feel very comfortable recommending to you! We've only been in a couple of times so far, but our friends have been here dozens of times and they have assured us that it's always as good as it was when we were there. Power hour is what they're known for, which is between 10:00PM and 11:00PM, and you can get every drink (yes every drink) for just one buck. Unbelievable. We wish every bar would do this! The drinks are regularly cheap enough too, and they have a great dance floor here who like to shake that groove thang. Great music, great people, great service. Visit this essential pub, Bubba O'Malley's, at 1076 S Belsay Rd.

♦ Golden City ♦
Golden City is predominantly a carryout restaurant, but we recommend it so highly because they make the food super fast and you can grab a really great hot meal on the go, perfect for your travels on our party bus! Everything is fantastic here, including all of their lunch combinations and dinner combinations, and you cannot go wrong with that famous fried rice of theirs! The people who work here are always in a great mood and happy to see us, and that is a big part of what makes a restaurant worth mentioning, even if it isn't a traditional sit-down establishment. Sometimes you just need a bite on the go, or to take home with you if you live in the area! Very highly recommended for those times! You can find Golden City at 4233 S Saginaw St.

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