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Burtchville, Michigan

is located in St Clair County and is covered by the zip code of 48059, and though this small area only has a few places to dine or drink, you will be able to find quite a few good ones within driving distance in the nearby cities of Fort Gratiot (48059), Jeddo (48032), Lakeport (48059), and Clyde (48049). We hope you'll consider visiting one or two of these when you're in the area with Limo Detroit!

♦ Golden Corral ♦
If you haven't tried Golden Corral yet, it's about time that you give it a try. We are not often inclined to recommend buffets, simply because many people aren't fans of them, and most people are already familiar with the ones that exist here in Michigan. However, Golden Corral is one that is really a cut above the rest, and it's an affordable place to take the entire family, or even a large group of friends when you're traveling in the area with our limousines. The best part is that they have both the more indulgent items (like the chocolate waterfall dessert!), and the healthier ones for vegetarians and vegans, like a huge array of fresh vegetables! This is something that you do not often find at buffets anymore. The people who work here put in much more effort than you typically see at a buffet too. Overall a very pleasant dining experience! You can find Golden Corral at 4783 24th Ave in Fort Gratiot.

♦ McCallum's Orchard & Cider Mill ♦
McCallum's Orchard & Cider Mill isn't quite what we'd call a restaurant or bar, but it made the list because it's a great place to get some fresh and delicious food when you're in this area! It's so fun to go out into the orchards and pick your own cherries, and that can be a really cool experience when you're traveling with a group to celebrate certain special occasions. You'll need to call ahead to see when you can come and pick your own fruit if that's what you'd like to do. If you're just wanting a general tour and to pick up some goodies, then you're good to go anytime. You can find McCallum's Orchard & Cider Mill at 5697 Harris Rd in nearby Jeddo! Very highly recommended!

♦ Duffy's Bar & Restaurant ♦
Duffy's Bar & Restaurant combines the best of both worlds, a great pub atmosphere and all the wonderful food you could ever want! We are huge fans of the fish and chips here, and the hamburgers are always juicy and cooked perfectly to order. Their perch is really out of this world, and when they've got their all you can eat fish fry, you really will want to eat all you can eat! It's irresistible. It doesn't hurt that they have the best tartar sauce that we've ever tasted too! One of the more unique items on the menu is the Portuguese fries, and we recommend hat you give those a try! Very nice. There's not much here for the vegan and vegetarian crowd, and the pickings are slim for those that are trying to eat light too. But everything that they've got is indulgent and delicious, and we love it! You an find Duffy's Bar & Restaurant 7140 Lakeshore Rd in nearby Lakeport!

♦ Italian Villa ♦
Italian Villa is an excellent choice whenever you're craving great Italian food in the Fort Gratiot area! We actually haven't been to this one ourselves but we have heard great things about it from our friends and customers. They've got a huge array of Italian favorites for you to choose from, including all your favorite pastas, chicken dishes, and deliciously fresh salads. As with the previous restaurant, there's not much here for the vegetarian crowd, but they are happy to customize things for you as you wish, so you may be able to put together something special and memorable on your own! The service here is absolutely wonderful, and the ambiance is on par with that too. You'll be able to find Italian Villa at 4758 24th Ave in nearby Fort Gratiot.

♦ Tally Ho Inn ♦
Tally Ho Inn has got a brand new owner, and with the change in ownership has come a change in just about everything that this establishment has to offer. That's great news! They've got a nice array of drinks to choose from, all affordable and mouth wateringly good, and an absolutely brand new menu that will really tempt your taste buds. We are big fans of the chicken alfredo with broccoli, and it's so good that we've ordered it the last three times that we have been there since the change in ownership. We are looking forward to trying something else next time! Our friends have assured us that everything is just as good as that dish though, and they have tried almost all of it already! If our friends have been there enough times to work their way through the entire menu already, you KNOW it's a great restaurant! You can find Tally Ho Inn at 7933 Lakeshore Rd right here in Burtchville.

♦ Frank's Swissel Inn ♦

The Frank's Swissel Inn is one of those great little dive bars that nobody can ever get enough of! They've got some of the best pizza that you'll find anywhere in town, and on Fridays you have really got to make it a priority to come in for their delicious fish fry. It's walleye, and it is out of this world. Just amazing flavor, and cooked to perfection. This place can be a bit of a biker hangout, and they've often got cover bands playing who rock out with the best of classic rock. If that's your style, then you will adore this place. Even if it's not, it's worth it to stop in for some great food and drinks. You'll be able to find this essential bar at 4985 24th Ave in nearby Fort Gratiot.

♦ The Dorsey Steak House ♦
The Dorsey Steak House is one of the better restaurants in the area as far as we are concerned, serving a wide variety of classic favorites with a real flair for great service. They have a wonderful endless chicken dinner every Sunday, and we especially love coming in for their prime rib on Mondays. Their ribs and redskin potatoes is a great reason to come out on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday, midweek, who can resist coming in for half off a large pizza? That's a deal you just can't pass up. They've got endless tacos and other Mexican delights on Thursdays, and of course Friday is all you can eat fish and chips! Saturday they upgrade the previous evening, with endless fried shrimp! What an array of great food. You'll be able to find Dorsey Steak House at 6008 Beard Rd in nearby Clyde!

♦ Table Top Family Restaurant ♦
Table Top Family Restaurant is just one of those cozy little diner style restaurants, a slice of the country, a piece of home. The people who work here don't have to try too hard, because they just treat everybody like family and go out of their way to make sure that everybody is served. We really appreciate that kind of good attitude and it goes a long way in making the customer feel at home. They've got a really large menu here, and all of the entrees and other items are served in sizable portions. It's very tough to resist this cozy little diner, and why would you want to? You can find it conveniently at 7116 Lakeshore Rd in nearby Lakeport!

♦ Stavros Restaurant♦
If you're craving delicious Greek food, why not give Stavros Restaurant a try? They've got all your hearty favorites here, including delicious soups, fresh Greek salads, yummy moussaka, fabulous saganaki, and even really tasty gyros! We could go on and on about all the items that they serve here, but it would take an entire page to go through them all. The service is really top notch here too, and you'll never find yourself waiting too long for a table or for your food to arrive. They treat the customers like the important people that they are, and never keep them waiting too long. Everything's sparkling clean here too. Clearly they put lots of care into the entire dining experience. You'll be able to find Stavros Restaurant at 7870 Lakeshore Rd right here in Burtchville.

♦ Pizzas & Cream ♦
Pizzas & Cream is of course a takeoff on the phrase "peaches and cream," and really the combination of pizza and ice cream is something that we're surprised hasn't taken off on a more massive level! It's so great to come in and enjoy one of their specialty pizzas, like the feta, spinach, and olive oil pizza, and then finish off the meal with their delicious Stroh's ice cream. It's as good as it was back in the day...maybe even better! When the weather allows, you might want to take advantage of their outdoor seating area. Note that this is mostly a carryout restaurant, but that outdoor seating area is a real destination for some of us during the summer! You'll be able to find Pizza & Cream at 7161 Lakeshore Rd in nearby Lakeport.

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