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Buckeye, Michigan

is found within Hillsdale County, and because of its close proximity to the local airport, there is a nice selection of good restaurants in the immediate area. They're all technically located in the cities of Gladwin and Beaverton, in the zip codes of 48624 and 48612. Take a look at a few of these next time you're in the area either with Limo Detroit or on your own!

♦ The Grill at Riverwalk Place ♦
The Grill at Riverwalk Place is a great place to grab some food when you're in the middle of a long shopping day at the Riverwalk shops. This used to be one of the better places to grab breakfast in the area, but lately they haven't been open for breakfast most days of the week and have instead been focusing on their lunches, which is another of their strong points, so we can't really argue with that. They've got really delicious salads with tasty homemade dressing, and wonderful cod too. If you're not big on fish and seafood, you may want to try the prime rib, which is always an excellent choice. Beyond the dining area, they also have a bar, so you can kick back and enjoy a drink or two after your meal. Or perhaps before! We'd highly recommend this spot to you anytime you're in Buckeye. You'll be able to find The Grill at Riverwalk Place at 777 W Cedar Ave in nearby Gladwin.

♦ Beaverton Tavern ♦
Beaverton Tavern is one of the most beloved dining and drinking establishments in the Buckeye area, and there's no question why. They've got such a wide array of food to enjoy here. They've got juicy hamburgers, yummy broasted chicken, and even delicious Mexican food! Yes, it's the usual bar fare. But it's a notch above that. They've got daily specials to keep things fresh, and to keep it even fresher they've got a salad bar full of good stuff! The prices are unbelievably low for food this good, and since there's obviously a full bar here you can kick back with some drinks either before or after your meal and really enjoy yourself. They've got TVs so you can watch the game, and free wi-fi so you can check scores and stats (or whatever you like!) on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can find Beaverton Tavern at 102 W Brown St in nearby Beaverton!

♦ Mack's Menu ♦

The Mack's Menu is a real favorite among everyone who lives in the Buckeye area. They've got an absolutely enormous menu, but we tend to come in during dinner so we can enjoy all those fabulous entrees. They've got an eight piece jumbo shrimp dinner with garlic butter that we are really hooked on, and their char-grilled steaks are also an excellent choice. Their shrimp scampi with fettuccini is a really nice choice, as is the basil pesto pasta! And how about the combos, such as a New York strip steak with coconut shrimp? That's a match made in heaven as far as we are concerned. The motto of this restaurant is "Where everyone is family," and they really live up to that motto. They're so attentive and caring when you're there, you really do feel like family! You'll be able to find the beloved Mack's Menu at 1348 N State St in nearby Gladwin.

♦ The Family Diner ♦
The Family Diner is another great choice for family style dining with that true diner style flair. Breakfast is the meal that everybody loves to be there for, because they've got all the options that you want and they cook the eggs perfectly to order. If the restaurants you usually go to can only handle scrambled or fried, you'll love being able to get them sunny side up or even poached. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. And they are happy to make substitutions here, or take care of special requests, like not making the bacon as crispy, which is a request of ours that often seems to get ignored! Not here though. They really care, and they always do it right. We like the wildlife themed decor here too. Kind of makes you feel like you're on a vacation up north! You'll be able to find The Family Diner at 711 N Silverleaf St in nearby Gladwin!

♦ Subway ♦
If you're in the mood for a great sandwich and don't have time to dine in, or you just want some good fast food that isn't terribly unhealthy, you can always stop in to Subway on Cedar Avenue. This location has always had the friendliest staff, and they are so happy to put together the most excellent subs for you with all the ingredients that you request. The ingredients are always super fresh, and you can pile on as many of them as you want without incurring any extra charges... or keep it as simple as you want (for instance, meatballs, marinara sauce, and cheese!). It's all totally customizable to your personal tastes. The variety of bread is also refreshing, and then they've got plenty of drinks and desserts to choose from, and even chips with the combos! They've got breakfast now as well, and delicious coffee from Seattle's Best. You can find this Subway location at 346 W Cedar Ave in nearby Gladwin.

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