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Brooklyn, Michigan

is found within Jackson County, and there are quite a few great restaurants and bars to visit when you are in town! These are our top favorites within the Brooklyn zip code of 49230. All of these are very highly recommended!

♦ Beach Bar ♦
Beach Bar is a great place to go for food and drinks whenever you find yourself in the Brooklyn area of Michigan. Everybody loves this place because of its location on the water, and that of course makes it feel much more like a real "beach bar" than any other place in the area! It's very calming and relaxing to be there and to soak up that ambiance. They've got a tree trunk inside the building that has a bit of history to it, so be sure to ask them about that when you're there. The sandwiches and salads are the things that we usually opt for there, but the pizza is also excellent, and the soups are very tasty too! They've got lots of specialty drinks that are priced affordably too! You'll want to note that the hours differ with the seasons. They're open all week and weekend in the summer months, but in the winter they close up on Mondays and Tuesdays. You'll be able to find the Beach Bar at 3509 Ocean Beach Road right here in Brooklyn. Very highly recommended for lunch, dinner, and drinks!

♦ Poppa's Place ♦
Poppa's Place is a very relaxed family restaurant, with no fancy frills whatsoever, just really good food and fast service. They've got a really big menu here, packed with tons of favorites like juicy hamburgers, generously sized sandwiches, crisp delicious salads, yummy breakfasts, and even a nice selection of appetizers that really will stoke your appetite! Their daily specials are always super affordable and also very delicious, and they list all the day's pies and custards too, which we recommend saving room for! Many have raved about Poppa's having the very best breakfasts in the city, and we'd vouch for that. No matter what time of day you eat here, you'll be treated to enormous portions of really great food. The coffee is great too, and your cup is always filled to the brim! You'll find Poppa's Place at 208 S Main St right here in Brooklyn.

♦ Jimmy's Filling Station ♦

The Jimmy's Filling Station sounds a whole lot like a gas station but it's really a pizzeria! Don't let the name fool you. They fill up your tummy, not your gas tank. As a matter of fact, they are about so much more than just pizza here. They've got really great sandwiches, seafood dishes, salads, and great appetizers too. We typically come in for the pizza just because it's such a Brooklyn tradition, and we like Jimmy's Special the best, which is packed with yummy pepperoni, ham, green peppers, and onions. Tony's Hawaiian is also a wonderful pizza, and rather than the usual ham and pineapple, it's bacon and pineapple. Really delicious! They are happy to substitute anything for you here too, which is nice. It's always a pleasant dining experience here, so don't hesitate to come in for a great pizza when you're in the area! You'll find Jimmy's Filling Station at 200 N Main St right here in Brooklyn!

♦ Big Boy ♦
Big Boy is always a great option for you no matter what city you're traveling to in Michigan. We haven't visited this location in Brooklyn ourselves, but our customers and friends have, and they have assured us that the quality is on par with the best of them. We're told that the people who work there always greet everyone with a warm smile, and that they really tend to your needs, making sure that your food is what it should be and that your drinks are filled. Of course breakfast is great here, and their soup and salad bar is a big draw for many people because it enables you to craft a healthy meal on your own, or to add some crisp fresh veggies and fruits to an already very well rounded meal. Everybody knows Big Boy, and everybody knows what to expect from this chain. That's exactly what you get here, consistently. Great food, great service, great atmosphere. You'll be able to find this Big Boy location at 329 S Main St in Brooklyn.

♦ Tank & Scott's Family Restaurant ♦
Tank & Scott's Family Restaurant has always been a reliable place to get some great diner style grub. They work really hard at this restaurant to make sure that their customers are completely satisfied, and it really shows. The restaurant itself is immaculately clean, and the food that comes out of that kitchen is just so mouth wateringly good. We'd classify everything on their menu as classic diner style comfort food, and when you're looking for that home cooked style, this is the best place to find it in Brooklyn! We think you'll be really surprised by the quality of everything here, and even more surprised by how quickly you crave their food again after you've left! You'll be back in no time. You'll be able to find Tank & Scott's Family Restaurant at 170 Wamplers Lake Rd right here in Brooklyn! Definitely recommended.

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