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Bridgewater, Michigan

can be found in Washtenaw County, and though there are no restaurants or bars within those boundaries, you will find some really good ones in the nearby area of Tecumseh (49286) and Saline (48176). We'd highly recommend this short list of great restaurants and bars anytime you find yourself near Bridgewater, either with Limo Detroit or on your own!

♦ Bridgewater Bank Tavern ♦
Bridgewater Bank Tavern is a bit of a hometown secret, so if you aren't too familiar with this area you probably haven't heard of it! The quality that you will find here is on par with the best of nearby Ann Arbor, so it's understandable that they try to keep this good thing a secret! The hamburgers are really top notch, and we're also in love with their quesadillas. Both sound so simple, but they are absolutely perfect. And we love the fact that they will customize these items to your heart's content. Their pico de gallo style salsa is absolutely delectable and we always order a side of it to pour on whatever we order. They've go sweet potato fries here, which is one of our personal favorite things, and how about their delicious corned beef sandwiches? No matter what you choose from their extensive menu, you're sure to be completely satisfied. You can find Bridgwater Bank Tavern at 8452 Boettner Rd, right here in Bridgewater.

♦ Evans Street Station ♦
Evans Street Station is an excellent and very unique restaurant that we have enjoyed many times when we've been in the Bridgewater and Tecumseh area. We love the fact that everything is organic and locally sourced here. You're not going to find any fresher tastes than this, even though there are a lot of places in nearby Ann Arbor that try to compete! They try hard, but they can't even come close. Our favorite dish on the menu is the duck, and we have also enjoyed their white bass several times. We love their appetizer that's made from fresh tomatoes and beets with truffle oil. If you haven't tasted that yet, you really must! And for dessert, a cappuccino creme brulee is just what the doctor ordered! They sometimes have live music here for entertainment too, and there is a very nice outdoor patio to enjoy when the weather allows. There are so many reasons to recommend this gem of a restaurant, but instead of elaborating, we'll simply give you the address so you can go find out how great it is for yourself. You can find Evans Street Station at 110 S Evans St in Tecumseh.

♦ Joyful House ♦

The Joyful House is such a great little Chinese restaurant, tucked away unassumingly in one of those kitchy strip malls in the area that are designed to look like houses. They've got one of the largest menus of all the Asian restaurants that you'll find around here, and they serve nice large portions too, which is great for both your appetite and your wallet! The people who work here really are very friendly, earning them the title of the restaurant by leaps and bounds. They are always happy to take your order either in person or over the phone for carryout, and either way they always jump at the chance to help you choose something delectable if you can't make up your mind. If you happen to be there during the lunch hour, you can enjoy their very affordable lunch buffet! That's always something to look forward to in the middle of the hard working day. You'll be able to find Joyful House at 515 E Michigan Ave in Saline.

♦ Sal's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria ♦
Sal's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria is tucked away in a strip mall just like the previous restaurant that we mentioned, but again, we'd like to encourage you not to overlook it! Within the walls of this restaurant you'll discover all your classic Italian favorites, plus a full bar, and the kind of ambiance that you would never expect in a location like this. There are no noisy televisions blaring sports, no bright lights to ruin the mood. Just a very clean and well kept atmosphere with cozy tables and booths and lots of space for groups. They serve really huge portions here, so you can definitely fill up at a very low cost. It's great to start off with a salad and then work your way into some pizza or pasta. The bread sticks are really amazing here, and we're huge fans of their delicious meat sauce too, which in fact is quite perfect for dipping! What really makes the biggest difference here is that they make everything from scratch! You will be able to find Sal's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria at 1400 W Chicago Blvd in Tecumseh!

♦ Thompson's Bar & Grill ♦
Thompson's Bar & Grill is a true classic in Saline! It's kind of a cross between a cozy neighborhood bar and grill and a dive bar, and if you can appreciate that like we can, then you will really be glad that you took the time to stop in and check it out. No matter what you order to eat here, we recommend starting off with the deep fried pickles! There's no better appetizer than that. We'd recommend planning to stay awhile, because they've got pool tables and plenty of other games to entertain you, plus karaoke some nights! In the summer you'll enjoy drinking Oberon, and in the winter they've got Sam Adams, and we'd say that's the perfect calendar of beers in a nutshell! Many people have compared this bar to Merlotte's of True Blood fame, so if you're looking for your own personal Merlottes, you have finally found it, and it's a hell of a lot closer to home than Bon Temps! You'll be able to find Thompson's Bar & Grill at 10655 W Michigan Ave in Saline.

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