We service all of metro Detroit and south east Michigan including Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, Livingston County, Monroe County, Washtenaw County, and Genessee County.

Brent Creek, Michigan

is a small community in the county of Genesee, and it is served by the Flushing zip code of 48433. When you're visiting the area with Limo Detroit, the restaurants and bars that you will be relying on for food and entertainment will be found within the cities of Flint (zip code 48507) and Flushing.

♦ Bar Louie ♦
When you are visiting Brent Creek, you'd really do well to visit the beloved dining and drinking establishment that is Bar Louie! This place gets some of the highest recommendations and reviews of any bar in Michigan that we know of, but we have never been the type to take someone else's word for it. It's the delicious tastes and affordable prices that we have encountered there ourselves that convinced us that this place was worth recommending to you! One of our favorite things on their menu is found under appetizers, and it's the loaded tater tots! That's the one thing that we can never seem to skip when we are there. They've also got great happy hour specials here that really help you to save a few bucks if you need to, but even if you go all out here you're not going to break the bank. There's also plenty of space for larger groups, so it's just perfect for party bus travel with Limo Detroit. You will be able to find Bar Louie at 4360 Miller Rd in nearby Flint!

♦ Gina's Pizza ♦
Have you ever tried Gina's Pizza in nearby Flint? If not, we suggest that you give it a try next time you find yourself in the Brent Creek area! Everybody around here knows that this is the best pizza around, with the most delicious high quality cheese, and all the best toppings! They're really top notch when it comes to crafting their pizzas so that they cook evenly, and that makes a big difference when every single bite is as good as the ones before and after it! It doesn't matter if you get the simple pepperoni pizza (and yes they do have the small round ones that curl up when they're cooked!), or something more unique that you've devised yourself, you can bet that it will be the greatest slice of pizza pie that you have ever laid taste buds on! Gina's Pizza has been around for 25+ years for good reason! And you'll be able to find it at 766 Chamberlain St in nearby Flushing! Very highly recommended!

♦ Kathy's Restaurant & Lounge ♦

The Kathy's Restaurant & Lounge is one of the most well-respected dining and drinking establishments in the Brent Creek and Flushing area. We especially love coming in for breakfast, because they've got some of the very best morning meals around! We love the ones that come with the giant cinnamon buns, plus an assortment of fresh fruit, and of course the required eggs and meat that make up the heartiest breakfasts! That's the kind of breakfast that will fill you up without costing an arm and a leg! On some nights they've got all you can eat crab legs, and that is always a big draw for the locals and visitors alike. The cod catch is another one of our favorite things to order here, and if you're a fish lover like we are, then you will love it too. We like the little touches here that make Kathy's feel like a special dining experience, such as the cloth napkins! That's something that you don't encounter too often anymore. We'd very highly recommend this restaruant to you for all of the reasons we've listed and more! Find Kathy's Restaurant & Lounge at 126 E Main St in nearby Flushing!

♦ A & W Drive-In ♦
A & W Drive-In is such a classic place to grab a bite to eat, and when you're traveling with Limo Detroit, it makes even more sense! What could be more fun than pulling up to an old fashioned drive-in restaurant like this one in a limousine? You'll definitely attract some attention, and you'll enjoy the comfort of dining in our plush decorated interiors! The thing that we'd recommend most highly here would be the footlong coneys, still a classic after all these years. And of course it's got to be a coney with everything: Chili, mustard, and onions! If it's not a hot dog you're after, try the hamburgers, and they've also got some great chicken nuggets, onion rings, and french fries. Of course a root beer float is the only choice to wash it all down as far as we're concerned, but they've got all your favorite fountain drinks there as well. You'll be able to find A & W Drive-In Restaurant at 200 S Cherry St in nearby Flushing!

♦ Choo Choo's ♦
Choo Choo's is one of the most fun restaurants to visit if you've got kids in your party, because of the fun train theme, of course! But even if your party consists of only adults, this is still one of the best places to get a really delicious breakfast on the go. Their omelets are some of the best that we have ever tasted, and their homefries are absolutely spectacular. Everything's authentic old fashioned diner style here, including the great service! They are very fast and friendly, and yet all business at the same time. The only possible drawback to dining here is that it's a cash only establishment, but some of us care more about that than others. If you can make a quick ATM stop, it's worth it to eat here. The prices are insanely low though, so you might just be able to scrape by with the loose change and bills that are in your wallet! You'll be able to find the classic Choo Choo's Restaurant at 424 Emily St in nearby Flushing!

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