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Brandon, Michigan

Brandon is a Charter Township located in Oakland County. It is the location of the Flint River headwater and is also the location of The Village of Ortonville, which is not only geographically part of the township, but is politically as well. There's a lot of character in this small town, and that's why it's one of our favorite places to hang out.

♦ Brandon Bar ♦
Brandon Bar has always been our top choice for a great plate of fish and chips when we are in the St Clair area! You'll want to note that they only accept cash here, but we think it's worth a quick stop at the ATM. They do have wifi here, so it's not like they're in the dark ages by any means! And they have a nice outdoor patio to enjoy, plus a full bar for all your cravings of the liquid variety! The Friday night perch dinner is the real standout occasion here, and the burgers are great too. The beer selection is classic, all your all time tried and true favorites. Don't miss their delicious homemade soups and chili! You can find Brandon bar at 8033 Saint Clair Hwy in nearby St Clair. Highly recommended!

♦ Crockett's Country Inn ♦
Crockett's Country Inn is a real essential whenever you are in the Brandon area, with their great pool table and game room, and of course their live entertainment on the weekends. They've got some really fantastic choices when it comes to entrees here, including a prime rib that's positively drool-inducing and really great buffalo too. The ambiance is very homey and comfortable, and you'll feel right at home from your very first visit. The service is really wonderful and the food simply cannot be beat. You will be able to find Crockett's Country Inn at 8826 Gratiot Ave, technically in Columbus but really found between Marysville and Richmond! If you're a local you know how that goes. We know you'll enjoy this place!

♦ Chippewa One Stop Pizza ♦

The Chippewa One Stop Pizza is a true classic in the Brandon area, and we couldn't imagine writing this page without including it on our list of favorites. It's such a quick stop (hence the name!) to just pull over and grab a big gooey delicious slice of pizza! Of course it's not just pizza that they have to offer here though! They also have some truly amazing ribs that are guaranteed to make your mouth water! The cheese bread is also just about the best cheese bread we've ever had! We'd recommend this place highly when you need a bunch of pizzas for a party, just as much as we'd recommend it for a single slice anytime. You can find Chippewa One Stop Pizza at 7053 Gratiot Ave in nearby St Clair. Don't miss it.

♦ Achatz Catering and Soup ♦
Achatz Catering and Soup has always been one of our favorites in the area, particularly for those special occasions in life when nothing short of the best catering will do. We have attended several weddings in the area that were catered by Achatz, and we have been so impressed with the quality of the food and the service. Of course everything is homemade, and everybody really falls in love with the vegetarian lasagna! They have over fifty different kinds of soup, including traditional recipes, vegan and vegetarian variations, and even gluten free soups. There is truly something for everybody. Find Achatz Catering and Soup at 8111 St Clair Hwy in nearby Casco.

♦ Brengman's Innland ♦
If you want to visit an affordable and delicious dining establishment in the Brandon area, you cannot go wrong with a visit to Brengman's Innland. They have a nice small well stocked salad bar that is always kept perfectly fresh, and we have always been big fans of their stuffed pepper soup! They have delicious mostaccioli, really tasty sausage and peppers, and the best perch you'll find in this area! They're got a nice array of drinks to choose from too, including great Manhattans and a nice Irish whiskey selection. For the high quality that you receive here, you will not believe the affordable prices. You can find Brengman's Innland at 67020 Gratiot Ave in nearby Richmond.

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