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Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

has always been one of our top choices for dining and drinking in Michigan, with so many excellent restaurants and bars filling this area. All of the ones listed on this page represent our top picks, all of them located in the zip codes of 48301, 48302, 48303, and 48304.

♦ The Moose Preserve Bar & Grill ♦
The Moose Preserve Bar & Grill is without a doubt one of our most beloved places to relax and hang out when we are in Bloomfield Hills. It's got that woodsy feeling that not enough bars have nowadays, complete with mounted moose heads and other animal trophies lining the walls. Their burgers are just out of this world, and they also have really fantastic fish and chips and shepherds pie. Everybody recommends saving room for their enormous warmed chocolate chip cookies too, and we definitely agree! Pool tables and televisions, and a great family-friendly atmosphere too. You can find The Moose Preserve Bar & Grill at 43034 Woodward Ave.

♦ Sushi Hana ♦
Sushi Hana is our top choice for delicious sushi in the area, with a very nice ambiance, well lit, and nicely decorated (all of this despite its unassuming location in a strip mall!), and a staff that always goes out of their way to make sure that your Japanese dining experience is a winner. The miso soup is the best that we have ever had in Michigan, with lots of vegetables and high quality ingredients instead of just broth with bits of tofu and seaweed! This is a refreshing change. All of their rolls are excellent, done the traditional ways and prepared just perfectly. We love the dragon rolls the best, and they've got a salmon dish that is really worth trying. Sushi Hana is conveniently located at 42656 Woodward Ave.

♦ My Cousin's New York Pizzeria ♦
My Cousin's New York Pizzeria is just great, true NYC style without all the crazy unnecessary gourmet extras! This is not to say that they don't have excellent options here, because they do. The white pizza is our absolute favorite with just the perfect amount of garlic, and the pepperoni and cheese is basic and best! The slices are thin and fold up just the way they do in New York. There's not much in the way of seating here, just bar stools, no family-friendly tables unfortunately. We tend to get ours to go for this reason, but the convenience of that depends on whether or not you're just passing through. Traveling on the party bus is a perfect reason to opt for carryout! My Cousin's New York Pizzeria can be found at 42967 Woodward Ave.

♦ La Marsa ♦
La Marsa is an excellent Mediterranean restaurant on Woodward, and we love coming in to enjoy their warm fresh bread with garlic sauce, as well as that melt-in-your-mouth chicken shwarma. Mmm! Their smoothies are also really great and they are a refreshing treat alongside all that rich flavorful goodness. The hommous is some of the best we have ever tasted, and the fattoush is on par with that to! Great lentil soup too, and if you're in the mood for a sandwich we would very highly recommend the shish tawook. Kibbeh fans, take note, theirs is excellent! And very good tabouli too. We could go on and on about this place, the high quality of their food, and the thoroughness of their servers. La Marsa is found right in the middle of it all, at 43259 Woodward Ave.

♦ Little Daddy's ♦
Little Daddy's is a Greek restaurant that everybody in Bloomfield Hills just loves. We have not been to this one ourselves but our friends love it so much that they insisted we not leave it off the list! We're told that breakfasts are a dream here, with all your traditional morning fare and coney island style goodies. For lunch the saganaki burger is an excellent choice, and their Greek salads are very fresh and pair well with that too. They go above and beyond with the salads here, including Maurice salads, Traverse City salads, and Tommy salads. A few of our favorites! If you're craving a good coney, this is a great place to get it too. We can't wait to try this place after hearing so many good things about it! Little Daddy's is found at 39500 Woodward Ave.

♦ Northern Lakes Seafood Company ♦

Northern Lakes Seafood Company is a seafood lover's dream, located in the Radisson Kingsley Hotel on Woodward, and providing a truly upscale dining experience in a very convenient location. They have a frequent diner program that is worth asking about, because you can shave off a quarter of your bill when dining there on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. That's great! The ambiance here is simply stunning, and the menu is just an array of mouthwatering delights from the sea. Chilean sea bass, asian shrimp salad, clam chowder, grilled salmon, crab cakes, lobster Reuben sandwiches... These treats are just too irresistible! Anyone who loves seafood will fall in love with this place. When you are craving that delicious seafood, you can find Northern Lakes Seafood Company conveniently at 39495 N Woodward Ave.

♦ Jade Tiki Restaurant ♦
Jade Tiki Restaurant takes quality Chinese food to the next level. The location makes it easy to miss, and even easier to dismiss, because it's just tucked away in a shopping center. However, you should not let that put you off. The food is just amazing. The spring rolls and crab rangoon are on a completely different level, just filled with high quality ingredients and packed with flavor. The General Tso's chicken is unbelievable, made with high quality white meat unlike most Chinese restaurants in the area. We like the vibe here because it feels like the old Chinese restaurants that we used to visit with our parents as kids. If you are looking for that kind of dining experience, you will definitely enjoy it here. 3250 South Blvd is the location of Jade Tiki Restaurant!

♦ Fuddrucker's ♦
Fuddrucker's makes our list because it's just too convenient for get togethers with friends, since the menu is infinitely customizable with that fresh bar and all the healthy (and not-so-healthy!) options! We love the turkey sliders and ostrich burgers, but they're famous for their regular hamburgers, and everybody loves their milkshakes and other dessert treats. It's awesome for the kids because they've got arcade games and lots of kitschy decor on the walls from yesteryear. They'll put down their gadgets for a moment and read the walls instead. You cannot beat the prices here either, which is another point for the family-friendly side of the scale. Comfortable for low-key dates too! This classic yet totally modern burger joint can be found at 42757 Woodward Ave.

♦ Deli Unique of Bloomfield Hills ♦
People go absolutely crazy for Deli Unique of Bloomfield Hills, and there is no question why! This one is also located in the Radisson Kingsley Hotel, and we love it. Their oven roasted turkey and corned beef are our two favorite things here, and if you want to enjoy that turkey at its very best we'd recommend the turkey reuben. Let's note that it's REAL roasted turkey. That's all too hard to find. Great salads here too, including a Caesar salad that is just to die for. Note that there's not much seating here so you may just want to grab all your grub and enjoy it on the party bus! Excellent service and nice atmosphere despite the lack of seating. 39495 Woodward Ave is the place to find Deli Unique!

♦ Pieper's Pies ♦
Pieper's Pies is a place that you have simply got to try next time you are in Bloomfield Hills. These are delicious little handheld pies packed with delicious ingredients! We love the chicken quesadilla, the vegetarian omelette, the gourmet turkey burger, the bacon egg and cheese, and the ham and cheese! They also have delicious Greek salads to go along with those pies, and chili too! If you're craving something a little heartier, the philly cheese steak is one of our favorite options, as well as the sicilian style pepperoni! And don't neglect that gourmet 5 cheese either, packed with mozzarella, cheddar, feta, bleu cheese, and feta! Wow! Order your meal as a combination plate and enjoy it with soup, salad, or both! Pieper's Pies is easily found at 43119 Woodward Ave.

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