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Blissfield, Michigan

is found within Lenawee County, and it happens to have some of our favorite restaurants located within it! We're big fans of all of the places listed on this page, and you can find them all within the zip code of 49228. Enjoy these when you're traveling with Limo Detroit or on your own!

♦ Hathaway House ♦
Hathaway House is one of the most historic buildings in the area, having been standing in that familiar spot even longer than you probably realized — since the 1800s! You'll really enjoy the historic atmosphere of this restaurant, but even more than that you will enjoy the superb food. It can be a touch on the pricey side, but we believe it's absolutely worth it. If you're needing to save money, note that the portions are large enough to fill you up just with the entree and the complimentary salad, so you can skip the extras if you need to. We recommend indulging in it all though! Hathaway House can be found at 424 W Adrian St right here in Blissfield.

♦ Lena's Pizza & Italian Restaurant ♦
Lena's Pizza & Italian Restaurant is so excellent. We're so thrilled with their entire selection of entrees here. They've got all the old fashioned classic favorites here — just about every authentic Italian dish you could ever dream up is on that menu. It's a small and intimate restaurant, and not too fancy, and therefore not too pricey either. You'll love the high quality food that you get for such an affordable price. The antipasto salad is one of our top choices here, and we really love the gnocchi too. The ambiance and the service is just out of this world. You'll be able to find Lena's Pizza & Italian Restaurant at 214 E Adrian St in nearby Blissfield.

♦ Beckey's Kountry Kitchen ♦

The Beckey's Kountry Kitchen is definitely one of our favorite restaurants in the area, with a sensational country vibe that is only accentuated by all the little touches that they incorporate — such as the picnic tables, the mason jars instead of glasses, and the delicious freshly baked breads. The fried chicken is quite possibly the very best thing on the menu, and we are equally obsessed with the Black Mountain meatloaf. The country fried steak is a real favorite, and the chicken and biscuits are amazing too! Beckey's Kountry Kitchen is a real favorite in this area, and you will be able to find it at 631 W Adrian St right here in Blissfield!

♦ Main Street Stable & Tavern ♦
If you're seeking a wonderful place to dine and drink, Main Street Stable & Tavern is your spot, without a doubt. The word to describe this one is certainly "rustic" — and we couldn't love it any more than we do! It all begins with a staff who works so hard to make your experience a wonderful one, and then they bring out that sensational food! The hamburgers are just so juicy and delicious here, and how about those yummy sandwiches and baked potatoes? Their fries are superb too. You can tell that they stick with the basics here, but they do them right. Main Street Stable & Tavern can be found at 116 N Main St right here in Blissfield!

♦ The Old Road Dinner Train ♦
The Old Road Dinner Train is one of the most fun places to eat dinner anywhere! These murder mystery train rides are just too fun. Imagine taking a date to experience something like this — it's a sweet old fashioned experience that is all too difficult to find nowadays. The shows that they put on here are as entertaining as they can possibly get, but even more importantly, the food is superb. The prime rib is absolutely out of this world, and they've got a great selection of microbrews to choose from as well! The Old Road Dinner Train can be found at 301 E Adrian St here in Blissfield! Very highly recommended!

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