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Birmingham, Michigan

is absolutely one of the most fun places to visit in our state, with tons of great businesses, funky boutiques, and noteworthy bars and restaurants. These are our top picks for drinking and dining in the 48009 and 48012 zip codes!

♦ Toast Birmingham ♦
Toast Birmingham is such a great place to go for a delicious meal whenever you are in the city. We really enjoy the fact that their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus are all so diverse and varied. You'll feel like you're at a completely different restaurant depending on what time of day you visit! The eggs benedict is our absolute top choice for breakfast here, done with delicious baguettes! Mmm. We love their cheese grits here, though they have potatoes too. The best salad in the place is the sesame salad, and we love their steak frites for dinner. Pepper encrusted steak with red wine sauce and waffle fries... enough said! Absolutely wonderful ambiance here, and very nice without being too fancy. You can find this one at 203 Pierce St.

♦ Original Pancake House ♦
We love Original Pancake House so much. Even just driving by when we don't have time to stop, you get a warm feeling thinking about all the wonderful breakfasts that you've eaten here. The crepes are one of our favorite things here, with the cherry and raspberry being the two best options as far as we're concerned. You cannot go wrong with the eggs and pancakes here either, just delicious and cooked perfectly, never overcooked or dried out. The Eggs Michael is another dish that you cannot go wrong with. The service is always excellent here, the kind of service that you would get in an old fashioned restaurant back in the day. Great diner ambiance too. You can find this place at 33703 S Woodward Ave.

♦ Sy Thai ♦
Sy Thai is without a doubt the best place to get your Thai food fix when you are in Birmingham. The flavors here are so intense and memorable. The von sen with fried tofu is probably our favorite dish here, and we absolutely adore the shrimp chips appetizer. The perfect start to every meal! The chicken fried rice is also really noteworthy though it doesn't sound too exciting, but trust us, it's so good. The only thing that is a little frustrating is that the level of spice varies wildly... ordering medium never seems to get us the same results twice. So we order a little less spicy than we'd like it, and then ask for some hot pepper seeds so we can spice it up to our own liking. It tastes the same whether they spice it for you or whether you do. You can find Sy Thai at 315 Hamilton Row.

♦ The Forest Grill ♦
We love the name of this restaurant: The Forest Grill. They serve up some of the most delicious French food that you will ever taste. The veal cheeks are one of our favorite things here, so tender and delicious, and we also love the duck glazed with honey along with foie gras and sweet bread sausage! Just reading the names of the dishes you can surely tell that this is not your run of the mill restaurant. Everything is made from the highest quality ingredients, and they use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, which is something that we appreciate too. For dessert you've simply got to try the bread pudding. This is not your typical bread pudding. It's brioche baked with dark chocolate and vanilla bean gelato! Enough said. This restaurant is nothing short of stellar. Find it at 735 Forest Ave.

♦ Hunter House Hamburgers ♦
Hunter House Hamburgers has been going strong for decades, and they show absolutely no sign of slowing down. For special events you'll see their mobile unit out there on the street selling hundreds and hundreds of their famous burgers and coneys! Every other day you can just come into that great old fashioned restaurant and feel as if you have stepped back in time. The people who work here are always super friendly and in a good mood, and they're happy to chat with you too! The prices absolutely cannot be beat, and everything is of the highest quality here. This is the kind of experience your parents (or maybe even your grandparents) had back in the day going to the corner hamburger stand. This is the best of the best, and we have been here many times so we feel beyond comfortable recommending it to you! You can find Hunter House Hamburgers at 35075 Woodward Ave.

♦ Dick O'Dow's ♦

Dick O'Dow's is our favorite pub in Birmingham. They've got all your favorites here, including Guinness on tap! Now that's what we're talking about. Their macaroni and cheese is too irresistible here. The killybeg mussels are just incredible, served with that famous soda bread, and they also have wonderful wings here. We would very highly recommend either the Buffalo sauce or the dry rub, both are very good and you may even want to get both. Try the potato leek soup too, and any one of the sandwiches. Even the sliders are just out of this world. Good old fashioned quality at its very best, and a family friendly atmosphere in the daytime that turns into a fun and frisky pub in the evenings. You can find this slice of Ireland at 160 W Maple Rd. Very highly recommended.

♦ Commonwealth ♦
Commonwealth is the place for coffee and tea in Birmingham. It's one of our favorite places to bring our laptop or tablet and get some great caffeine-aided work done! They've got incredible teas here, wonderful sandwiches, and nice fast wifi so you can get your work done without any delays. We especially like to indulge in those fried egg sandwiches with guacamole. They are soooo good. They've got those fancy latte designs here if that's your thing, and the C latte is the best if you ask us, and the chai tea latte is also superb. All our friends agree too. They also have very good hot chocolate here if you're not big on tea or coffee. Note that if you are the type who normally skips the tip at coffee bars, you will want to tip them here, because they bring the food right to the table and clear the table as well. You can find Commonwealth at 300 Hamilton Row!

♦ Tallulah Wine Bar and Bistro ♦
Lovers of wine need to take note of this one. Tallulah Wine Bar and Bistro is just out of this world. The food here is what really grabs our attention before we even think of the wine. The chicken scallopini and tenderloin tips are two of our favorite entrees, and anything that comes in that red wine sauce is just too good for us to say no to. As with most fine restaurants you cannot go wrong with the filet mignon either, but what makes it unique is hte mashed potatoes that are served along with it, with crispy onions sprinkled on top. Very, very good. The wine list is enormous and well-chosen, and they also have a fine array of martinis here, including a very refreshing pomegranate martini that we have enjoyed several times. Try the grapes with goat cheese and pistachios, and the prawns served on sugar cane sticks! You can find this one at 155 S Bates St.

♦ Phat Sammich ♦
Phat Sammich. First of all, we love the name. How could you not? If you are in fact craving a fat sandwich and/or a phat sandwich, this is definitely the place to get one in Birmingham. The pastrami, also known as number four, is our favorite thing here, with wonderful toasted bread. The fries are really excellent here and that's the perfect pairing for the pastrami sandwich if you ask us! Our second choice would be number 45, the beef brisket! It comes with coleslaw and cheese on it, and that is of course the perfect combination. It's true that this place is easily overlooked, but do not judge this place by its exterior. Walk on in and find out how fantastic it really is. You will find Phat Sammich 34186 Woodward Ave.

♦ Streetside Seafood ♦
Streetside Seafood also has one of our favorite names on this list, and the quality of the seafood here is just incredible. We really enjoy kicking off the meal with a crisp fresh salad, and then diving straight into all those from-the-sea entrees. The whitefish with jumbo lump crab on top is our favorite thing here, just the perfect combination of flavors. They also have delicious Atlantic salmon with capers, and a very good calamari appetizer that reinvents the wheel, giving it a greek spin with grape leaves, feta, and pepper rings. Wow. We'd also recommend the bay scallop pot pie. There are plenty of chicken dishes here too in case you have friends who don't appreciate seafood as much as you do. This one is conveniently located at 273 Pierce St.

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