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Bingham Farms, Michigan

is found within the county of Oakland, our drivers will be take you anywhere you wish, you will certainly want to check out some of our favorite bars and restaurants that are within driving distance. A few of these are within the Bingham Farms zip code of 48025, and the rest are very close by in the city of Southfield (48034 and 48075). Make sure you try one of them when you are out here next time!

♦ Northern Lakes Seafood Company ♦
Northern Lakes Seafood Company has always been one of our very top choices, found right within Bingham Farms itself. The ambiance at this restaurant is very unique and it certainly makes you feel very welcome. Of course that's due to both beautiful decor and a clean environment, but the superbly friendly staff certainly doesn't hurt a bit either! The lobster Reuben is just one of the unique things to order for lunch when we come here, and the Alaskan crab legs are absolutely sensational too. If you're a lover of salmon, you can't go wrong with that either. There isn't a single item on their menu that is anything less than superb. It's a bit pricey here, but definitely worth it! This is a must-visit if we have ever seen one. You can find Northern Lakes Seafood Company at 30100 Telegraph Rd right here in Bingham Farms. One of the highest recommendations on this list.

♦ Bingham Cafe ♦
When you're craving a really delicious breakfast in Bingham Farms, the locals will be happy to point you to the beloved Bingham Cafe. It's earned the right to have the city's name on its sign, with its delicious home cooked food, warm and friendly old fashioned service, and of course all those traditional breakfast dishes that will have you coming back time and time again for more. There are some new additions that are fun too, like their breakfast sandwich bagels! So delish. The lunch is also really great here, very affordable, and always super fresh. We especially enjoy stopping in to see what the daily specials are, and once you've set eyes on one of those, there's no walking out of this wonderful restaurant! You can find Bingham Cafe at 30400 Telegraph Rd right here in Bingham Farms.

♦ Bingham Deli ♦
Another sensational place to get a really great lunch in Bingham Farms has got to be the Bingham Deli. This is another beloved sandwich stop that has the Bingham name in its title, and there's no wonder why all the locals love this one so much. They've got the freshest sandwiches and deli items of any establishment in the area, and no matter what time of day you walk through those doors, you are always greeted with a warm smile. They will really brighten your mood, especially in the middle of a hard workday, or when you're visiting with friends and you're so tired after a long day of celebration! You can find Bingham Deli at 30100 Telegraph Rd right here in Bingham Farms!

♦ Shish Kabob Express ♦
If you're a lover of Mediterranean food and you find yourself in the Bingham Farms and Southfield area with Limo Detroit, the location to visit is Shish Kabob Express. The Lebanese food at this establishment perhaps the most authentic we have experienced, and we would not hesitate to recommend it highly to all of our customers. Our personal favorite item is without a doubt the chicken shwarma, and we love it either as an entree for dinner or as a quick-to-eat sandwich wrap for lunch! The hommous is absolutely sensational, and we love ordering the fresh carrot juice with our meal, because it's such a fresh complement to all those wonderfully natural Mediterranean flavors. You'll be able to find Shish Kabob Express at 28682 Telegraph Rd in nearby Southfield.

♦ Five Guys Burgers and Fries ♦
Have you tried Five Guys Burgers and Fries yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Check them out in nearby Southfield. Just down the road from Bingham Farms, and it's really becoming an institution in the area. We're not big on the ambiance here though some love it — we'd classify it as industrial burger joint chic! But that's irrelevant anyway because the real star of the show is the food. The burgers are melt-in-your-mouth good, and you can order so many different toppings on them. They've even got guacamole here for a truly south of the border taste! Delish. The fries are wonderful too, and we love how they offer malt vinegar for them. But don't worry, good old fashioned ketchup is there too if malt vinegar isn't your style. The bacon cheese dog is also a favorite here! You can find Five Guys Burgers and Fries at 24548 12 Mile Rd in nearby Southfield.

♦ Star Delicatessen ♦

One of the most beloved sandwich shops in the nearby Southfield area is Star Delicatessen. This place has been in its familiar spot longer than we have, and we can't imagine the area without it. Their corned beef sandwiches are probably the most popular item here, and there's no wonder why. They make all of their corned beef from scratch in house. If you order the corned beef special, it comes with swiss cheese, cole slaw, and Russian dressing, and it's served on delicious rye bread. Everything is very traditional here, which is kind of an exciting treat in this era of all things modern and high tech. You'll be able to experience the one and only Star Delicatessen at 24555 W 12 Mile Rd in nearby Southfield. One of our highest recommendations.

♦ Arturo's Jazz Theatre & Restaurant ♦
Arturo's Jazz Theatre & Restaurant is a stylish, one of the best places in all of Southfield, and in fact, in all of southeast Michigan. The decor is classy and beautiful, and they have some wonderful concerts here by both local stars and by some of your worldwide favorites. We saw Lyfe Jennings play there one evening a few years back and it was really something to remember. When you come in for dinner in the evening on a typical night you'll enjoy live guitar, but even more than the music you will fall in love with the food. The fettuccine alfredo is probably our favorite thing here, and we also enjoy sampling all of their delicious appetizers. You'll want to look your best when you visit this restaurant, as it's one of the nicer ones in this area! You can find Arturo's Jazz Theatre & Restaurant at 25333 W 12 Mile Rd in nearby Southfield. Don't miss it!

♦ Tokyo Buffet Lounge ♦
When you're craving Japanese food in the Bingham Farms and Southfield area, Tokyo Buffet Lounge is shockingly good. Of course if you're the type that doesn't enjoy buffets, you can skip to one of the other restaurants on this list, but we really think you shouldn't overlook this one. The decor is very upscale for a buffet, and they have a long line of various buffets with so many different Japanese and Chinese delights to choose from. The sushi is all you can eat, and that's music to our ears. There are so many unique dishes here that you will not find at any of the other Chinese buffets in Metro Detroit, and the fact that this restaurant is attached to the movie theatre is a definite plus! You'll be able to find Tokyo Buffet Lounge at 25333 W 12 Mile Rd in nearby Southfield!

♦ Baja Fresh♦
Have you visited Baja Fresh yet? If you're thinking it will be anything like the other Mexican fast food restaurants that you're familiar with in this area, think again. This is more like a Subway type of restaurant, but with Mexican food, all very fresh and healthy! You can choose from a wide array of delicious burritos and other items, and customize them to your heart's content via their superbly fresh salsa bar. They've got over a half dozen different salsas and pico de gallo style mixes that are just such a delight to try. We're not fans of the ambiance here by any means, because it's so bright and it feels kind of sterile like a well-lit hospital room! So we recommend that you pick up your food and hit the road with your passengers. You can stop over at Baja Fresh location at 28644 Telegraph Rd in nearby Southfield. You'll love it.

♦ Happy's Pizza ♦
Happy's Pizza is such a classic in this area, not just because of their fun commercials that make you want to sing along, but because their pizza is just so wonderful! And it's not just pizza that you'll want to come here for. Their mac and cheese bites are a particular favorite, and they've even got deep fried pickles! Definitely one of our favorites and probably yours too. If you're seeking delicious rib tips, this place will be perfect for you as well. They'll always serve you with a smile at Happy's, hence the name, but without a doubt the big draw here is the food, which is why we will point you over there time and time again because of all the times we have had such consistently good service. Order from this Happy's Pizza location at 28632 Telegraph Rd in Southfield!

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