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Beverly Hills, Michigan

can be found within the Oakland County zip code of 48025, and one of our favorite things about this city is the abundance of delicious restaurants and cozy bars. Here are our top picks for this area!

♦ Beverly Hills Grill ♦
Beverly Hills Grill is one of the most popular brunch spots in all of Beverly Hills, and with good reason! The service here is beyond excellent, and the food is just out of this world. The huevos rancheros are one of our favorite things to eat here, and the lobster omelettes are just amazing. Just thinking about it makes our mouths water. Later in the day you'll want to enjoy their grilled chicken sandwich with avocado, one of our favorites! Though this restaurant is always packed with people, they don't accept reservations, so there is sometimes a long wait. Still, always worth that wait and then some! You can find this restaurant at 31471 Southfield Rd.

♦ Brady's Tavern ♦
Brady's Tavern is an American style restaurant and bar, one of those dimly lit cozy places where you can grab an excellent burger and some drinks and really enjoy a night out with your friends. The crowds here tend to be on the mature side, which we like but your mileage may vary depending on your age. On Fridays they have an excellent fish fry here, and their macaroni and cheese is just stellar. So cheesy and delicious! The fried clam strips are a very nice choice here as well. Lots of different burgers to choose from here, but everybody recommends the "Famous One." Try it, you'll love it. You can find this tavern at 31231 Southfield Rd.

♦ Tubby's Sub Shop ♦
Tubby's Sub Shop is a real Detroit tradition, and we just love this location on 13 Mile. They have such a nice variety of breads to choose from, which is a fairly new upgrade to their already delicious sandwiches. The steak and cheese sub with cheese sticks is just sinfully delicious, and you sure aren't going to find that at that "other" sub place if you know what we mean! Sometimes you've just got to splurge and get something indulgent. What also makes it better than that other sub place is that they grill the meat here instead of microwaving it. Always a plus. You will be able to find this beloved Tubby's location at 15600 W 13 Mile Rd.

♦ Detroit Deli & Catering ♦
Detroit Deli & Catering is a favorite amongst our friends because of their fabulous corned beef sandwiches. Mmm mmm good! They're less than four bucks at the time of this review and they put all other corned beef sandwiches in the area to shame! Ask for "The Detroiter" which features corned beef, cole slaw, swiss, and Russian dressing, all piled high on an onion roll. The sandwiches are just enormous here, big enough to share! Very friendly service and a great deli vibe that everybody just loves. Definitely recommended to anyone who loves a great deli sandwich along with some delightfully old fashioned service. You can find this one at 31645 Southfield Rd.

♦ Flying Fish Tavern ♦
Flying Fish Tavern is a nice, quiet, simple place where you can come in and enjoy all your favorite tavern fare and some really great service. They've got delicious hamburgers and everybody goes wild over their macaroni adn cheese. They have different kinds of fresh bread here that will really tickle your tummy (sundried tomato is our favorite when it's available!). This is located in the shopping plaza along with all the popular clothing shops and book stores, so after you're all done with your shopping for the day, it's nice to come into Flying Fish Tavern and enjoy a drink and some good food. You can find this highly recommended place at 17600 W 13 Mile Rd.

♦ Red Coat Tavern (Royal Oak) ♦

Red Coat Tavern is located driving distance away from Beverly Hills in nearby Royal Oak. This is the place. The one that's famous for those red coat burgers! Everybody is always talking about these delicious burgers, on an onion roll with thier famous zip sauce. For a nice change of pace from that (though we find it hard to walk awaay from), you can opt for the barbecue chicken and some delicious onion rings with ranch dressing! Mmm! If you stay for dessert and manage to save room for it, you will really enjoy their raspberry custard bread pudding. You'll be wanting to figure out how to make that one at home! Delish. Located at 31542 Woodward Ave in Royal Oak.

♦ Cafe Muse (Royal Oak) ♦
Cafe Muse is located in nearby Royal Oak, just driving distance away, and we really love this spot for its delicious breakfasts, wonderful brunches, and fabulous sandwiches at lunch time. They have a nice outdoor seating area, and even a full bar! Their mushroom bisque is one of our favorite things to eat here, and it comes with a delicious fruit nut bread that will really please your tastebuds too. They have wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches with short ribs, and that's an upgrade that we definitely approve! Cafe Muse is one of the highest recommended restaurants on this list, and you will be able to find it conveniently at 418 S Washington Ave in Royal Oak.

♦ Noble Fish (Clawson) ♦
Noble Fish is by far the most recommended sushi restaurant in Michigan. It's tucked in the back of a Japanese grocery store, which makes it even more of a hidden gem! There's barely any seating here for obvious reasons. They serve you complimentary green tea here, and they give you lots and lots of tasty ginger with your sushi which we appreciate. The sashimi is of the absolute highest quality that we have ever had, and ordering is super simple with the order forms that they provide you with. This is just a hole in the wall restaurant, but it is THE best sushi you will find in Michigan. Trust us, or trust the thousands of raving reviews online... or trust your own tastebuds. You won't regret giving this place a try. On 45 E 14 Mile Rd in Clawson.

♦ Ronin (Royal Oak) ♦
Ronin is one of the best sushi bars that we have ever been to, located in nearby Royal Oak, just a short drive from Beverly Hills. Their Kobe sliders are one of our favorite things here, and they also have the best miso soup in the entire area as far as we are concerned. Lots of different rolls to choose from, and specialty cocktails to give you a nice buzz while you enjoy that sushi! Mmm. The prices are not bad here at all, especially considering the prime location in Royal Oak. Great salads and edamame, and as far s the rolls go, we recommend the shinto roll and the mountain dew roll most highly, though everything is great here! Find this one at 325 W 4th St in Royal Oak.

♦ Bastone (Royal Oak) ♦
Bastone is a Belgian style pub where you can indulge in some of the most delicious food you'll ever lay tastebuds on, including that famous potato leek soup and those oft-recommended pomme frites! Lots of people say that they've got the best fries in the entire area of Royal Oak, and we are very much inclined to agree with that! The service is always out of this world, and best of all is that ambiance. It's nice and dim here, cozy and comfortable, especially if you ask for a booth. If you are looking for a place to just chill and vibe with your friends, this is it! You can find Bastone at 419 S Main St in Royal Oak.

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