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Betzer, Michigan

is found within Hillsdale County, and the closest restaurants you'll find in this area would be in nearby Jonesville, Hillsdale, and Manitou Beach. These are the ones that we'd recommend most highly to you in the zip codes of 49250, 49242, and 49253 zip codes. If you're traveling in this area anytime soon with Limo Detroit, please consider a few of these great bars and restaurants!

♦ Saucy Dog's ♦
Lovers of barbecue and burgers, listen up! Saucy Dog's is definitely one of our favorite places in all of Jonesville, which is within driving distance of Betzer. They've got the standard barbecue restaurant decor with the picnic blanket style tablecloths, and the menu has all the standard fixings too, like delicious pulled pork, cole slaw, and all the good stuff that none of us can get enough of! The Texas brisket sandwich is one of our all time favorite items here, and even with many many visits in this establishment, we find ourselves either ordering that or having a very hard time choosing something else! The ambiance isn't too much to talk about, but the food is the star of the show, and that's as it should be. A heavy focus on food and service never hurt anybody! In today's world it's kind of nice to find a place that's not all about appearances. You'll be able to find the oft-recommended Saucy Dog's at 212 E Chicago St in nearby Jonesville. Very highly recommended.

♦ Cavoni's Pizza & Grinders ♦
Do you love a delicious pizza and some fabulous grinders? Who doesn't? Well, good news when out around the Betzer and Hillsdale area, you'll really want to make your way out to Cavoni's Pizza & Grinders. The prices are unbeliebably affordable here, and since the grinders are so enormous, you can easily split one between two people and save an even bigger bundle! The pizza is absolutely fantastic too, made with the highest quality hand tossed dough, spread with delicious sauce, sprinkled with the perfect amount of cheese, and then piled high with all the delicious toppings that you request. Though the food is wonderful here, the service can be a little bit slow at times, so try to arrive early and have a patient mindset! The food is worth it, trust us. You'll be able to venture over to Cavoni's Pizza & Grinders at 256 W Carleton Rd in nearby Hillsdale.

♦ El Cerrito ♦
When you find yourself in Betzer looking for some good Mexican food, you've got to try El Cerrito. We have gone out of our way to visit this restaurant a time or two, and we have never regretted that! The food is always top notch, and the service is on par with that as well. Their chiles poblanos are absolutely mouth wateringly good, and the tamales are done traditionally, which we really appreciate. They are also known for their carne asada and cheese steak. The prices are really affordable whether you opt for a meal or an a la carte dining experience. There is one bummer for some guests will be that they do not serve alcohol, which can be a little bit of a bummer when you're craving an ice cold Corona or a juicy margarita with your Mexican food. The takeout is just as good as the dine-in experience, so we recommend both! You'll be able to find El Cerrito at 252 W Carleton Rd in nearby Hillsdale.

♦ Great Wall Restaurant ♦
Great Wall Restaurant is a well respected local Chinese restaurant in the Betzer and Hillsdale area. The meals are relatively inexpensive here, and you do get nice generous portions. They've got all the traditional favorites, including a really delicious moo goo gai pan, and we've also enjoyed their almond boneless chicken on many occasions. Their fried shrimp is really delicious too if you're into seafood, and they've got good barbecued beef strips on the appetizer menu too. Kind of a unique variation on the traditional teriyaki chicken. They keep this place sparkling clean too, and the people working here are just wonderful and good to the customers. Overall this is a very pleasant dining experience, and a restaurant that we'd recommend to you any day of the week! You'll be able to find Great Wall Restaurant at 126 N Broad St in nearby Hillsdale!

♦ Hunt Club of Hillsdale ♦
Hunt Club of Hillsdale is one of the most frequently visited bars and restaurants in this area, and that's because it's such a friendly place, just like Cheers which it is often compared to! The folking working here are the kind who remember not just your name but the kind of drink you order, and even if you've only been there two or three times, they'll ask if you want the usual! They really are so nice. The beers are always super cold here, and they've got a nice variety of them too. They've got delicious salads here with yummy ingredients like cherries and water chestnuts, and the steak bites are by far our favorite appetizer to nosh on here! We like the fact that they have Club Keno here too, to keep us entertained while we enjoy good times with friends, or while we wait for our meal to be prepared! We have always had wonderful times here. You'll be able to find Hunt Club of Hillsdale at 24 N Howell St, in Hillsdale, needless to say!

♦ Olivia's Chop House ♦

If you haven't yet been over to Olivia's Chop House in Jonesville, you really should make an effort to drop in whenever you are nearby. This perhaps the finest dining around these parts, and many times when our customers want to celebrate a special occasion in this area, they'll request a visit to Olivia's Chop House. The ambiance is really nice, with beautiful decor and soft music, and the chefs really know how to craft a mean dish. We're big fans of their fettuccine alfredo with delectable juicy grilled chicken, and we have also enjoyed the steaks many times! They've got garlic smashed potatoes here that really satisfy us, and an amazing Bananas Foster that is the perfect dessert after an already amazing meal. You'll be really surprised by how wonderful the service is here, and in combination with everything else being so good, there's no question that this restaurant gets top recommendation out of all the ones on this list! You'll be able to find Olivia's Chop House at 205 E Chicago Rd in nearby Jonesville!

♦ Rosalie's Roadhouse ♦
Rosalie's Roadhouse has a little bit of everything, and it's located in an old house that gives it an air of sophistication and other worldly charm. The ambiance is casual and relaxed, and the menu is extensive and yet moderately priced. They've got plenty of space for larger groups of friends, including a large party space in the upstairs that you can rent out for your party needs! They have sensational homemade soups here that on their own would make this place worth a visit, but the rest of their menu really seals the deal for us. We cannot resist a great meal served by a staff that really cares, and when that takes place in such a nice atmopshere, how could we fail to recommend this restaurant? Don't miss it when you're in the neighborhood, and do take advantage of their party space for your get togethers! Seek them out over at Rosalie's Roadhouse at 417 W Chicago St in nearby Jonesville. Very highly recommended!

♦ Lyons Tavern ♦
Lyons Tavern is a favorite amongst all our customers, for its rustic log cabin vibe and all the old fashioned delights that its menu contains. The real surprise is that the service is delightfully old fashioned too, with a real effort put toward pleasing the customer and making sure that all their needs are met. This isn't the kind of restaurant that brags about being locally sourced, but it seems like a good portion of their menu is in fact from the local region, and we appreciate that. We love the chicken and fish dishes here the best, but you cannot go wrong with any item on the menu. You'll really feel like you are on vacation while you're there, and who could resist that, especially when it's not so far from home? You'll be able to find the beloved Lyons Tavern at 735 Manitou Rd in nearby Manitou Beach.

♦ Coffee Cup Diner♦
We have recommended Coffee Cup Diner to our customers so many times, because it's just so hard to find quality like this elsewhere. The food is absolutely out of this world, with the item that we recommend most highly being something called "the mess," which is made up of a huge serving of hash browns with plenty of gravy and grilled onions and mushrooms! Everybody loves that, and it's a great reason to drag yourself out of the house in the morning for a restaurant breakfast even when you don't really feel like it! We're also very excited about the Thai offerings on the menu, and though you might not expect to find Thai food at a diner like this, please note that the owner is from Bangkok, so it's authentic! Definitely a nice surprise, and so delicious! You'll be able to enjoy Coffee Cup Diner at 73 N Broad St in nearby Hillsdale! Very highly recommended.

♦ Fillmore's ♦
Fillmore's is a typical local dive bar with dollar drafts during the week, and really as far as we're concerned, we could end the review right there! That's all we needed to know to want to head in and enjoy a couple of drafts when we were in town. However, to give you a bit more info, the crowds here tend to be college aged thanks to the college nearby, but sometimes it's very quiet and subdued here, and that's when we tend to prefer it. There's nothing fancy here, just a clean and well kept bar with some great grilled items and a nice selection of beer, and a friendly staff that is rare to find in a dive bar! We would recommend this place most highly for its dollar drafts and secondly for its great little dive bar atmosphere! If you love that as much as we do, then be sure to check out Fillmore's at 394 W Chicago St in Jonesville!

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