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Berkley, Michigan

is located within Oakland County, and within this area there are so many great bars and restaurants to visit! All of these are our recommendations, all found within the 48072 zip code.

♦ Amici's Living Room ♦
Amici's Living Room is one of the most comfortable and laid back places to grab a bite to eat and a great drink in the Berkley area. Their pizzas are to die for, real gourmet quality, and just delicious. They've even got vegan and gluten-free pizzas here! We recommend the asparagus pizza most highly, which also includes delicious feta cheese. Yum! As far as the regular pizzas go, our favorite is the roasted red pepper and feta. The martinis are really fantastic here too, and Thursdays are martini day here, so that's a great time to check it out for the first time! It's very cozy here, and the prices are surprisingly affordable. Located at 3249 Twelve Mile Rd.

♦ Bagger Dave's ♦
Bagger Dave's is an awesome burger joint that everybody in Berkley seems to really love. The fried eggs on the burgers are, so to speak, the icing on the cake! Mmm! They've got a Santa Fe Chipotle Burger that we have had many times, and we would recommend that one most highly. The kids will love the train here, and just that fun friendly atmosphere. They have a very nice beer selection here including some of our state's best. For a burger and a beer you really can't beat this place, even if it is a chain restaurant! Excellent service too. And don't forget to try the sweet potato fries when you're here! You can find this place at 2972 Coolidge Hwy. Very highly recommended.

♦ Hogger's BBQ ♦
Hogger's BBQ is a beloved spot for all those in Berkley who love barbecue! People just rave about this place and there is no question why. Their pulled pork sandwich is one of the best we have ever tasted, and we have had these all over Michigan and beyond! They have delicious macaroni and cheese that's a perfect side to go with just about anything. For your lunch hour you'll find that they have a lot of really amazing specials! The onion rings are very good here, and we also enjoy their cornbread and cole slaw. Everything is very high quality and the restaurant is so cozy and not overdone in terms of decor or ambiance. Just comfortable and good! You can find Hogger's BBQ at 2959 12 Mile Rd.

♦ Westborn Fruit Market ♦
Westborn Fruit Market, though not a restaurant, gets a high recommendation here because there is no place better to get delicious ingredients to craft your own amazing lunch at home or at the office. Everything here is gourmet, and the prices do reflect that, but we can assure you that it's totally worth it. We really love their selection of wine here, as well as their floral area which has lots of flowers and gifts for those special occasions. It's nice to be able to prepare for a party by grabbing all the ingredients you need for the food, and also pick up fresh flowers and gifts at the very same time. Lots of Michigan brands here too, which the green and local crowd will really appreciate! We sure do. Find this one at 27659 Woodward Ave.

♦ Margarita's Mexican Restaurant ♦
Margarita's Mexican Restaurant is a great place to grab some delicious Mexican food! The chips and salsa are some of the best that we have ever had, and the chiles rellenos is one of our favorite dishes! This restaurant is more authentic than most, and it's not a cookie cutter Mexican restaurant, nor it is perfect in any way. Some have called it a dive. Whatever you call it, if you can appreciate a low key relaxed atmosphere where the food is the star of the show, then you really owe it to yourself to check out this place. Wonderful rice and beans, and you can even bring your own alcoholic beverages in. We agree that it's strange for a place called Margarita's to not have a liquor license, but if you're trying to do dinner on the cheap, bringing your own drinks can save major dinero! 27861 Woodward Ave.

♦ Berkley Bistro and Cafe ♦

Known to the locals as simply BBC, Berkley Bistro and Cafe is a wonderful place to get some delicious breakfast! We really love the fact that they have cheesy grits here instead of the typical hash browns. In general all the breakfast food is less greasy than what you'll find at most Michigan breakfast joints, and that's a refreshing surprise. They have delicious lunch items too including chicken salad that's fantastic, and a corned beef sandwich that is really noteworthy too. The portabella mushroom burger is a very nice addition to the menu as well. We haven't had brunch here yet but we are definitely looking forward to that. Found at 1999 Coolidge Hwy.

♦ Uncle Andy's Pizza ♦
Uncle Andy's Pizza gets rave reviews for their incredible pizza pies, and we feel very comfortable recommending them to you after dining there many times in the past year. Their deep dish square is one of the best things you will ever taste! They have cheese bread that's really worth getting too. Even their grinders are exceptionally good, with many different options, and even a huge party grinder for those large get togethers with your friends. The boneless hot wings are also really tasty. When it comes to parties in the Berkley area, we can't think of a better place to get the food than Uncle Andy's! You can find this Berkley staple at 28957 Woodward Ave.

♦ O'Mara's ♦
O'Mara's is a wonderful American restaurant that has plenty of class and style. They have a truly delectable Sunday brunch buffet that we can never resist. Delicious eggs, all your favorite breakfast meats, corned beef hash (the real deal), scalloped potatoes, and even delicious desserts. They have eggs benedict and omelettes that you can order from the kitchen, and those are included in the price! They have really attentive and friendly servers here who know how to make their guests feel at home. In the evenings you'll definitely want to try their drinks, especially the martinis! Very inexpensive and good.  Reservations are encouraged by the staff. 2555 12 Mile Rd.

♦ Mr. Kabob ♦
Mr. Kabob is your source for delicious Middle Eastern food in Berkley! Man, do we ever love this place! They have some of the best chicken shwarma that we've ever had. It really melts in your mouth and has some of the best flavor you'll ever taste! They also have red pepper hommous here which is all too hard to find at most restaurants, and their spinach pie is really out of this world. It's true that this place is oddly attached to a gas station, but nobody seems to let that put them off. Great servers, comfortable seating, and some of the lowest prices and highest quality you'll find anywhere. Conveniently located at 3372 Coolidge Hwy.

♦ The Panini Press ♦
The Panini Press is a dream of a sandwich shop in Berkley, and it's one of the most popular lunch spots too. They've got a really fantastic panini that's got tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil on a ciabatta, and if that doesn't tickle your tastebuds we don't know what will. They also have lots of options here for the gluten-free crowd, including a totally separate preparation area for that. Even a completely separate grill. Now that's what we're talking about. They've got free wi-fi here too, a couple of outdoor tables, and even delivery for orders of more than $20 between 11:00AM-2:30PM (call to confirm this--things can change between the time of this writing and the time that you read it). Very highly recommended, and easily located at 28983 Woodward Ave!

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