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Belleville, Michigan

is located in Wayne County, and there are lots of wonderful restaurants and bars to visit whenever you are in the area! These are our top choices in the 48111 and 48112 zip codes!

♦ Dos Pesos Mexican Restaurant ♦
Dos Pesos Mexican Restaurant may not be the fanciest place in town, but the food is just so good. We really love their homemade salsa, and they give you both hot and mild to enjoy with your chips. They of course have all your favorites including burritos, tacos, and enchiladas, and we love the fact that they also have tostadas and Mexican sandwiches which are harder to find items! The guacamole is amazing, nice and chunky! And they even have jicama here. Flan is one of our favorite things in the world, and they started serving it there about a year ago at the time of this writing. Gotta love it! You can find Dos Pesos Mexican Restaurant at 11800 Belleville Rd.

♦ Bayou Grill ♦
Bayou Grill is the best place in Belleville, and the only place there in fact, where you can get delicious Cajun food! Mmm mmm mm. When you get a taste of that delicious New Orleans food you will be in heaven. They have wonderful po boy sandwiches here, delicious iced tea, crawfish and oysters, and wonderful jambalaya. The spicy chicken fettuccine is also really delicious, and you can't go wrong with their voodoo alligator. The lunch buffet is a great choice for an inexpensive yet filling and really great tasting meal in the middle of the day. And best of all? No waiting! They've got a bar too, and an outdoor patio. So many reasons to give this place a try. You'll be able to locate Bayou Grill at 404 Main St.

♦ Brown Bag Deli ♦
Brown Bag Deli is everybody's favorite place for barbecue! Their chicken wings are some of the best that we have ever had, and they have amazing ribs here too, as well as a really noteworthy gumbo. They also have all your delicious deli favorites like corned beef sandwiches, turkey club sandwiches, and more. Their Chicago dogs are really done right, with mustard, religh, onion, tomato, pickles, sport peppers, and even celery salt, and of course the poppy seed bun. That's the best you're going to get without going to Chicago! And right here in Belleville. It's true that this place is quite tiny, but they are always packed with happy customers. This is the kind of place we're proud to support. Brown Bag Deli is located at 562 Main St.

♦ Dimitri's Country Kitchen ♦
Of course there are several Dimitri's locations around the southeast Michigan area, but this location in Belleville is one of our favorites. They're open 24 hours so you can always hit this place for a great meal to sober up after a night at the bars. In the daytime it's a great family friendly restaurant with lots of healthy favorites and not-so-healthy favorites too! We love their omelettes and really all of their breakfast options, and their hash browns are wonderful too. Really wonderful staff here, especially when you consider the fact that they deal with that after-the-bars crowd every night! You'll be able to find this wonderful Dimitri's location at 11511 Belleville Rd.

♦ Red Apple Restaurant ♦
Red Apple Restaurant is one of our favorite diners in Belleville, with really delicious breakfast food including some of the best pancakes you'll find in the city. We appreciate the fact that almost everything here is freshly prepared, which is in stark contrast to most diners. The food is so good here and that's why they're always packed with happy customers. Very friendly staff, nice clean family friendly ambiance, and an all around very pleasant dining experience. Red Apple Restaurant is found at 60 Main St.

♦ China City ♦

China City has been providing the city of Belleville with great Chinese takeout for quite some time now. They even deliver! It's all too rare to find a Chinese restaurant that delivers here in Michigan for some reason. It's not the most authentic Chinese food that you can find, but then these kind of restaurants aren't the place to find that. It's very good Americanized Chinese food, which of course most of us love. The kung pao chicken is one of our favorite dishes here, and we also really enjoy their egg rolls and fried rice. The price is right too, very cheap! You can find China City at 11716 Belleville Rd.

♦ Cracker Barrel ♦
Cracker Barrel is just an amazing place for a really huge and hearty meal. Even with the cute and kitschy decor aside, we'd recommend this place, but the ambiance is a big part of its appeal too. You'll feel like you have stepped back in time when you enter this restaurant and store, and you'll be able to enjoy the biggest and most delicious breakfasts, and even pick up some memorabilia to take home with you. Kids absolutely adore this place, needless to say, so if you are looking for a nice place for your family to dine, you'll definitely want to consider this one! Always a pleasant experience here. This Cracker Barrel location is found at 45525 N I-94 Service Dr.

♦ Johnny's Grill on the Lake ♦
zjohnny's Grill on the Lake is the place to go for some great drinks right there on the water. There's a good boating crowd here, noshing on delicious hamburgers, grilled fish, and really wonderful sandwiches. Happy hour is our favorite time to be here (call for exact days and times, but at the time of this writing it was Monday thru Friday from 4:00-7:00PM). You can't beat their two dollar drafts, two dollar well drinks, and half off appetizers! Now that's what we're talking about. The deck is very nice when the weather is good, and when it's not, the inside is cozy and comfortable. Great steaks here as well! Good Belgian ales too. You can find Johnny's Grill at 146 High St.

♦ Asian Garden ♦
Asian Garden has such a wide variety of Asiah delights, from Vietnamese food to Chinese delights to Japanese sushi! Their pho is really excellent here, even better than most of the places in nearby Ann Arbor, which says a lot. The sushi is very good here, and it's cool to go in and grab some to go as long as the weather's not too hot and it won't be sitting more than a few minutes before you eat it. The pineapple chicken is one of our favorite dishes here, and they make it with fresh pineapple, which is excellent. Everything here is just so good. Note that this used to be a buffet, but it isn't anymore. Asian Garden can be found at 10840 Belleville Rd.

♦ Culver's Restaurant ♦
We aren't huge fans of chain restaurants, especially ones that lean more towards the fast food side of the spectrum, but this Culver's is such a convenient place to stop and enjoy a quick burger or some ice cream! Though they're best known for those butter burgers and ice cream, and also for their sandwiches and cheese curds, but the best kept secret is that they also have really delicious salads and grilled chicken sandwiches for those who enjoy something on the heatlhier side. Very good stuff here! Milkshake lovers, take a look at that menu. You will fall in love. The cement mixers are our favorite, with lots of toppings! Culver's can be found at 11001 Belleville Rd.

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