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Beecher, Michigan

is located in Genesee County, and since it's such a small area you won't actually find any restaurants and bars within it, but you will be able to rely on some good places that are within driving distance in Flint, Genesee Township, and Mount Morris. These are our top choices within the zip codes of 48507 and 48458.

♦ Bar Louie ♦
Bar Louie is always a neighborhood favorite, with some of the best appetizers in town! We're always working our way through that list of appetizers over and over again, choosing a different one each time we come in. The loaded tater tots are, needless to say, a genius idea that we wish more restaurants would offer! Of course there's a lot more here than just some fantastic appetizers though! The sandwiches and hamburgers are definitely the stars of the menu, and we also love their pear salad and their seasoned fries. They've also got some really delicious desserts, including a carrot cake that is truly irresistible. Happy hour is a good time to come in to save a few bucks, though depending on what city you usually party in, their happy hour prices might be about regular price at your usual bar. It's a "your mileage may vary" kind of situation. But we love the ambiance and the spacious atmosphere here so much that we think slightly higher prices are definitely worth it. You will find Bar Louie at 4360 Miller Rd in nearby Flint.

♦ El Adobe ♦
El Adobe is a great spot for some tasty Mexican food in Genesee Township. Many have said that this is the best Mexican food that you'll find in the entire area surrounding Beecher, and we would say that is correct! It's not gourmet by any means, and not even the most authentic Mexican food that we've had, but it's really good and hearty and filling. We've had so many good things here, including a sampler platter that always pleases everyone in our party, and no matter what you order the price is always affordable! Affordable enough to even treat your friends if the mood strikes you. One of the coolest things about this restaurant is that they offer a drive-thru for your pickups! If that's not convenient then we don't know what is. The service is always very fast here, and the people who work here are so friendly too. That kind of service is the thing that really makes all the difference in the world. You will be able to find El Adobe at 8284 N Saginaw St in nearby Mount Morris.

♦ Gillies Coney Island ♦

The Gillies Coney Island is always a great spot to hit up for some delicious coneys and hamburgers when you're in the Beecher and Mount Morris area! That memorable Western-themed exterior is the thing that first attracted us to this place, and once we walked in and found out all that the menu had to offer, we were really hooked. The Double Gillies Burger has got to be our favorite thing on the menu, and we love to order it with double everything just for kicks! If you're looking for a great gift for a friend in the area, we'd suggest buying one of their silver gift certificates that never expire! It's definitely a cooler gift than any of the plastic gift cards you can rustle up at other restaurants! But if you are used to paying with a different kind of plastic you'll be happy to know that they've got an ATM on the premises for fast access to your cash too. Free wifi too! They've really got it all. Grab a coney and enjoy the ambiance! You can find Gillies Coney Island at 6524 N Dort Hwy in nearby Mount Morris!

♦ La Villa Restaurant & Pizzeria ♦
La Villa Restaurant & Pizzeria in nearby Mount Morris is a really nice choice if you are looking for a cozy spot to eat a delicious hot pizza with your friends! The prices are very affordable, and since the food is always so good and the service is equally great, we feel very comfortable recommending this restaurant to you. There's really nothing fancy here, they just keep it very simple with the focus on the food and the service. You'll enjoy their specialty pizzas as well as all your traditional favorites, and they've got fantastic salads and bread here as well. There is in fact a full bar, so if you'd like to enjoy a drink or two after your meal, or to toast to some kind of celebration with your friends, you can definitely do that with ease. This restaurant is just as good for groups of friends as it is for families with kids, and since the ambiance is casual and the prices are low, that only makes it even more appropriate. You'll be able to find La Villa Restaurant & Pizzeria at 8372 N Saginaw Rd in nearby Mount Morris. Very nice place.

♦ Wolcott Orchards and Cider Mill ♦
If you're looking for a unique place to visit when you're in the Beecher and Mount Morris area, why not stop in to Wolcott Orchards and Cider Mill? If you enjoy wineries you'll certaily enjoy this one. They've got a really fantastic cranberry wine that we just can't get enough of, so whenever we find ourselves in the area we try to stock up on it. They also have really delicious donuts here, and the fun kitschy country vibe on its own is a reason to come and check the place out! They've got country music playing and dancing in the barn, and a whole staff of friendly people who keep everything running smoothly. You can come in and sample so many good things, and then take home a bunch more to share with your loved ones! You'll definitely want to visit Wolcott Orchards and Cider Mill which is located at 3284 W Coldwater Rd in nearby Mount Morris. Highly recommended!

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