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Bayport Park, Michigan

In Genessee County you'll find Bayport Park, which is an unincorporated community found at the north side of Lake Fenton and is in the city of Lake Fenton zip code, sharing the zip code 48430. Because they're small communities, you won't find restaurants within Bayport Park or Lake Fenton themselves, but you will find lots of good ones in nearby Flint (48507), Fenton (48430), Grand Blanc (48439), and Holly (48442). We hope that you'll spend some time enjoying these establishments next time you're nearby! Be sure to check these out when you're visiting with Limo Detroit.

♦ French Laundry ♦
It's hard to capture that French atmosphere that make their restaurants, but French Laundry in nearby Fenton comes very highly recommended! They've got one of the largest selections of spirits in the entire state from what we've heard, and our customers are always raving about the delectable dishes and the wonderful service that they have received here. We've heard lots of things about the French onion soup here, and though you can get that just about anywhere, you have to realize that at a French restaurant like this, it's a world away from what you're used to. We really enjoy coming in the early mornings to enjoy a breakfast of delicious baked goods, just like we would if we were really in Paris! They've got a special club for discounts and savings, and we think it's definitely worth it to join if you plan to come back often. And why wouldn't you? Everything is amazing here. You'll be able to find French Laundry at 125 West Shiawassee Avenue down over in Fenton!

♦ Luca's Chophouse ♦
Lovers of steaks and seafood should definitely make it a point to check out Luca's Chophouse in nearby Grand Blanc. This place is a real essential, and it's also one of the dressier restaurants in the area, so if you are already dolled up and riding around with Limo Detroit, why not show off your threads at a restaurant that really deserves that view? This one definitely does. Luca's is just as good for intimate dates as it is for groups of friends, and the ambiance is really relaxing and beautiful. You'll never feel rushed here, and we think that's one of the best things about it. The filet mignon is our go-to choice on this menu, and for dessert, what could be better than the creme brulee? From the moment you walk up to their gorgeous hostess stand right up to dessert and even as you're leaving, it is a truly classy experience from start to finish. You're going to find Luca's Chophouse at 12793 South Saginaw in nearby Grand Blanc. Truly one of the best.

♦ Da Edoardo North ♦
Da Edoardo North is always a great choice when you find yourself in the Grand Blanc area. It's very classic and beautifully decorated, and let's not forget the fine Italian cuisine! They've got wonderful pasta dishes here with exciting additions such as seasonal squash, and all your classic favorites too like chicken marsala. That's always been one of our personal favorites, and we can vouch for the fact that it is really fantastic here. They've also got a tenderloin salad that is wonderful as an entree, and perfect for sharing with other guests before your meal too! They've got a special grab and go deal that includes salad, soup, bread, and pasta, and it's supposed to be for four people to share, but it can easily feed more than that. So if you're feeding a large group or a whole family, that will do it! You'll be able to find Da Edoardo North at 8185 Holly Rd.

♦ Brick Street Bar & Grille ♦
Brick Street Bar & Grille is our top choice for nightlife in the Grand Blanc area. The patio is perfect to be enjoyed when weather permits, with really beautiful decor and an ample amount of tables and chairs to seat everyone who wants to enjoy the summer evenings out there. We're especially big fans of the vegetarian entrees that they offer here, and the nut encrusted fish is also a really good choice for those who love fish and seafood. Regardless of what you chose to order, it's always prepared with utmost attention to detail, and served with just the right amount of flourish. It's nice to see a staff that really takes their work seriously and makes the customer feel good about their dining experience! If you're a sports lover, be sure to sit in the pub area so you can catch the game on television! You'll be able to find Brick Street Bar & Grille at 1223 E Grand Blanc Rd in nearby Grand Blanc!

♦ Sagebrush Cantina ♦
Lovers of Mexican food should definitely take note of Sagebrush Cantina, because they've got some of the freshest flavors that we have ever encountered in this area! The Cabo fish tacos are without a doubt one of the very tempting items on their menu, and we are really big fans of their entire a la carte menu because you can fill up on the cheap and not have to worry about leftovers! The portions are still very generous, so if you aren't very hungry, you could still wind up with leftovers when you're finished! The nacho supreme is a really nice choice, and the ultimate chimichanga will have you singing its praises for days. The staff at this restaurant is one of the friendliest that we have ever encountered, and they make you feel so at home that you will soon find yourself returning time and time again just for that wonderful service! You will be able to find Sagebrush Cantina at 14824 N Fenton Rd in nearby Fenton! Very highly recommended!

♦ Fenton House Restaurant ♦

The Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting Fenton House Restaurant located in nearby Fenton? If not, then we recommend that you give it a try the next time you're in the Bayport Park and Fenton area. It's not the fanciest place in the world, just a classic old fashioned restaurant, but they put so much care into the customer's dining experience here, and the pizza and other items are just so delicious. True old school high quality at its very best. The chicken tortilla pizza is really a standout item on this menu, and we have never been disappointed in all the times that we have ordered it! The flavor is just out of this world. Note that they don't stay open very late here, so you'll want to arrive plenty early unless you want to feel a bit rushed at the end. It's worth arriving early though. Trust us! You can find Fenton House Restaurant at 413 S Leroy St in nearby Fenton!

♦ Mancino's ♦
Mancino's in nearby Fenton has always been a great place to get your grinders! In fact it may be the best known place for grinders. Their pizza is also fantastic! They've got a few different locations scattered around the state, but in our experience this is the best of them all. Really friendly staff and super clean building. They've got a really great lunch special that is incredibly affordable and consists of a half sandwich, a piece of delicious garlic bread or maybe even a bag of chips if you prefer (we recommend the garlic bread!), and a fountain pop. There's really not a more filling lunch out there, especially when you consider the indulgent amount of cheese that they melt over the ingredients of your grinder! Yum, it makes our mouths water just thinking of it right now! Try their specialty pizzas too, especially the Pride, which has just about everything on it! If that doesn't satisfy everybody in your party then we don't know what will! You'll be able to find Mancino's at 4019 Owen Road just down the street in Fenton!

♦ Blackthorn Pub ♦
Blackthorn Pub is one of our favorite pubs of all time, and lucky for you, Limo Detroit traveller, it is located conveniently in Holly, within driving distance from your destination of Bayport Park! They've got one of the greatest selections of microbrews of any bar in this area, and to top it off there is an amazing menu of food that will really satisfy even the hungriest diners. Their cole slaw is absolutely crave worthy, and we always make sure to get some no matter what else we order. Our favorite thing has got to be the fish and chips, which comes with a hearty portion of russett potato french fries, plus the previously mentioned cole slaw! How perfect is that? The ambiance here is purely authentic Irish pub, and that's just one of the many reasons that we have fallen in love with this place. Come on in, enjoy the great service, the wonderful food, the incredible drink specials... and let us know if this isn't just the greatest pub that you've ever visited this side of the Atlantic! You'll find Blackthorn Pub at 105 South Saginaw in Holly!

♦ Big Boy ♦
A true classic for all Michiganders is the Big Boy chain of restaurants, and we are such big fans of the location in nearby Fenton. We are great lovers of the Big Boy soup and salad bar, and we are especially happy with the one at this location, because it's always immaculately fresh and you'll never find a single ingredient out of place. It seems like the essential item on the menu is the namesake Big Boy burger, also known as "The Original Big Boy," but we have always been big fans of the Slim Jim too! If you're like us you'll order it with extra tomatoes for an extra flavorful sandwich! They've got sensational breakfasts here too, and desserts that would put some other local restaurants to shame! We definitely recommend that you give them a try the next time you're there, either as a perfect finish to a great meal, or as the main event itself! 3401 Owen is where you'll find this Boy Boy in Fenton.

♦ Buffalo Wild Wings ♦
Buffalo Wild Wings is another great restaurant and bar that is quickly becoming a classic. We resisted the urge to try this place when it first opened up, but then some friends encouraged us to check it out, so we did. And were we ever surprised at the high quality of these wings! The array of sauces is just superb. Everything from the mildest to the hottest, with tropical flavors and garlic flavors and even creamy flavors to break up the typical mild to hot spectrum! Very nice. Of course the menu consists of much more than just wings, with great salads, steaks, chicken dishes, and more. The array of drinks that they offer is also impressive, with plenty of great beers and the tasty mixed drinks (try their house special Buffalo Zoo if you want to get really wild!). They've got a great sports bar ambiance and plenty of video games and internet connected jukeboxes to keep you busy, plus trivia nights too! If you're craving Buffalo Wild Wings, check out this one in Fenton at 3190 West Silver Lake Road!

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