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Barton Hills, Michigan

is a village that's located in Washtenaw County, covered by the zip code of 48105. Though you won't find any places to eat or drink within the boundaries of this village, you will certainly be well served by all the excellent bars and restaurants in nearby Ann Arbor! These are our top choices in the Ann Arbor zip codes of 48103 and 48104! We hope that you'll enjoy them when you're in the area with Limo Detroit!

♦ Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger ♦
Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger is a real favorite amongst everybody that hangs out in the Ann Arbor area, a real classic left over from simpler times. We love this teeny tiny burger place, because the focus is really on the food, and you can just go on over there and nosh on some of the best burgers and onion rings in the world! Their plain hamburgers are sensational, but our all time fave has got to be the triple burger with tons of provolone, fried eggs, and grilled mushrooms and onions! Of course they put it on a delectable Kaiser roll, and that's one of the things that makes it extra good! It's true that there's a bit of a code to ordering, so make sure you visit Krazy Jim's website to familiarize yourself with it before you go, or you might be left in the dust behind all the other people in line! It's worth that not-so-steep learning curve anyway. There are so many wonderful deep fried delicious treats here, you'll be in breaded heaven! You can find Krazy Jim's at 551 S Division St in nearby Ann Arbor!

♦ Jerusalem Garden ♦
Jerusalem Garden is a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant, located conveniently in nearby Ann Arbor. They are known for their delicious lentil soup, which is of course a staple item at Mediterranean restaurants, but at this one it is a particularly gleaming gem. Trust us, it is dee-lish! They've also got some amazing falafel that will really fill you up without venturing into too indulgent territory. And if you want something that is truly melt-in-your-mouth good, then you have got to go with the chicken shwarma, either as an entree or as an affordable lunchtime sandwich! We like the sandwiches too because they provide some portion control without having to think about it. If you'd like a really sensational dip with that sandwich, or just as a delicious side, try the spicy hommous. You'll be addicted from your very first bite! You'll be able to find the one and only Jerusalem Garden at 307 5th Ave in nearby Ann Arbor! Very highly recommended!

♦ Cafe Zola ♦
Cafe Zola is another Mediterranean cafe with a decidedly Turkish slant that we really cannot get enough of. It's tough to find Turkish food around here, and you will really be glad that you took a moment to stop into this restaurant. The Frittata Zola is one of the things that they are best known for, and we have really enjoyed it many times. It's an open faced omelette with goat cheese, yams, and croutons, and it really hits the spot. We'd call that comfort food to the max! The Turkish coffee is a perfect complement to that, and so is the freshly squeezed juice. If you'd like something a little more traditional, the French toast or crepes are a couple of nice touches on the menu that are simple and good. And of course the strawberry banana waffles are quite noteworthy as well! You'll be able to find Cafe Zola at 112 W Washington St in nearby Ann Arbor.

♦ Zingerman's Roadhouse ♦
Tell us you've heard of Zingerman's Roadhouse! If you truly have never visited this incredible restaurant, then it's time to stop in and discover it right now. You may recognize the name from the famous deli, but this is the restaurant version of that, with so many delicious delicacies that you won't know what to choose. We'd recommend trying the New Mexico grilled chicken sandwich, which has so much flavor packed into such a compact package. The Reubens are also quite amazing, and very indulgent too. No matter what sandwich you get, we recommend pairing it with some soup. Perhaps the cream of mushroom soup. It's exquisite. And you'll also want to get some sweet potato fries to set the whole meal off too. Sure, they're the trend of the moment. But they're also mouth wateringly good. You'll be able to find the one and only Zingerman's Roadhouse at 2501 Jackson Ave in nearby Ann Arbor. Don't skip this one!

♦ Zingerman's Delicatessen ♦
Speaking of Zingerman's Delicatessen, we couldn't leave it off this list! We've been coming to Zingerman's for so many years now, and we cannot imagine Ann Arbor without it. Their incredible sandwiches are what they are known for, with those high quality lunch meats and plenty of different baked goods to choose from. They've got incredible premium oils and chocolates here too, which make really superb grocery items and can easily double as last minute gifts for your foodie friends! The sandwich that we consider to be the ultimate essential is Randy's Routine Sandwich, and if you ask any of the regulars you'll find that it's their favorite too. It's got smoked white fish salad and scallion cream cheese on delectable pumpernickel bread. We'd also recommend the pastrami, and the pickles cannot be skipped. No matter what! You'll be able to find Zingerman's Delicatessen at 422 Detroit St! Very highly recommended! It would be a crime to skip it!

♦ Arbor Brewing Company ♦

The Arbor Brewing Company is one of the most oft-recommended breweries in all of Ann Arbor and in all of Michigan in fact! There's no question why! There are so many brews available here, and many of them are house made, so you are getting a really authentic and exciting experience when you walk through those doors. They really put a lot of care and attention into everything they do here. There are lots of events that are held here too, so if you're looking for something to do on any typical Saturday night, you might want to call them up or check their schedule. There's free shuffleboard here for your enjoyment here, and even darts, and the only downside to them being free is that it can be a little bit hard to get in! The brewskis are the main event here as far as we are concerned, and the food is good but nothing to write home about. You'll be able to find Arbor Brewing Company at 114 E Washington St in nearby Ann Arbor.

♦ Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales ♦
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales is a real draw here in the Ann Arbor area! We've been fans of this place for quite some time. The Belgian beers are the star of this show, and we tend to opt for those just about every time that we come in. The food is just as much a main event as the beer is though, and we have enjoyed their hommous sandwiches many times, especially with a generous portion of eggplant smeared in there along with the chickpeas. They've got a strawberry balsamic martini that they are known for, and though most breweries aren't known for their cocktails, trust us when we say that this one's worth a try. As a matter of fact, we have ordered these quite a few times ourselves! The prices are nice and low, the service is super high quality, and the ambiance is wonderful too. We recommend the smaller dining room if you're trying to have a romantic date, and the front bar if you'd like a more raucous good time! You'll be able to find Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales at 311 S Main St in Ann Arbor.

♦ Seva Restaurant ♦
Seva Restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant, which is such good news for those who can't or don't wish to enjoy all the meat entrees that make up the menu at most traditional restaurants! Ann Arbor is one of those rare places where a vegetarian restaurant isn't at all out of place, but this is still a real standout as far as we are concerned. Their tempeh sandwiches are one of our favorite items, and the pesto pizza sandwich is another knockout item. The portabello mushroom burger is noteworthy too, and we'd highly recommend the sweet potato fries no matter what you're ordering as your main dish! If you're a lover of a good quiche, be sure to try theirs! It comes with delectable feta cheese and flavorful artichokes. They've got delicious desserts and alcoholic beverages too, so no matter how you choose to finish off your meal, you can do it in style. You'll be able to find the very unique Seva Restaurant at 314 E Liberty St. Very highly recommended whether you're a vegetarian or not!

♦ Grizzly Peak Brewing Co♦
Grizzly Peak Brewing Co is a really great brewery with a rustic atmosphere that everybody we know just loves. Our customers have requested this as a destination time after time when they're traveling to the Ann Arbor area, and they always leave happy and satisfied. Their steak sandwiches are one of our favorite things on the menu, and the cheddar ale soup is just too good to be true. You'll want to take an industrial sized bucket of it home with you! It's that good. We also really love the sweet potato fries, and the patty melts are so delicious too. In terms of the beers, they've got a wide array for you to choose from, but what you might not expect is the house made root beer! Really good and a very nice surprise. For dessert, don't skip the brownies and ice cream. Wow. Just the perfect finish to an already amazing meal and drinks! Find Grizzly Peak Brewing Co at 120 W Washington St in Ann Arbor!

♦ Ashley's Pub ♦
We're mentioning Ashley's Pub last, but in truth if we were putting these establishments in order, it would come out on top! Ashley's is an absolute essential as far as we are concerned, both this location in Ann Arbor and their other one in Westland. They've got a world beer tour that is both a delectable trip and a prize-laden journey, and now they are launching a whisky tour as well with plenty of prizes too! We would highly recommend expanding your horizons by trying either one, or both, of those! They've got a booklet of beers that you can flip through to decide what you want to try next, and the waitstaff is incredibly knowledgeable about all their Belgians, IPAs, and all the other goodies that they offer! They really know their stuff. As far as the food goes, we recommend the mussels, the lobster when it's available, and the shrimp and sirloin. The pizza is also incredibly good! Definitely not the usual pizza that you're used to. You'll be able to find Ashley's Pub at 338 S State St in Ann Arbor!

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