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Barnes Lake-Millers Lake, Michigan

is located in the general area of Columbiaville (48421), Lapeer (48446), North Branch (48461), and Davison (48423). When you're in the area for some sun and fun, or maybe for a little holiday treat, you can certainly rely on the restaurants and bars below for delicious food and drinks, and a great time!

♦ Italian Village Market & Pizza Shop ♦
Italian Village Market & Pizza Shop is probably the quickest and most convenient way to grab a slice when you're in the Barnes Lake and Millers Lake area! It's found nearby in Columbiaville, and you will find all the pizza and beer here that you could ever want! We recommend the Chicago style pizza though it's really more of a stuffed calzone type of pizza than anything Chicago style! The regular pizza is ok, but the Chicago style is top notch. They've got a wide variety of beer here, and the prices are nice and low too. There are plenty of gift items to choose from here too, especially during the Christmas holidays. You can find Italian Village Market & Pizza at 4794 Lapeer Rd in nearby Columbiaville.

♦ Bob & Jodie's Restaurant ♦
Bob & Jodie's Restaurant is one of the greatest places to grab some great home cooked food in this area, and it's just as good for families as it is for groups of friends traveling with Limo Detroit. It's very cozy inside, sparkling clean and nicely decorated, and the staff is always so friendly no matter what time of day we stop in. There's nothing fancy about this place, it's just one of those cozy little diner-style restaurants that keeps the focus on the food where it should be! Great breakfasts, lunches, and dinners here any day of the week! You will be able to find Bob & Jodie's Restaurant at 5836 N Lapeer Rd in nearby North Branch.

♦ Oliver's Pizza & Subs ♦
Oliver's Pizza & Subs is another one of those classic pizza joints that are just so good that we couldn't bear to leave it off this list! Nothing fancy, just a tiny takeout place that has some of the very best pizzas and submarine sandwiches in town! The people who work here put in plenty of effort to make sure that their food is the best and that you feel welcome when you walk in. One thing is for sure, you can get a really hearty meal here on the cheap! Their sandwiches are so big and filling, and the pizzas are indulgent and delicious. You will be able to find Oliver's Pizza & Subs at 3528 N Lapeer Rd in nearby Lapeer.

♦ Chumley's Pizza ♦
Chumley's Pizza is another great place to grab a slice in this area! This is the kind of good old fashioned pizza that nobody can resist, and if you're over all the gourmet pizza places and just want a good sizzling slice of the old fashioned kind, maybe with pepperoni or something classic like mushrooms, then Chumley's Pizza is definitely for you! In addition to great food, the people who run this place definitely make a difference too. They are so incredibly friendly and so quick to help you decide on good toppings if you can't make up your mind! They're always offering good deals too, to help you save some money. You will be able to find this wonderful pizzeria at 5832 N Lapeer Rd in nearby North Branch.

♦ Lake Inn ♦
Lake Inn is by far the best bar in the Barnes Lake-Miller Lake area! It's casual and relaxed, and they have a large menu of favorites that are sure to satisfy everyone in your party. The fish and chips are a favorite of ours, and the french dip sandwich is also very nice. A real classic. They've got tons of televisions so you can catch the game, and when there is a big game going on, it can get pretty loud and boisterous here! On a normal night it's mellow and quiet though. There's a great view of the lake making this quite nice for dates or intimate conversation. You will be able to find Lake Inn at 3711 Hunt Rd in nearby Lapeer.

♦ Fat Boy's Bar & Grill ♦

The Fat Boy's Bar & Grill is a bit of a biker bar, and a favorite place to grab a beer for many of the locals. It's not much of a sports bar, so if you're looking to catch the game youll find yourself hanging out in one of the back corners trying to stay in view of the set. If you're looking for games though, they've got you covered. Pool tables, darts, Golden Tee (albeit an older model), and even pinball for a little retro fun. Shuffleboard too! The hamburgers are quite delicious here, and the drink prices are unbelievably low. They've got a jukebox and occasional live music, and the place gets pretty busy on Friday and Saturday nights! You will be able to find Fat Boy's Bar & Grill at 10 E Nepessing St in nearby Lapeer!

♦ Madden's Lounge ♦
Madden's Lounge is a family owned bar that has been a part of this area's landscape for decades. We can't imagine the area without it, and you shouldn't imagine visiting the area without stopping in for a quick bite and a drink! Their hamburgers are really delicious, and they have amazing cheese fries that will really knock your socks off. If you're looking for something to do, they've got a pool table, Golden Tee, Michigan Lottery's Club Keno, and more. We appreciate the friendliness of the staff, and though this is nothing more than a cozy little neighborhood bar, what else would you want it to be? It's perfect. You will be able to find Madden's Lounge at 809 N State Rd in nearby Davison.

♦ Whitey's Restaurant & Takeout ♦
Whitey's Restaurant & Takeout is one of our favorite spots to dine in nearby Davison. Many locals have raved about the seafood here, saying that it's the best around, and we agree! They have run with that theme, decorating the establishment with all kinds of nautical gear, and though that can be a little over the top at some restaurants, it's very nice here. Our favorite thing to order here is the cod, and it pairs so perfectly with their fresh cole slaw! So good. Whether you like your fish battered or au naturel, you can be sure that they'll prepare it flawlessly and that the flavor will be out of this world. You will be able to find the legendary Whitey's at 109 N State Rd in nearby Davison.

♦ E G Nick's Restaurant & Tavern♦
E G Nick's Restaurant & Tavern is one of the nicer restaurants in this area, and when you are craving some really fantastic pasta, this is the one and only place to go. Their black tie pasta is mouth wateringly good, and the spaghetti with meatballs is really noteworthy, with tons of sautéed mushrooms and melted mozzarella. If you'd like a chicken dish instead, we would very highly recommend their skewered lemon chicken! It's really fantastic! The bar area in the back is especially cozy, and it's a great place to catch the game too. Their takeout is just as good as the dine-in meals, and the prices are surprisingly moderate for being one of the better restaurants in the area. You will be able to find E G Nick's Restaurant & Tavern at 825 S Main St in nearby Lapeer.

♦ Blind Fish ♦
Calling all lovers of fish and chips! Blind Fish is the only name you need to know. They after best known for their seafood and fish dishes, but they also make a really mean filet mignon, and their breadsticks are absolutely craveworthy. Especially if you top them with the whipped butter. Delish! Most dishes that they served come with a generous amount of cream sauce, so of you are trying to eat light or can't handle heavy sauces, we do recommend that you order the sauce on the side. Having said that, we are lovers of rich sauce, and we like the fact that they pour it on thick! You will be able to find Blind Fish at 700 S Main St in nearby Lapeer.

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