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Bankers, Michigan

is found within Hillsdale County, while it's true you will be hard pressed to find many places to eat in Bankers itself, you will find plenty that you can rely on in nearby Hillsdale. Here are our top favorites in the Hillsdale zip code of 48242. Next time you are riding with us we will be happy to drop you at any of these places.

♦ Coffee Cup Diner ♦
Coffee Cup Diner an absolute local legend located within the Bankers and Hillsdale area. One of the very best things on the menu is simply called "The Mess," and it consists of a large serving of delicious hash browns covered with sausage gravy, ham, peppers, and grilled onions. If that doesn't make your mouth water then we don't know what will! Surprisingly where they truely shine is which their Thai specialties here, which might seem out of place until you realize that the owner is from Bangkok! It's truly homemade, and the curry flavors are absolutely amazing. You definitely won't regret giving the Thai food a try! The only downside to dining here is that they do no accept credit cards, but the food is so good that we think it's absolutely worth a quick stop at the ATM. You'll find Coffee Cup Diner at 73 N Broad St in the heart of Hillsdale.

♦ Hillside Lanes ♦
Hillside Lanes is a fun place to bowl with your friends and also enjoy some really delicious food in their attached restaurant! They've got really tasty pizzas that are surprisingly well made for being in a bowling alley, and we're also big fans of their delicious juicy hamburgers, their perfectly cooked onion rings, and of course their ice cold beers that are such an essential whenever you go bowling! Enough said. But if you want some pointers to the specific goodies on the menu, we'd definitely point you to the Barbecue Chicken Pizza (so zesty!) and the Colossal Onion Rings (huge and mouth wateringly good!). No matter what you get here, the prices are super low, so you can afford to treat your group or team if you like! Plan your next family trip to Hillside Lanes at 400 W Carleton Rd in nearby Hillsdale, and we consider this an essential whenever we're in the area. We think that you will too.

♦ The Palace Cafe ♦
Craving an amazing breakfast in Hillsdale? Try The Palace Cafe. We're not sure what this place used to be back in the day, but it feels very much like an old fashioned candy shop to us, or maybe even an old diner, or an ice cream shop! You will really feel as if you've stepped back in time when you come here, and that makes it super fun for the kids in your party too, if there are any. They've got lots of breakfast favorites here, and our favorite is always the country breakfast, which consists of a couple of eggs, delicious hashbrowns, biscuits and gravy, and an orange juice. Note that the size of the juice glasses are pretty retro, which means that if you want today's sizes you're going to want to order the large. You may pay a little more but you also get better quality here than you do other breakfast joints around here, but we think it's worth it. You'll be able to find The Palace Cafe at 38 N Howell St in nearby Hillsdale.

♦ El Cerrito ♦
Great Mexican food is only a short drive away at El Cerrito Restaurant in nearby Hillsdale! The prices are unbelievably low here, and yet incredibly high quality food offerings! It's a tough question but our go to is hands down the tamales, and we are not normally tamale lovers. But they're just so good here. It's difficult to find tamales this good. They've got chiles poblano that will really make your mouth water too, and how about their amazing cheese steak? Not something that you'd usually order at a Mexican restaurant, however it truely is worth an order it's fantastic. Everybody recommends it highly, not just us! Truly delish carne asada too. The only real downside to this place is that they do not serve alcohol, so when you find yourself craving a juicy margarita with your burritos, you won't be able to get one. Still, that doesn't stop it from being a must try restaurant. Check out the glory that is El Cerrito at 252 W Carleton Rd in nearby Hillsdale.

♦ Oakley ♦
Oakley, located on Hillsdale St in nearby Hillsdale, is a real favorite amongst lovers of sandwiches! Many in the area have said that these are the best sandwiches they have had at any restaurant, and we would ver very inclined to agree. They bake the bread fresh on the premises, and we think that's the factor that makes the biggest difference. Submarine sandwich lovers rejoice, you can really get a crazy good one right here! Our customers go wild over it, and ask to go back time and time again whenever they've got business or other events in the area. We highly recommend that you give this spot a try if you're in town during lunch hours, and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the prices here too! They also accept credit cards. You'll be able to find Oakley at 78 Hillsdale St in nearby Hillsdale. Very highly recommended.

♦ Great Wall Restaurant ♦

The Great Wall Restaurant is one of the most beloved Chinese restaurants in the area, and they really have one of the cleanest interiors that we have ever seen in any local restaurant. They clearly put in a lot of effort into keeping the place sparkling. We're big fans of their fried shrimp, and they've got a barbecued beef strips appetizer that is really delish too. The portions are quite enormous here, so you'll definitely have plenty of leftovers, and one of the bigger benefits is that they also offer delivery! That might not be a factor if you are heading there with our luxury transportation service, but then again you may want delivery at one of your destinations while you're in the area with us. In any case, you're sure to enjoy a wonderful meal if you choose this location. You will be sure to find Great Wall Restaurant at 126 N Broad St in nearby Hillsdale. Don't miss it.

♦ The Hunt Club of Hillsdale ♦
The Hunt Club of Hillsdale has often been compared to the beloved bar on that iconic television show, Cheers, and after many visits here over the years, we are very highly inclined to agree. We're not quite what you'd call regulars because we're not in the area often enough for pleasure, but when we are, we feel right at home here. Without a doubt these are the top hamburgers in town, and really great dinner entrees which will bring a smile to your face. The spinach salad is a particular favorite of ours, piled high with juicy chicken breast and yummy cherries. The beers are always icy cold, and they've always got a great selection of our favorite domestics on tap. The place feels a little bit upscale but yet you feel pretty comfortable coming in wearing whatever you've got on. Everybody looks good but never overdressed, so it's very relaxed atmosphere. Be sure to try the one and only Hunt Club of Hillsdale at 24 N Howell St in nearby Hillsdale.

♦ Cottage Inn Pizza ♦
Cottage Inn Pizza is considered one of the best loved pizzerias in all of Michigan, and there's a reason that everybody loves this place so much! Their deep dish pizza is so unique when compared to other placed it's not quite Detroit style nor is it Chicago style and if you order their specialty barbecue chicken deep dish pizza, you will really fall in love with that flavor. It's delectable. There's adequate space for dining in, but it's not really the kind of ambiance that we are into, so we tend to get carryout or delivery depending on where we are in the area and what we're up to. For anyone in your group who doesn't want pizza, they've also got some really wonderful subs that people overlook far too often! You've got to give those a try next time you're there. You'll really love Cottage Inn Pizza, found at 182 W Carleton Rd in nearby Hillsdale.

♦ Ray's Tavern♦
Ray's Tavern is an absolute essential in the nearby city of Reading, and part of the reason that people regard it so highly is for their amazing hamburgers! They're so juicy, so generously sized, and always so flavorful and good. As a matter of fact, it's the cheeseburgers that are really the best here. The rich cheese really sets off the flavor of the high quality meat and just takes it to another level compared to most bar burgers! There's a reason that this place has been in business for at least three decades that we're aware of! And that dedication to high quality is definitely that reason. They've also got great waffle fries and deep fried veggies here, and you can wash it all down with a few ice cold beers on tap. Now that's what we're talkin' about. Be sure to keep an eye out for Ray's Tavern at 114 S Main St in nearby Reading!

♦ Pizza Hut ♦
Pizza Hut is one of the few chain restaurants that we won't hesitate to recommend in the Hillsdale area, because they're always so friendly at this location, and the pizza is just a cut above the rest! Or shall we say a slice above the rest! Corny puns aside, this really a nice place to seek out when you need really fast service and a very nice dine-in pizza experience. They've always got specialty pizzas, often changing with the seasons, and they've got plenty of deals if you check the local papers or their website for coupons. The prices are already so affordable, but they really become obscenely low when you bring in some coupons with you! Order right from the app and pick up at this Pizza Hut location at 508 W Carleton Rd in nearby Hillsdale. Don't miss them!

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