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Azalia, Michigan

is located within Monroe County, and is covered by the zip code of 48110 though that is only for post office box service. Since this is an unincorporated area, you won't find many bars and restaurants within it, but you will find some good ones in the adjacent cities of Milan (48160) and Dundee (48131). Here are ten of our personal faves, in no particular order:

♦ Milan Grill ♦
Milan Grill is a favorite amongst so many people in the Azalia area, and it's only a short drive away. Though it's only open until 9:00 PM most nights of the week, they are open a little bit later on Fridays and Saturdays, until midnight. There's a full bar here, so you'll be able to kick back with your friends and relax with some good beer, and you can also get plenty of delicious food here as well! The item that they are best known for, and the one that we find ourselves ordering time and time again, is their crab balls. You won't find any better than this without going to New Orleans, and you'll be shocked at how much crab meat they have stuffed into these things! They also have a lot of great vegetarian options for you here, and we're really hooked on their delicious sweet potato fries. If you want to check out Milan Grill next time you're in the area, you can find it at 39 E Main St in nearby Milan! Very highly recommended.

♦ La Fiesta ♦
La Fiesta is such a great place to get some delicious and fresh Mexican food in nearby Dundee. They've got some of the best chips and salsa that we have ever tasted, just packed with flavor and so delicious. They have fantastic enchiladas here, and chimichangas that will make your mouth water. The guacamole is freshly prepared and unbelievably good too. They've got such a wide array of entrees to choose from here, and all of our friends have vouched for the fact that everything is good. We could vouch for it too if we weren't so stuck on the enchiladas and chimichangas! We keep ordering them every time! They've also got amazing fried ice cream for dessert that will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth and provide the perfect sweet note at the end of an already amazing meal. You'll be able to find La Fiesta at 102 Tecumseh St in nearby Dundee.

♦ Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers ♦
Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers is an especially beloved barbecue spot in nearby Milan, and no matter how my times we come into this area, we find ourselves going back there time after time. Our customers often request this as one of their destinations too. The pulled pork is the thing that we are most addicted to, especially since they pile the sandwich high with delicious cole slaw! That's one of our favorite combinations ever. They've also got wonderful hamburgers, which is hinted at by the fact that "hamburgers" is in the name of the restaurant! Most barbecue joints aren't known for their burgers, but this one certainly is. They've got fantastic steak fries as well. Right now Slow's BBQ is all the rage in downtown Detroit, but we believe that Roy's has a leg up on them! Yes, that's right, we said it! Now go and find our for yourself if you haven't already. You will be able to find the one and only Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers at 25 Wabash St in nearby Milan. Don't miss it!

♦ Wilderness Sports Bar and Grille ♦
If you are seeking a great sports bar in the Azalia and Dundee area, then make sure to check out Wilderness Sports Bar and Grille on Cabelas Boulevard. That's right, it's conveniently right by Cabela's! If you're already going there, you might as well stop in for a drink, right? And enjoy some of their tasty grub too. The all you can eat fish is definitely a treat, perfectly breaded, and a unique combination of walleye, cod, and perch instead of just one of the three. The steaks are really excellent, as is the chicken, and they've also got some wonderful hamburgers and pizza! All your standard bar fare, but a bit higher quality, and with a few surprises that you might not expect. Great service too! And the beer is always frosty cold just like it should be. You will be able to find the greatness that is Wilderness Sports Bar and Grille at 107 Cabelas Blvd in nearby Dundee!

♦ River's Edge Pizza Pub & Grille ♦
Craving some delicious pizza and an ice cold beer? How does River's Edge Pizza Pub & Grille sound to you? It's definitely one of our favorites in the area. We love the pizzas here because they've got a delicately sweet sauce that is very unique compared to all the others that we have tried. Many have said this is the best pizza in all of Monroe County, and though that's a tough call to make, we'd say it's up there with the top five for sure! There's not a lot of room in this establishment, just a dozen tables or so, but it's big enough for most of the daily crowds and we've never faced a long wait. If you're not in the mood for pizza, try the hamburgers! They are always fresh, juicy, and delicious. You'll be able to find River's Edge Pizza Pub & Grille at 135 Riley St in nearby Dundee!

♦ Scott's Stop ♦

The Scott's Stop is one of our favorite places to go for breakfast in this area. They've always got the freshest and most delicious egg specialties, from omelets to fried eggs and everything in between. The french toast is delicious and we can't get enough of their pancakes and waffles either! Everything is super fresh here, and made from the highest quality ingredients, and needless to say that makes all the difference. The only downside to this restaurant is that they close every day at 3:00 PM, and after that point the facility is used for catering and banquets. However, you may be able to make use of those services when you are in the area with Limo Detroit! They've got seating for up to 75 people, so if you're having a small to mid-sized event, you just may want to consider this cozy spot. You can find Scott's Stop at 388 E Monroe St in nearby Dundee.

♦ Tiffany's Pizza ♦
Tiffany's Pizza is a real classic in Dundee, and we can't imagine this area without it! Our favorite thing from this pizzeria has always been the chicken bacon ranch pizza, and we can't see ourselves wavering from that anytime soon! They've always got the pizzas ready on the double, but if you're in a big rush you can call in ahead of time and have it ready right when you get there. Of course it's also nice for carryout, for dining in the limo, but if you dine in you will be able to take advantage of their superbly fresh salad bar too! We've always enjoyed that. The pizza sauce here is a little bit sweeter than some people prefer, but we find it delicious. If you like it sweet, you'll love it too. Always good service and very clean surroundings. You'll be able to find Tiffany's Pizza at 102 Park Pl in nearby Dundee.

♦ China One ♦
China One is located in nearby Milan, and we have found ourselves recommending it to people so many times over the years. This is one of the best Chinese food carryout restaurants around, and that's especially convenient when you are traveling in the area with Limo Detroit. Pick up a few pints or quarts of your favorite items, and dig into all those classic favorites with your group of friends. The General Tso's Chicken is probably our favorite dish here, and we consider the Crab Rangoon a really delicious appetizer or dessert depending on our mood! This is one of the best places to go for crab rangoon in all of Michigan as far as we are concerned. You'll be able to find this beloved Chinese restaurant at 29 E Main St in nearby Milan. Don't miss it!

♦ Big Boy Restaurant ♦
Big Boy Restaurants are always a great choice here in Michigan no matter what location you're talking about, but we are particularly big fans of this one in nearby Milan. The quality of the food and service is just a notch above the rest, and no matter when we have come in, we have always found ourselves being treated to a very pleasant time. The salad bar is always super fresh, and sometimes we opt for that on its own, and other times we get it in addition to our main dish. They've got a wide array of delicious desserts here too, and sometimes it's fun to come in just for that! Nothing like some freshly made pie for a midnight snack, right? It's true that the menu has been cut down a bit in recent years along with the changes in the economy, but they've kept all the classic favorites and just scaled back on the unnecessary extras, so you won't hear any complaints from us. Always a great choice when you're in Milan, located at 1000 Dexter St!

♦ Gabe's Place Coney Island ♦
Gabe's Place Coney Island is a great choice for breakfast any day of the week! It's true that the service can be a bit hit or miss and they always seem to have new waitresses every time we come in, but the food has always been top notch with unwavering quality and wonderful flavor. The omelets are our favorite thing, followed by the pancakes, and we also enjoy the coneys and the salads for lunch! It's a cool spot to sit down and reconnect with old friends and make plans for the rest of the day, so you might find it a nice spot to begin your day in the Monroe County area with Limo Detroit. Sit, talk, make plans, and enjoy some wonderful food and coffee while you do so. We've always had a great time here and we're certain that you will too. You'll be able to find Gabe's Place Coney Island at 119 Waterstradt Commerce Dr in nearby Dundee.

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