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Avoca, Michigan

is an area located in St Clair County. There aren't many places to dine and drink in the immediate area, but these are our top picks located within the nearby zip codes of 48027, 48022, 48097, 48060, 48059, and 48094, which belong to Wales, Emmett, Brockway, Port Huron, Fort Gratiot, and Washington, respectively.

♦ Club 21 ♦
Club 21 is one of the hot spots in the Avoca area when it comes to nightclubs and bars. It's nothing fancy, but just a basic great little bar, with some of the tastiest hamburgers in town, the most ice cold beers, and even Club Keno to keep you entertained! Plus if your lucky you'll win a few bucks to cover those burgers and beers! We also enjoy coming in on Fridays for their irresistible fish fry! We can never get enough, and thankfully for us, it's all you can eat! The people who work here always have a smile on their faces, and they're always so welcoming and forthcoming with good service. You will be able to find Club 21 at 8385 Lapeer Rd in nearby Wales. Very highly recommended!

♦ Emmett's Main Street Diner ♦
Emmett's Main Street Diner is one of the best places in town to get a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's not located within Avoca itself, rather in nearby Emmett, but it's within driving distance and definitely worth a couple of minutes in the car, or in the limo with Limo Detroit! Their eggs are some of the best we have ever tasted, and their coffee is just superb. They have plenty of healthy and hearty choices for lunch and dinner, and no matter what you choose, the price is right. Everything is super affordable, making this one of the best choices in the area! You will be able to find Emmett's Main St Diner at 3143 Main St in nearby Emmett.

♦ Countryside Party Store ♦
Countryside Party Store is not the kind of place that you'd expect to see on this list of bars and restaurants, but when you find yourself in this area and you're hungry for a tasty and affordable lunch, you can definitely find one here. They've got pizza, subs, plenty of snacks, and all the drinks you could ever want! Their shelves are stocked full of so many different goodies, and since the prices are so affordable, you can put together an entire picnic lunch (or may we suggest a limousine lunch!) without having to spend too much money. If that sounds good to you, then check out Countryside Party Store at 10736 Metcalf Rd in nearby Brockway.

♦ Roche Bar ♦
Roche Bar is another one of our favorite bars in the area, this time located in nearby Port Huron. Many have called Roche Bar the very best dive bar in town, and we would be very inclined to agree! We love the live music here, and the fact that anybody can get up there and entertain is definitely a plus. The crowds that gather here are always happy and friendly. Never witnessed a fight here in all the years that we've been visiting! They've got two buck shot specials here that will really help you get a good buzz going without blowing all your money on booze! You will be able to find the one and only Roche Bar at 405 Quay St in nearby Port Huron.

♦ Brass Rail Bar ♦
Brass Rail Bar is one of the most classic bars in the nearby city of Port Huron. A real institution as far as most of the locals are concerned! This is not the place to find your fancy microbrews or craft brews, but you can certainly find Guinness in bottles, and all your favorite domestics on tap. Everything here screams vintage, from the old fashioned booths to the classically styled bar. During the holidays they really go all out with the decorations, and we definitely appreciate that. Such a warm and friendly place to hang out with good friends at any time of year. You will be able to find Brass Rail Bar at 410 Huron Ave in nearby Port Huron! Very highly recommended.

♦ Buffalo Wild Wings ♦

The Buffalo Wild Wings is one of our top choices for hanging out with our friends, and that's why we recommend it so highly to our customers too. If you've got to have your sports, you will be very happy to know that they've got a total of 25 flat screens for your enjoyment. They've got trivia and plenty of arcade games, plus a great outdoor area for you to enjoy when the weather is accommodating. All of the recent upgrades to this location have really turned it into one of the more exciting destinations in the area. When you are seeking a great place to chill with your buddies or just a great spot for some wings and drinks, consider this Buffalo Wild Wings location at 4355 24th Ave in nearby Fort Gratiot.

♦ Palms Krystal Bar & Restaurant ♦
Palms Krystal Bar & Restaurant is a classic choice for all your greasy diner favorites anytime you are in the Avoca and Port Huron area. Their chicken is just out of this world, and the fries? Oh they are heavenly. We've had fries all over Michigan and no other restaurant even comes close to these. If you love fried fish and coconut shrimp, you'll really fall in love with those here. Of course it's not just the food that has us hooked on this place. We love the old fashioned ambiance, and there's plenty of things to do including Club Keno by the Michigan Lottery, televisions to watch the game, and even a bar. You will be able to find Palms Krystal Bar & Restaurant at 1535 Pine Grove Ave in nearby Port Huron.

♦ Santino's ♦
We have always enjoyed Santino's because of its split personality if you will—on one end it's a sports bar and on the other it's a nightclub! Gotta love that. In the evenings it's a great place to listen to the dj spin some good songs, get your groove on on the dance floor, and enjoy some perfectly mixed (even if a bit too expensive) cocktails. If you're there to eat, you'll enjoy their menu of delicious delights including hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, and more. All your favorite bar fare but just a notch higher when it comes to quality. We love coming here in the summer when they open their massive windows to let the breeze and the sunshine in! You will be able to find Santino's at 59259 Van Dyke Rd in nearby Washington.

♦ The Alley Room♦
The Alley Room is one of the greatest bars in the area, and though you'll pay a bit more for your drinks here than you will in most other bars in Port Huron, we believe it's completely worth it. They have such a great mellow atmosphere here, with the dark decor and quiet surroundings. The menu is definitely more geared towards adults than the other bars around here, with an impressive cheese plate that we haven't been able to resist on any of our recent visits. They've also got a new addition—live music on Thursdays, which is a nice lively touch. We would highly recommend this bar to you anytime you are in the area! You will find it at 409 Quay St in nearby Port Huron.

♦ The Vintage Tavern ♦
Yet another amazing bar in the Avoca and Port Huron area is The Vintage Tavern. They've got a great selection of wine that will please even the most jaded sommelier, and a huge beer selection for those that aren't so big on wine! For a starter before your meal, you can't go wrong with their famous dill pickle soup. Their build your own salad option is very cool whether you're trying to eat light or go completely indulgent. And they've got wonderful filet mignon and grilled salmon too. Try the beef tenderloins too! No matter what you order here, you'll be treated to that vintage quality that is all too hard to find in the present day. You will be able to find The Vintage Tavern at 103 Michigan St in nearby Port Huron.

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