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Austin, Michigan

is located in Hillsdale County. If your travels with Limo Detroit bring you to Austin, you'll note that your restaurant and bar choices are pretty limited. However, we've put together a list of favorites that you can rely on whenever you find yourself in this area! These are all found within the following nearby cities and zip codes: Reading (49274), Camden (49232), Osseo (49266), and Hillsdale (49242).

♦ Ray's Tavern ♦
Ray's Tavern in nearby Reading has been called legendary, and if you've ever visited this cozy restaurant and bar then you know there's no reason to question why! The hamburgers (actually their cheeseburgers!) are what they are best known for, and you can bet anything that these are the juiciest and most delicious burgers in the entire area of Hillsdale County! They've been around for at least three decades that we are aware of, and maybe even longer than that! They've got great appetizer baskets of deep fried veggies that always get your appetite revving for those burgers, and really delicious waffle fries in addition to that! Pair your food with a frosty cold beer and you are good to go, my friend! Shuffleboard too so you won't be bored. You can find Ray's Tavern at 114 S Main St in nearby Reading!

♦ The Clubhouse ♦
The Clubhouse is known for their old fashioned country style dinners, and it is an absolute classic in nearby Camden. We can't imagine stopping into this area without making it a point to have dinner at The Clubhouse! The staff is so friendly, and in the really welcoming old fashioned way, not in the "trying to get a bigger tip" way. It's so refreshing to experience true high quality service. The ambiance is also really comfortable and homey, and always very clean. They've even got a full bar here, so you can enjoy your choice of beers, wines, and spirits before or after your meal. If you're there with friends to enjoy some good conversation and drinks, you will certainly enjoy yourself! You can find The Clubhouse at 113 S Main St in nearby Camden. Highly recommended.

♦ Reading Pizza Barn ♦

The Reading Pizza Barn is another true classic in nearby Reading. It's just a short drive away, and definitely worth a try next time you are in the Austin area. Of course the pizza is what they're known for, with all their high quality toppings and the perfectly crisp crust, but we also recommend that you give the pizza subs a try. They're so hot and delicious, and really packed with all the same high quality ingredients that they put on their pizzas. They've also got plenty of other subs to choose from, and when the weather is hot this is the place you can rely on for some icy cold ice cream treats to cool you off! There isn't much space for dining in, but just enough for those times when you'd like to. We've always had a nice time here when we've decided to dine in. You can find Reading Pizza Barn at 222 S Main St in nearby Reading. Don't miss it.

♦ Mel's Diner ♦
Mel's Diner is a cozy little spot that you can rely on for all your classic diner style favorites! If a hot homemade country style meal is what's on your mind, then you'll do very well to stop in and see what the daily special is! The staff is always welcoming, and happy to help you choose something good from the menu...but take it from us, everything is good! You could close your eyes and point to a random item on the menu and you'd be completely satisfied with whatever you got! Trust us. We've been here so many times and have tried just about every single item on the menu, and we have never had anything but a totally relaxing and pleasant dining experience. If you'd like to visit Mel's Diner when you're in nearby Osseo, just head over to 4127 Hudson Rd. You'll be glad you did!

♦ Hunt Club of Hillsdale ♦
Hunt Club of Hillsdale is a true classic, and though it's a little bit more of a drive from Austin than the other establishments on this list, it is definitely worth it! Many have compared it to Cheers, and we'd say that's very accurate. If you are moving to the area, you'll soon find yourself a regular, because this is the one place you will always want to go when you find yourself craving a frosty cold beer and some good company. It's relaxed yet nice, so you can walk in and enjoy yourself without feeling that you have to be too dressy, and yet it's not so casual that it's in dive bar territory. Our favorite thing on the menu is the spinach salad with chicken breast and cherries, it's just mouth wateringly good and we find ourselves craving it all the time. You'll find Hunt Club of Hillsdale at 24 N Howell St in nearby Hillsdale. One of our highest recommendations!

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