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Augusta, Michigan

Charter Township is found within Washtenaw County, near the cities of Milan, Ypsilanti, Willis, and Belleville. When your travels with Limo Detroit bring you to this area, you'll need to know the very best places to drink and dine. These are our top picks in the zip codes of 48190, 48160, 48197, 48191, and 48111.

♦ Milan Grill ♦
Milan Grill is a particular favorite of ours in this area, due in large part to the fact that the staff from the owners down to the staff are the friendliest you will meet. They always welcome us with a smile and really make all the customers feel at home. They have some of the most delicious food around, including the best crab balls that we have ever tasted. They're really packed with tons of crab, which is in stark contrast to the usual crab cakes that you find at most restaurants which are mostly filler. There are a lot of vegetarian options here, including a vegetarian gyro that we have really enjoyed. Very nice ambiance, friendly staff, wonderful food. Enough said! Milan Grill can be found at 39 E Main St in nearby Milan.

♦ Great Wall ♦
Great Wall is one of the best known Chinese restaurants in the Ypsilanti area, and once you have tried it, you will understand why! They are known for their wonderful flavors, and for that old fashioned authenticity that really takes you back to the good old days. The pork fried rice is one of our personal favorites, and the happy family is also a really nice option since it comes with shrimp, beef, and chicken. They also have general tso's chicken that is a cut above the rest, really packed with delicious pepper flavor and just enough citrus flavor to balance out that intense heat. For some great Chinese food visit Great Wall restaurant at 2128 Whittaker Rd in nearby Ypsilanti.

♦ Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers ♦
Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers is a great spot to experience well made barbecued favorites! The pulled pork is the best we have ever tasted in the entire state, which is saying something because we've tried it just about everywhere. On the sandwich version of it, they pile it high with zesty coleslaw, their delicious spicy barbecue sauce, and of course a perfectly grilled bun to hold it all in! If you're not a fan of pulled pork, you'll certainly want to try their hamburgers. Pair either one with a hearty helping of chili cheese fries, or something "lighter" like normal fries! This should be your first thought for a really filling meal in a very pleasant atmosphere! You can find Roy's at 25 Wabash Rd in nearby Milan.

♦ Milan Coney Island ♦
What's a limo trip without a quick stop at a really good coney island? Milan Coney Island has always been a great place to go for hot dogs and gyros! The portions of food are absolutely enormous here, big enough to share, or to take leftovers home for another meal later on! Good stuff! The atmosphere is nice here because they keep the decor simple and the surroundings crystal clean, and the fact that the staff is so friendly and always in a good mood is definitely a big help too. This is a restaurant that is good for families and groups of friends alike, and a major plus when a large party is needed, as is the fact that they accept credit cards! You'll be able to find Milan Coney Island at 1152 Dexter St in nearby Milan.

♦ Bone Heads Bar-B-Que ♦
There's more than one great barbecue restaurant in this area, and Bone Heads Bar-B-Que is definitely one of them! They really serve you impressive portions here, and yet the prices are nice and low. The service is also incredibly friendly so you always feel at home no matter when you come in. The rib platter is one of our absolute go to orders here, and the BBQ salad is also a very nice choice! The pulled pork and pulled chicken are really great choices here. For the sides we love the macaroni and cheese and those delicious baked beans the most, and of course it's hard to turn down a large helping of their garlic mashed potatoes either! So much good stuff here. You'll be able to find Bone Heads at 10256 Willis Rd in nearby Willis.

♦ Red Rooster Pizzeria ♦

The Craving great pizza in the Augusta Township area? Look no further than Red Rooster Pizzeria in nearby Belleville! Their deep dish is so delicious, which is partly due to when you order bacon on your pizza they always put on full strips of it! Now that's what we're talking about! The calzones are really delicious as a change of place from a traditional pizza, and they are happy to accommodate any special requests that you may have. Very low prices and the ease of picking up a quick pizza when you're on the road with Limo Detroit makes this one of our top choices in the area! There isn't anyplace better to take care of those pizza cravings! You can find Red Rooster Pizza at 51390 Willis Rd in nearby Belleville! Very highly recommended.

♦ China One ♦
China One is one of the most often recommended restaurants in Milan, and there's no question why. Everything that they make here is so fresh and so good! The crab Rangoon is one of our top favorites here, so creamy and crispy and good! They've got all your favorite classics here too, including general tso's chicken, almond boneless chicken, moo goo gai pan, chop suey, chow mein, lo mein, and more! They've always got the food ready so quickly no matter when you call, so when you're in a big rush this is one of your best options for a really fast yet elegantly prepared lunch or dinner! You will be able to find China One at 29 E Main St in nearby Milan.

♦ Big Boy ♦
It's no question that Big Boy restaurants are a favorite among all of us who live in Michigan, and this location on Dexter Rd in Milan is no exception. The restaurant is kept immaculately clean, the food is always served piping hot, and the staff is super friendly. Our favorite things to order here include the classic Big Boy hamburger, the slim jim (with extra tomatoes!), and their wonderful soup and salad bar, either on it's own or alongside our main dish for just a couple of dollars extra. They've cut the menu back quite a bit in recent years, but your classic favorites are all still there, and they're just as good as they always were. You'll be able to find this Big Boys location at 1000 Dexter Rd in nearby Milan.

♦ Lighthouse Coffee Company♦
Lighthouse Coffee Company is beloved around there parts for their hot cup of joe and some wonderfully fresh baked goods! They really have some delicious cookies here, and if you've got kids with you on your Limo Detroit trip, they will definitely want a bunch of those. If you're coming in for lunch, you'll do very well to choose the turkey breast panini which comes piled high with a generous amount of sprouts and fresh cranberries. It's like a healthy thanksgiving sandwich! It is so good. Typically you will pay an arm and a leg for a good sandwich in this area, so you'll be really pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices here. Find Lighthouse Coffee Company at 9 W Main St in nearby Milan.

♦ Hungry Howie's ♦
Hungry Howie's is always a great choice for a carry out (or delivery) pizza when you are in this area. We have always been big fans of this company because they were one of the first to pioneer the flavored crust, and all these years later they still have the best tasting crust of any pizzeria chain that we know. It's true that some locations are better than others, but we can assure you that this one in Milan is fantastic. We highly recommend checking their website or even the local sales papers for coupons, because they have a constant flurry of great deals out there and unless money is no object for you, it's a shame not to take advantage of those special coupon prices! Head on down to this Hungry Howie's pizzeria location at 6 W Main St in our neighbor Milan.

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