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Attica, Michigan

can be found in Lapeer County, and if your travels bring you to that area, you'll find yourself enjoying restaurants and bars both in Attica itself and in nearby Imlay City. These are our top favorite choices within the zip codes of 48412 and 48444. We think you'll have a great time visiting any of these locations!

♦ Pizza Depot ♦
Pizza Depot is definitely one of the most popular local places, as well as one of our faves, to stop for a delicious piping hot pizza when we are in Attica! They've always had the freshest most delicious pizzas in town, and that's why we feel so comfortable recommending them to our customers when they ask us where to get a great pizza! They've got all your traditional old fashioned favorites here, including yummy bread, fresh salads, and much more. We have never been treated to anything less than a delectable meal here, and we're certain that you'll love it too. The low prices certainly don't hurt a bit, either! You can grab a bite at Pizza Dept right here in Attica at 43 S Lake Pleasant Rd.

♦ Idle Spur Market ♦
Idle Spur Market may not be a name that you'd expect to see on a list of bars and restaurants, but this convenience store has some of the best pizza that you will find in Attica, and you can definitely craft a pretty great lunch with the goodies that you'll find on their shelves and in their coolers! The Idle Spur staff are always helpful and friendly, and their "nice to see you" is a good reason to stop in too! The prices for everything are really low and affordable, and that means no matter how hungry you are, you'll be able to fill up without spending too much! You can find Idle Spur Market at 5010 Lum Rd right here in Attica.

♦ Lucky's Steakhouse ♦
Lucky's is a fantastic local steakhouse to eat in the Attica area, located in nearby Imlay City. It's considered by many to be one of the best places to get dinner. We love this place so much we'd even say its worth a trip. They're always quick to take you to a table, and the service is very fast too. We absolutely adore all the steaks on the menu, and when paired with a delicious baked potato and a salad, it's really a meal made in heaven! If you are a lover of prime rib, you'll be really thrilled with that too. Even the chicken and seafood is top notch. The best part is that they cook the steaks perfectly to order, which is unfortunately hard to find elsewhere lately! You will be able to find Lucky's Steakhouse at 2000 S Cedar St in nearby Imlay City.

♦ Tietz Restaurant ♦
Tietz Restaurant is a wonderful casual restaurant that's great for families and groups of friends. We are particularly big fans of their Sunday brunch which is served buffet style, but this is a fantastic place to dine any day of the week. They have a truly enormous menu of favorites to choose from, so no matter now many times you find yourself here, you will never grow tired of your choices. The prices are pretty affordable here, with the more basic chicken entrees costing less than ten dollars, and the higher priced options like surf and turf costing about $25. One of our favorite more affordable options is the barbecue chicken salad, so good! And the omelettes are amazing for breakfast. If you're hungry, stop by Tietz Restaurant at 430 E Carpac Rd in nearby Imlay City.

♦ Big Boy Restaurant ♦
Everybody loves a Big Boys restaurant, and the one in Imlay City is no exception. You just can't beat that fun and friendly ambiance, and they really have a superbly friendly staff at this location that really makes all the difference. The soup and salad bar is one of our favorite features, and you can really fill up since its unlimited. If you're trying to eat a little lighter we recommend just opting for the soup and salad bar on its own, or you can add it on to your meal for just a couple of bucks. We love their namesake burgers and their slim jims the best, but everything is good on that menu so you can take your pick! Stop in and grab a bite to eat at this Big Boy location over in Imlay City at 1949 South Cedar.

♦ Nacho's Taco House ♦

The Nacho's Taco House is such a great place to get some Mexican fare, beginning with their perfect salsa and chips, working your way through a delicious appetizer and entree, and if you saved room for it, a fabulous dessert! The portions are nothing short of humongous, and we could say the same of the menu too! Everything from tostadas to tacos, from burritos to enchiladas! So good! Our only complaint is that they don't offer any pork or chorizo. However, despite that, they really do have a wide array of options. The prices are a little bit more expensive than the other restaurants in town, but we say it's totally worth it. You will be able to find Nacho's Taco House at 100 N Main St in nearby Imlay City.

♦ Pizza Machine ♦
We love the name Pizza Machine. It seems so eighties to us! But this pizza is right here in the now, filling up the most ravenous appetites on a daily basis. The grinders are nothing short of fabulous, including a really irresistible ham and Swiss, and a really mouth wateringly good Italian! If you're like us and you really enjoy plenty of cheese and toppings on your pizza, then you will love the pizza here! They really do it right. The prices are what we'd call rock bottom, and that's just one more reason to consider this as your main pizzeria when you're in the Attica and Imlay City area! You'll be able to find Pizza Machine at 119 S Almont Ave in nearby Imlay City! Don't miss it!

♦ Hungry Howie's Pizza & Subs ♦
Hungry Howie's Pizza & Subs has always been one of our favorite places to get some good weekend grub. The pizzas are known for their flavored crust, and no matter which one you choose, they're always packed with flavor and so irresistibly good! They're always offering tons of special deals and coupons both on their website and in the local sales papers, so you can always get an amazing low price on your pizzas and subs, and fill up everybody in your party without having to break the bank! We strongly recommend checking their website beforehand because that's the quickest way to get a good deal, and you don't have to worry about your coupons expiring! You'll be able to finds Hungry Howie's at 583 S Cedar St in nearby Imlay City.

♦ Timmers Maryland Fried Chicken♦
Timmers Maryland Fried Chicken is without a doubt one of the best places for a little barbecue in the area of Attica and Imlay City. We have been taking our customers there for years, and if you're craving something crispy, crunchy, and deep fried, then you really owe it to yourself to check this place out. The prices are good and low so you can fill up without spending a pretty penny, and the service and staff are just out of this world. So friendly and helpful, and always in a good mood. Even the few times that we have stopped in right before closing to pick up our carryout, they were still happy to see us! You will be able to find Timmers Maryland Fried Chicken at 632 N Cedar St in nearby Imlay City.

♦ Dairy Queen ♦
Dairy Queen, or simply DQ as they have been rebranding themselves, is always a quick and convenient place to stop for dessert or a snack, or even a full on fast food meal, when you are traveling with Limo Detroit. This location in nearby Imlay City is no exception. You can grab a nice sundae, a creamy frozen blizzard swirled with all your favorite toppings, or even a hearty hamburger and fries. We overlooked their food for a long time to focus on the ice cream, but we finally discovered it recently and we're glad we did. Friendly staff, convenient location, low prices... No wonder we couldn't leave DQ off the list! This particular Dairy Queen is over at 1761 South Cedar in Imlay City.

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