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Atlas, Michigan

is a township in Genesee County that is covered by the zip code of 48411, and though you won't find any bars or restaurants within the township itself, you will certainly find some fantastic ones in the nearby city of Grand Blanc (48439). Take a look at just a few of our favorites here, and consider visiting one or two of them when you are navigating this area with Limo Detroit!

♦ Nuevo Vallarta ♦
If you find yourself in the Atlas area craving delicious Mexican food, you've got to head over to Nuevo Vallarta in nearby Grand Blanc. We have had so many wonderful meals here, and that's why we recommend it so highly to our customers. We are lovers of a great carne asada, and goodness knows theirs is so fantastic here! Wow. The guacamole salad is the perfect thing to pair with it, and you'll really be treating your taste buds to something special when you do. They've got one of the friendliest staffs of any restaurant in the area, and the ambiance is excellent too. Very cozy and comfortable! You'll be able to find Nuevo Vallarta at 11225 S Saginaw St in nearby Grand Blanc!

♦ Luca's Chophouse ♦
Have we got any seafood lovers out there? How about steak aficionados? If so, then you will want to make a note of this restaurant: Luca's Chophouse! It is so unbelievably good! We have enjoyed so many delightfully leisurely meals here, many of which consisted of filet mignon for the main course and creme brûlée for dessert! We can never resist either of those. Many have raved about the immaculate state of the restaurant and the amazing ambiance, and we too have to sing its praises to you. You will certainly be glad that you came out and gave this restaurant a chance, because you are certain to have a memorable time. You'll be able to find Luca's Chophouse at 12793 S Saginaw St in nearby Grand Blanc. Highest recommendation on this list!

♦ Da Edoardo North ♦
Lovers of Italian food will be very happy if they take a moment to visit Da Edoardo North when they are in the Atlas and Grand Blanc area. Though it's located within a shopping center, the ambiance inside is so nice that you'll completely forget about where it's situated. They've got some of the freshest and best prepared food in town, served by an incredibly warm and friendly staff. The wilted baby spinach is one of our favorite things here, because it reminds us of the way our grandmothers used to make it! We highly recommend sitting outdoors if the weather allows. The only possible downside to this restaurant is that the portions are a bit small, and the prices are a bit high. Still, we say it's worth it! You can find Da Edoardo at 8185 Holly Rd in nearby Grand Blanc.

♦ Little Joe's ♦
Little Joe's is a little slice of the past right here in nearby Grand Blanc. We say that because it's a dive bar that looks to us like it hasn't been touched since the eighties. And we love it that way! The one thing they certainly didn't have back in the day was that huge selection of microbrews that they offer! Wow! Noe that is impressive. They've got a ton of different offerings for lunch, all of which are affordable and very filling. We have enjoyed so many things here from pizza to Mexican dishes and everything in between! Lots of people say they've got the best happy hour in town too, and if that's not a good reason to stop in as often as possible then we don't know what is! Visit Little Joe's at 11518 S Saginaw St in nearby Grand Blanc.

♦ Chutney Bazaar ♦
Chutney Bazaar was definitely one of the more unique restaurants in nearby Grand Blanc, with an incredible assortment of delicious Indian and ethnic foods that will really set your taste buds into overdrive! However, though we're sorry to note that the restaurant side has been closed down, their grocery side is still going strong. You can stop in and pick up all your favorite Indian goodies for snacks while you're on the road with Limo Detroit, or take some home to really put together an ethnic feast all on your own! You will be able to find Chutney Bazaar at 5454 Perry Rd in nearby Grand Blanc. Don't miss it!

♦ Buffalo Wild Wings ♦

The Lovers of great wings and fun sports bars, we have only got three words for you: Buffalo Wild Wings! Enough said. But just in case you're not yet familiar with the greatness that is B. Dub's, we'll go ahead and break it down for you. 1: The best wings ever, both traditional and boneless, with a huge variety of sauces to choose from. 2: Tons of TVs everywhere so you won't miss a moment of the game. 3: A massive bar with an even more massive selection of drinks. 4: Plenty of video games to keep you busy, plus an Internet jukebox to satisfy your music needs. We could go on and on, but we think that's more than enough reasons to warrant a visit! You can find this Buffalo Wild Wings location at 8251 Trillium Circle Ave in nearby Grand Blanc.

♦ Sophia's Kitchen ♦
If you have yet to try Sophia's Kitchen in nearby Grand Blanc, then we really would like to urge you to pay them a visit the next time you're in the area. They have some of the very best hamburgers in town, and if you are there for breakfast you can't go wrong with their hearty omelets! The menu is sizable and yet the prices are nice and low just like you'd expect at a cozy little diner like this one. Great soups, sandwiches... All the comfort food that we can never get enough of! You can really fill up without having to spend too much, and you'll leave feeling really good since the waitstaff is so friendly and inviting. Find Sophia's Kitchen at 11395 S Saginaw St in nearby Grand Blanc.

♦ Crossbow Inn ♦
Crossbow Inn is one of the coziest little restaurants that you will ever find in the Atlas and Grand Blanc area! It really is quite small and yet so comfortable, and there is nothing quite like the way that the staff makes you feel so at home. The Reuben sandwiches are absolutely delicious here, and the hamburgers are very nice as well. Perfectly cooked to order. The soups are always really good here too, so be sure to get a cup with your meal if you aren't just opting for an entire bowl as your entree! We have a hard time resisting that. The salads are huge and so fresh, definitely recommended! You'll be able to find Crossbow Inn, truly one of our favorites, at 11310 S Saginaw St in nearby Grand Blanc!

♦ Fajitas Tex Mex Cafe♦
Fajitas Tex Mex Cafe is one of the more recent places that we have discovered in nearby Grand Blanc, but we are not at all hesitant to recommend it to you because we have already had a few unforgettable dining experiences there! The food is all made from real, fresh, high quality ingredients, so it's kind of like the Tex Mex version of a certain popular submarine sandwich restaurant. You know the one! The chips and salsa are really delicious, and we are especially big fans of the burritos! Really cosy ambiance here too, and even a full bar and tv so you won't have to miss the game while you're there. You can find Fajitas Tex Mex Cafe at 10006 S Saginaw Rd in nearby Grand Blanc! Don't miss it!

♦ Hot Dog Stand ♦
We absolutely could not wrap up this list without including Hot Dog Stand, one of the most classic eateries in all of Grand Blanc! If you only make it to one place when you are in the Atlas area, make it this one. It's true old fashioned style with the waitresses on roller skates and the trays that attach to your halfway-rolled-down window. The hot dogs that they serve here are always Koegels, and as you know, those are the best in our state! And a true Michigan exclusive at that. Their root beer is actually homemade too! Now where else are you going to find that? Make sure to hear over to Hot Dog Stand, one of the true classics of the Grand Blanc area!

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