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Ash, Michigan

is a township located in Monroe County, covered by the zip code of 48117. You will find plenty of great places to drink and dine in the cities surrounding it, including Carleton (also 48117), Brownstown (48183), Flat Rock (48134), Newport (48166), and New Boston (48164). Take a peek at a few of our favorites and please consider visiting them when you are next in the area with Limo Detroit!

♦ Kate's Kitchen ♦
Kate's Kitchen is one of the quaintest little restaurants that you will ever visit. They are mostly known for their sensational homemade pies, but there is much more to enjoy here than just that! The breakfast is our personal favorite, with the omelettes definitely coming out on top. They really pack them full of ingredients, so no matter what kind you get (we like the ham and cheese!), you will be totally satisfied without ordering anything extra! The biscuits and gravy are nothing short of heavenly, so make sure you enjoy at least one! Note that this restaurant is very small and there is often a long line, so arrive with plenty of time to spare if you can manage it! You'll be able to find Kate's Kitchen at 26558 W Huron River Dr in nearby Flat Rock!

♦ Grafton Inn ♦
Grafton Inn is a wonderful little bar that reminds us so much of Cheers. The regulars are so friendly that you just might find yourself becoming one of them! Really! They make you feel so at home. The prices are a little bit higher than at other places in the area, but the high quality service is just incomparable. They've got lots of great raffles going on here on a regular basis, including the most popular one on Fridays that's called Jack of Spades, but make sure to get there plenty early if you can because everybody wants to be in on that one and it gets insanely busy! You will be able to find the incomparable Grafton Inn at 12601 Grafton Rd in nearby Carleton!

♦ Fifth Wheel Truckstop & Restauran ♦
Fifth Wheel Truckstop & Restaurant Is one of the greatest as far as Michigan truck stops go! Despite the name, you'll see when you go that the regulars mostly consist of local residents rather than actual truck drivers. We usually try to get a seat in the cozy booths by the window, and so far we have only visited for breakfast, though our customers tell us that the food is fantastic any time of day. The biscuits and gravy are the piece de resistance if you ask us! So flaky and good! And when you pair it with their fantastic sausage, it's really a match made in heaven. You can find Fifth Wheel Truckstop & Restaurant at 8500 N Telegraph Rd in nearby Newport.

♦ Waltz Inn ♦
Waltz Inn (get it? Waltz in?) is one of the best and most beloved restaurants in the Ash Township area, located in nearby New Boston. Rumor has it that it's haunted, and we try to catch a glimpse of the ghosts every time we go, but we've had no luck so far! We are big fans of the fried fish sandwiches, so flaky and delicious and perfectly cooked. Their prime rib is the perfect choice for dinner and we've never had prime rib better than theirs! We've had very good turtle soup there too, and there are plenty of chicken, steak, and seafood dishes for everybody to choose from. A really excellent bar too! You can find Waltz Inn at 28104 Mineral Springs Rd in nearby New Boston!

♦ China Club ♦
China Club is one of the newer restaurants in nearby Carleton, having only been open for the last several years or so. They originally weren't so hot, but when new management took over things really picked up! The quality of the food is now top notch, and no matter what you choose, from the egg rolls to the general Tso's chicken, from the moo shu pork to the almond boneless chicken, from the fried dumplings to the won ton soup! We promise you it's all fantastic. This is especially great for those times when you are traveling with Limo Detroit and you need a quick carryout meal to enjoy on the road! Be sure to check out China Club at 12509 Grafton Rd in nearby Carleton!

♦ Nina's Italian Pizzeria ♦

The Wondering about good pizza in Carleton? Look no further. Nina's Italian Pizzeria is the best of all the pizzerias in this area. It is a family owned and family run business, and we believe that's the factor that really makes all the difference. Of course the dedication to using only the highest quality ingredients doesn't hurt either! No matter what time of day you call, they'll have your pizza hot and ready in no time. The crust is always perfectly crisp, the sauce is always perfectly ladeled on, and the cheese is just so melty and good! We have never had a single complaint about this restaurant and that's why we recommend it so highly to you. Be sure to check it out at 1209 Monroe St.

♦ Ron's Pizzeria & Restaurant ♦
Ron's Pizzeria & Restaurant closed down in the mid- to late-90s when the owner's wife passed away and he retired. It was a sad day for the Carleton residents who loved the pizzeria and cared so much for Ron and his family. So just imagine the wonderful feeling we all had when Ron's kids reopened the restaurant about a decade later! Sheer joy. They keep it simple and basic here just like Ron did back in the day. High quality ingredients, perfectly cooked so the cheese is perfectly melted and the crust is perfectly crisp, and never burnt! They put so much care into everything, and it shows. You will be able to find Ron's Pizzeria & Restaurant at 1119 Monroe St in nearby Carleton.

♦ A & W Root Beer Drive ♦
A & W Root Beer Drive In is such an essential in nearby Flat Rock! And of course a drive in restaurant is just perfect for limousine travel with Limo Detroit! Just imagine pulling up to this old fashioned drive in in style, ordering an old fashioned root beer float in an icy cold frosty mug, and noshing on some of the best foot long coneys in the world! Prior to writing this review, we heard that A & W Drive Ins are in danger of closing, and we really hope that isn't the case. We're happy to visit this one as often as possible to show our support in the meantime! We will definitely miss this place if it does go out of business. You can find it (for now) at 31930 W Jefferson in nearby Flat Rock!

♦ Flat Rock Dairy Queen♦
Flat Rock Dairy Queen is another essential that we can't imagine the area without. For the longest time we would just stop in for a nice cold frosty blizzard, and old fashioned sundae, or one of their famous dilly bars! Then we realized that they also have wonderful hamburgers, chili fries, and other fast food classics, and they are all so good! if you're in the mood for some really great fast food and you're tired of all the usuals like McDonald's and Burger King, why not stop in and enjoy some Dairy Queen? You can find this DQ location at 28918 Telegraph Rd in Flat Rock.

♦ Subway ♦
Another really good choice for fast food that won't break the bank either money wise or calorie wise is Subway, and they have a convenient location right here in nearby Flat Rock on Racho Road. They've always got the freshest sliced veggies and cheeses to put on your sub, and even the bread is superbly fresh and delicious! We recommend ordering your subs toasted. They're so good that way. The tuna salad subs on wheat bread are one of our favorites, and the sweet onion chicken teriyaki on cheese bread is a delicacy that's still very healthy! There are few choices you can make here that aren't truly delicious! You will be able to find this Subway location at 18901 Racho Rd in nearby Flat Rock. Always a good choice!

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