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Armada, Michigan

is a village located within Macomb County, and it is covered by the zip code of 48005. There are plenty of wonderful places to dine and drink within the city, and it's our hope that you'll check out a few of our favorites the next time you find yourself in the Armada area with Limo Detroit!

♦ Achatz Handmade Pies & Orchar ♦
Achatz Handmade Pies & Orchard is the place you need to visit when you are craving something sweet that's homemade and all natural! All natural is getting easier to find nowadays, but homemade? That's still pretty scarce. These pies are so delectably good, you won't even mind paying a bit more for them than you'd pay for other pies. We are huge fans of the pumpkin pie, but if you're more of a berry lover, you're certainty fall for the blueberry! And the cherry is such an all American favorite. Always excellent here. You will not believe the loving care that they put into these pies! You can find Achatz Handmade Pies & Orchard at 75700 North Ave.

♦ Chaps Food & Spirits ♦
Chaps Food & Spirits is a favorite among everyone who hangs out in the Armada area, especially for their delicious king crab legs on Fridays! The price is incredibly affordable, and paired with a delicious salad and a baked potato (or you can get soup instead of salad if you prefer). We really like how they use mason jars to serve their drinks in here, and if that doesn't make you feel like you have made the great escape to the country then that's something wrong with you, get it together! Great service, nice ambiance, and of course wonderful filling meals will make you come back time and time again... What more can we say? Clearly Chaps comes highly recommended. Find it at 23084 E Main St!

♦ Papa's Family Restaurant ♦
Papa's Family Restaurant is one of those cozy restaurants that is perfect for families as well as groups of friends. Their beer battered fish and chips is always a great choice if that's your style, or if you're not a big seafood fan they have plenty of great steak and chicken dishes too. No matter what you choose here, you know you'll be getting a hearty helping of real home cooking, and that's just great. Their takeout is just as good as their dine-in experience, and that's something that you'll appreciate when you're traveling with Limo Detroit and you want to eat quickly in the limo (a frequent necessity among our business customers!). You can find Papa's Family Restaurant at 23056 E Main St.

♦ Roma Village Italian Bistro ♦
Roma Village Italian Bistro is a great place to go whenever you are craving old fashioned Italian specialties or even a crispy delicious pizza. We have dined here many times over the years and have never had anything but a wonderful experience. The waitstaff is extremely attentive, always making certain the your drinks are filled and that your needs are met. And the ingredients are of such a high quality that you'll feel like you're dining at your Italian grandmother's house in Italy! It's that authentic! Be sure to move on down to experience Roma Village Italian Bistro at 23010 E Main St.

♦ Pizza X Press ♦
Pizza X Press is always a great choice when you want a fast and delicious pizza! We highly recommend it for those times when you just want to place a quick order over the phone and pick up a hot fresh pizza while you're cruising around in our limo. Our business customers especially find themselves in a rush working on a big business deal and yet needing a hearty lunch that won't break the bank. A fast pizza from Pizza X Press is just the ticket! They've got the highest quality ingredients, the friendliest staff, and the cleanest environment of any pizzeria that we have visited in the area. We would very highly recommend this restaurant to you any day of the week! Find it at 23010 E Main St.

♦ Yorokobi Sush ♦

The If you find yourself craving sushi in the Armada area, it's just a short drive to the nearest and best sushi restaurant, Yorokobi Sushi in nearby Romeo! The sushi is nothing short of amazing, and yet the prices are surprisingly affordable. They've got one of the friendliest staffs that we have ever encountered too! But enough about that, let's talk sushi! The sashimi is of the highest quality, and that's what makes the biggest difference for us. They cook the rice just perfectly, and wrap the nori with such care. Our favorite rolls are the dragon roll, the spicy tuna roll, and even the California roll, which isn't usually adventurous enough for us! But here, it is just so good. Find Yorokobi Sushi at 117 S Main St in nearby Romeo.

♦ Kit Kat Club ♦
Looking for a great dive bar in the Armada area? Kit Kat Club in nearby Macomb is a real throwback to the sixties, and so many people in the area love it just the way it is. We hope it never changes. They have great karaoke here (so bad it's good!), really energetic and fun crowds, and barbecue that is just fantastic. The service can be pretty slow though so we recommend ordering plenty early. The people who work at the Kit Kat always seem to be in a good mood, which is somehow all too hard to find at dive bars. Seems like a bad attitude comes with the territory, but not here! When seeking that traditional dive bar experience, then be sure to check out the Kit Kat Club at 55140 Romeo Plank Rd in nearby Macomb!

♦ Santino's ♦
Santino's is one of those bars that doubles as a nightclub on the other side, and we love coming in for their food in the daytime just as much as we love coming in for the dancing at night. They've always got a great DJ spinning the sounds. In the spring and summer it's also wonderful to come in because they've got enormous windows, and when they open them to let the breeze and sunlight come in, it's almost as good as sitting outside! Really a wonderful ambiance and the kind of service that is all too hard to find elsewhere nowadays. Very nice decor, nice martini lounge (tip: be dressed for it!), and just an overall great experience for both drinking and dining. You can find Santino's at 59259 Van Dyke Rd in nearby Washington.

♦ Main Street Bar & Grill ♦
Main Street Bar & Grill a very popular place to stop in for a drink when we find ourselves in the Armada area. Located conveniently in nearby Romeo, it's just a short drive from the center of Armada. The ambiance is really charming, very clean and cozy, and the fine folks who work here are just as inviting as the atmosphere! On Saturdays they have some of the liveliest karaoke in town, and that's always fun! The vibe is usually pretty mellow and relaxed, and in the evenings it picks up a bit and becomes more of a party. Make plans now to meet up at Main Street Bar & Grill at 223 N Main St in nearby Romeo.

♦ Mikey's ♦
Mikey's in nearby Almont is another great little bar that we have visited a time or two in our visits to this area. The food is incredibly cheap, and yet it's so delicious! We think the high quality comes down to the fact that Mikey runs everything himself. You'll even see him bartending and cooking sometimes! That's the kind of hands on ownership that you just don't see that often anymore, and it really does make a difference. The Bronto burger is one of the biggest draws here and everybody also loves the fried fish! It would be impossible to make a bad choice on that menu however, because everything is top notch! You will be able to find Mikey's at 129 S Main St in nearby Almont!

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