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CityName, Michigan

is a township that is found in Genesee County, and it is covered by the Linden zip code of 48451. There aren't really any places to eat or drink within Argentine, but in nearby Linden, Fenton (48430), and Grand Blanc (48439), there are lots of great spots to check out! Here are our favorites and we hope that you'll consider visiting them when you are in the area with Limo Detroit.

♦ Beirut Restaurant & Grocery ♦
Beirut Restaurant & Grocery is definitely a much beloved spot in this area for some incredible Lebanese and Mediterranean food! We are absolutely hooked on their chicken shwarma sandwiches, and we stop in as often as we can to grab one of those! No matter what you choose from their extensive menu, you will be completely satisfied. Everything is fantastic. You'll note that "grocery" is in the title, and though this is primarily a restaurant, there are some good items for sale for you to take home and enjoy, like their famous garlic sauce! So good. Note that they are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Head on out to Beirut Restaurant & Grocery at 117 N Bridge St in nearby Linden. Very highly recommended.

♦ Tom's Coney Island ♦
If you are a lover of a good coney, you probably are already aware that you should head out to Tom's Coney Island in nearby Linden. This is one of the most affordable lunch spots in the area, so you can come in with a group of friends and even cover the bill if you're the type to do so, and you will still find the grand total is much less than it would be anywhere else. The waitstaff is particularly knowledgeable and helpful, and they are always so welcoming and willing to help you choose something good from the menu. This coney spot also wins the title of the most pleasant places to have lunch in town, nice and clean, and with the focus on good old fashioned food instead of flash and glitz! Tom's Coney Cafe can be visited at 123 N Bridge St in nearby Linden. Don't miss it!

♦ Rocky's Pizza ♦
Rocky's Pizza is one of those great takeout or delivery pizzerias that is known for its delicious pizza pies, and the one thing that everybody agrees on is that they are better than any of the typical chain pizzerias you constantly see ads from. This isn't a one-off restaurant—they have at least one another location in Flint that we are aware of — but the quality is that of a singular family run pizzeria with fresh local ingredients. The quality of these ingredients is very high, and yet the prices are very affordable. That's the perfect combination if you ask us! When you are ready for tasty pizza find Rocky's Pizza at 123 E Broad St in nearby Linden. Highly recommended!

♦ French Laundry ♦
French Laundry is absolutely known for their delicious and high quality French food. It is very difficult locating a well run French cuisine location in the Genesee — in fact it's difficult to find a French restaurant at all in our state! There are very few. And this is one of the best. Despite the fact that you can get French onion soup just about everywhere, it's one of the must have things at this restaurant. We may even go so far as to say it's the best, in fact! If we're there in the AM we really enjoy the fresh baked goods, and if we are there in the evening we like to take advantage of their huge local selection of beer and spirits. They have an amazing goat cheese risotto, and oysters Rockefeller that will make your mouth water! You'll want to go to French Laundry at 125 W Shiawassee Ave in nearby Fenton. Don't miss it.

♦ Sagebrush Cantina ♦
If French food isn't what you're craving, then how about Mexican? Sagebrush Cantina has got what you're looking for. The portions are absolutely enormous, very conducive to sharing or to splitting your meal into two and taking half home for leftovers. They start you off with some of the best chips and salsa that you'll ever taste, and then it's time to order an appetizer or your entree. For an entree we'd recommend the chimichangas or the Cabo fish tacos. The taste profiles here are perfection, and it's cool that you can either get them as entrees with all the sides, or a la carte! Two or three a la carte items definitely makes for a great meal, and you'll usually have plenty leftover as well. Swing by Sagebrush Cantina at 14284 N Fenton Rd in nearby Fenton.

♦ Fenton House Restaurant ♦

Who loves pizza? If you do, then you would do very well to check out Fenton House Restaurant just down the road in Fenton, MI. You can do dine-in or carryout depending on what you're in the mood for, but we have always enjoyed dining in. The breadsticks are absolutely fantastic, and the perfect appetizer before that sensational pizza! They also have plenty of delicious pastas to choose from, and a Greek salad that is absolutely mouth wateringly good. We also recommend trying the French onion soup. If you're there for lunch, you can't go wrong with one of their sandwiches! We recommend the Cuban! You can find the oft-recommended Fenton House at 413 S Leroy St in the city of Fenton!

♦ Buffalo Wild Wings ♦
Buffalo Wild Wings is a favorite amongst sports fans and those who love a great platter of wings! The wings are what they have built an empire on, but how about the fact that they've got tons of televisions scattered around the bar so you never have to miss a moment of the game? And how about the trivia nights? The video games? The excellent service? And what about the rest of the menu beyond those amazing wings? Clearly Buffalo Wild Wings, or B. Dub's as it is affectionately known to many of the regulars, is a great spot for friends to hang out, or even for a date between two sports lovers! Always a great place to hang out no matter who you're with. Wanna go? Buffalo Wild Wings location is at 3190 W Silver Lake Rd in nearby Fenton.

♦ Tumbleweed Cantina ♦
Tumbleweed Cantina is a great choice for people who love dive bars that also happen to have a great view of the lake! If you're looking to get a ridiculous buzz, try their enormous 64oz drink that is absolutely packed with an insane amount of alcohol. Tip: Drink it sloooooowly, if you don't want to end up on the floor before the night is over! Or ask for some extra straws and share it with a few friends. They've got a pretty decent sized dance floor here, and the music is always good, so if you like to shake your groove thang you just may want to give this bar a go. Let's not forget to mention the Mexican food here. It's not quite gourmet but it will do! We especially like the mahi mahi fish tacos. You'll be able to find Tumbleweed Cantina at 6484 Bennett Lake Rd in neighboring Fenton.

♦ Brick Street Bar & Grille♦
Brick Street Bar & Grille is a wonderful spot with wonderful grub and something cool to drink, and we especially enjoy taking advantage of their outdoor patio when the weather is accommodating. We especially love the vegetarian entrees here, one of which is a sautéed vegetable platter, and it's really noteworthy for its flavor. They've got a pecan encrusted whitefish that's also very good, and for dessert we're big fans of their cheesecake with berries. The service has always been great every time we've come in, and our customers have only had good things to say about this restaurant as well. You'll find Brick Street Bar & Grille at 1223 E Grand Blanc Rd in nearby Grand Blanc.

♦ Ruby Tuesday ♦
You may not think of it when trying to find a healthy place to eat, but Ruby Tuesday is really a great choice. They've got a salad bar that is always filled with fresh and healthful ingredients, such as beets, sunflower seeds, carrots, cottage cheese, broccoli, and more. Plenty of dressings to choose from too! They also have a special menu of low cal dishes that we think rival the full fat entrees! The chicken fresco is one of those that we'd recommend, whether you're watching your weight or not! Seriously, it's that good. When the sides are just as good as the main dish itself, you know that you have found a restaurant worth recommending. They offer a Sunday Brunch menu also! You will be able to find Ruby Tuesday at 19005 Silver Pkwy close by in Fenton.

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