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Anchorville, Michigan

is located within St Clair County, and is represented by the zip code of 48004. You won't find many places to dine or drink within that zip code, when you're out in by yourself in this area or with Limo Detroit, we have put together this small list of favorite restaurants within the nearby cities of New Baltimore (48047), Ira (48023), and Chesterfield (48047). We hope you will enjoy them!

♦ Bad Brad's BBQ ♦
Bad Brad's BBQ is located in nearby New Baltimore, and you can be sure that when you are craving delicious barbecue, the answer to your prayer are located here! They have some of the best macaroni and cheese which will have you coming back with yummy crispy topping that everybody loves! The BBQ chicken is one of our favorite things on the menu (sometimes the most classic is the best!), and we are also huge fans of the campfire nachos for an appetizer! They've also got their own homemade and home smoked sausage on the menu now, which is a really great addition to an already fantastic menu. Put on the bib then mosey on over to Bad Brad's BBQ at 35611 Green St in friendly New Baltimore.

♦ Poncho's Original Mexican Restaurant ♦
Poncho's Original Mexican Restaurant, a local, classic, favorite in nearby New Baltimore. Though we wouldn't say that the ambiance has stood the test of time, the food definitely has. It's not the most authentic or best Mexican food that we have ever had, but it's definitely the best in the area and it sure beats that long drive to Mexicantown in downtown Detroit! The only possible downside to dining at this restaurant is that they don't offer free refills, but if you're anything like us you don't care about that when the food is this good! No matter what you get for your entree, we recommend getting the fried ice cream for dessert, and order it with both chocolate and honey. It's divine! You can find Poncho's Original Mexican Restaurant at 37029 Green St in nearby New Baltimore!

♦ Tin Fish Resort ♦

The We love the name of Tin Fish Resort in nearby Ira. The only thing we love more is the food! This is primarily an outdoor restaurant which takes advantage of their sensational location on Lake St Clair, but they also offer indoor dining for those not-so-good weather days, or for those who want to sit at the bar and watch the game. No need to worry about staying warm outside though, because they have plenty of heating elements and even an outdoor fireplace to keep you feeling roasty toasty. It's true that the prices are a bit higher here than at the other restaurants on this list, but if you're on the town in our vehicles then you already know how to live it up! Highest recommendation here? Definitely the oysters. Find Tin Fish Resort at 10069 Dixie Hwy in nearby Ira!

♦ Chicken Shack ♦
If you love your delicious fried soul food, and you have not yet tasted the delicacy that is Chicken Shack, then you really owe it to yourself to check it out next time you're in nearby Chesterfield! Forget fancy. This is fried chicken at its best. The boasted potatoes are almost better than that famous chicken (they're that good!), and fish lovers will go absolutely wild for all the delicious seafood options that they offer here! They actually do have a very nice grilled chicken for those that are trying to be more health conscious, so there is something here for just about everybody. Our favorite location to visit is the Chicken Shack at 31880 23 Mile Rd in nearby Chesterfield!

♦ Slippery Rock ♦
Slippery Rock is definitely the kind of place that you'll want to visit more than once. Located in nearby New Baltimore, just a short drive from Anchorville, this is an easy stop anytime you're in the area. They've got wonderfully delicious french dip sandwiches which are a perfect lunch choice, and the perch with capers is a really nice twist on something tried and true. The braised lamb is a really excellent dish along with their house special pesto fettuccine with chicken and artichoke hearts! Really delicious and unique flavors here, and great service worth celebrating. Head on out to Slippery Rock at 51083 Washington St in nearby New Baltimore!

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