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Allenton, Michigan

is a small unincorporated community within Berlin Township, and can be found five miles south of exit 176 off I-69. Since this is such a small community, there really aren't any hotspots for drinking and dining within the Allenton zip code of 48002 (though that technically covers all of Berlin Township), but there are quite a few nice places to go within driving distance in the nearby cities of Almont (zip code 48003) and Armada (zip code 48005). Here is a small and carefully chosen selection of our recommendations.

♦ Maria's Place ♦
Maria's Place is not only possible the ideal place to dine in nearby Almont, but it is also one of the most affordable! The location is a bit easy to miss, as you may be heading down M-53 hastily and miss it completely, listen to us when we tell you it's worth looking out for this one. If you love a small town diner that feels like it's a world away from the hustle and bustle of all that's modern and current today, then you will absolutely fall in love with this place. And not just the food and the ambiance, but the prices! You will wonder how they are able to stay in business with such affordable prices, but in fact that might be the secret to success. This is a great spot for groups of friends and families with kids too! You can find Maria's Place at 141 S Main St in nearby Almont. Very highly recommended.

♦ Achatz Handmade Pies & Orchard ♦
Achatz Handmade Pies & Orchard is located in nearby Armada, which is just a quick jaunt from Allenton and definitely worth the short drive when you're in the area. There is no pie better than an Achatz pie, and if you haven't discovered that yet then you are really in for a special treat. The prices that you will pay for these pies are definitely higher than any pie you'll find at the grocery store or even at a restaurant that is known for their pies, but the quality and taste are simply out of this world. You'll want to note that their hours are a bit more limited than the other establishments on this list, open until 7pm on the weekdays and until 6pm on Sundays. Be on the look out for Achatz Handmade Pies & Orchafd at 75700 North Ave in nearby Armada.

♦ Chaps Food & Spirits ♦

The Chaps Food & Spirits in nearby Armada is an absolutely delectable place to have a meal! We are always coming in for their king crab legs on Fridays, because they're under fifteen dollars and they taste so good paired with a delicious baked potato and your choice of soup or salad. Just a supreme meal to say the least. If you're not a lover of seafood, you will definitely appreciate their tasty prime rib. We also love the way they serve drinks fashioned mason jars! So cool. If you're a lover of country music this is the place for you with their all their jukebox selections. When you'r ready slide on down to Chaps Food & Spirits at 23084 E Main St in nearby Armada. Do not miss this one when you're in the Allenton and Armada area!

♦ Mikey's ♦
If you want a great meal but also want to enjoy a nice selection of beer, wine, and spirits, you've got to stop in to Mikey's. They are perhaps best known for their juicy Brontosaurus burgers, and their fried walleye is also a very motivating factor in making the drive out to this restaurant! The owner is really named Mikey, and he is almost always right there bartending or cooking, making sure that the quality of this establishment stays just as high as when it first opened. The food and drinks are nice and cheap here too, and if you want to try your hand at winning a few bucks to cover those drinks, why not play a little Club Keno while you're there? Such a great place. Find it at 129 S Main St in nearby Almont.

♦ Almont Rosa's Pizza ♦
It never fails. Our customers are driving around with Limo Detroit and they crave a delicious pizza! They ask our professional chauffeur, "Where can we get an amazing pizza pie in the Allenton area?" And he says, "The place to go is Almont Rosa's Pizza in nearby Almont." This little known takeout restaurant has some of the most sensational pizzas that you will ever lay taste buds on. Forget about all the fancy stuff, gourmet toppings, etc. This is a good old fashioned pizza just the way you like it. Perfect crust, delicious sauce, melty cheese, irresistible toppings. And always hot and ready to go quickly after you call. They deliver too. You will be able to find this great pizzeria at 133 N Main St in nearby Almont! Highly recommended!

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