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Adrian, Michigan

is located within Lenawee County, and when your travels bring you to this area of Michigan, we hope that you'll consider visiting a couple of these great bars and restaurants that are located within the 49221 zip code.

♦ The Grasshopper ♦
The Grasshopper is a wonderful bar and restaurant that we just love. The Mexican food that they serve here is some of the best in the area, and that says a lot because this area is really fully stocked with lots of great Mexican places! (As you can see from the amount of them on this list!) This place has been going strong for many decades now, and we won't be surprised when it's still doing so many decades from now! They're always busy here, which is a great sign because that means the food is always hot and fresh to keep up with the demand! The chips and salsa are great, but even better is that cheese sauce! You'll find this one at 116 S Winter St. Highly recommended!

♦ Blue Cactus Cafe ♦
Blue Cactus Cafe is a Mediterranean restaurant that you can really rely on for some of the most amazing flavors in town. We've had the pleasure of dining at many Mediterranean restaurants all over the country, and believe it or not, this is one of the best. The crushed lentil soup is one of our favorite things here, and it's the perfect starter for any meal. The sampler platter is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the delicious dishes that they serve here too. It's true that this is the only Mediterranean restaurant you'll find in Adrian, but their high recommendation here isn't because of that, it's because they really are the best. Located at 905 N Main St.

♦ Fiesta Ranchera Mexican Restaurant ♦
Fiesta Ranchera Mexican Restaurant has really bowled us over when it comes to their delicious flavors of Mexico! Wow! There are so many good Mexican restaurants in this area, but this one really stands out because of its cool laid back dive bar kind of atmosphere. If you are the type, like us, who can appreciate that, then you will love it here. The people who work here are always in a great mood and very friendly, and they have lots of delicious choices on the menu. The portions are perhaps a bit smaller here than what we're used to at most Mexican restaurants, but it's more than enough to fill you up. They've got TVs and a pool table here for your entertainment too. You can find this one at 1675 E Us Highway 223.

♦ Lotus Palace ♦
Lotus Palace is a Chinese restaurant that has really got us hooked on their unique flavors! Much better than any other Chinese restaurant in the area as far as we are concerned. The General Tso's Chicken is one of our top dishes here, and we also love the Almond Chicken. If you're a lover of Lo Mein, this is the spot to indulge in it, because they have lots of different flavors and it's cooked just perfectly from the highest quality noodles. Everybody goes crazy over the egg rolls here too! Truly legendary portions and wonderful specials at lunch time that will help you save a few bucks and then some. You will be able to find this beloved spot in Adrian at 134 N Main St!

♦ Mario's Mexican Restaurant ♦
Yes, another Mexican restaurant, but we can't help it that there are so many good ones in this area! When we want good Mexican food, we always head out to Adrian. Anyway this place is pretty plain from the outside, so it took us a little longer to discover this one, but it's a real gem inside. They open at ten in the morning so you can come in and enjoy their breakfast specials, and though that's really more of the brunch hour for most of us, it's great and really perfect for those mornings when you want to sleep in and still head out for a good first meal of the day. The salsa here is the best in town as far as we're concerned, and every single entree on the menu is delicious. We've had them all! Found at 921 E Beecher St.

♦ Fajita Heaven Mexican Restaurant ♦

Fajita Heaven Mexican Restaurant is another one of our most beloved Mexican restaurants in Adrian, this one being newer than the other ones that we have mentioned on this list. We enjoy the ambiance here, nice and clean and well lit, and they have some of the most delicious fajitas that we have ever tasted! With a name like that, you'd have to! They give you some of the largest portions around, so if you're really looking for a hearty meal or would like to share one with your dining partner, this is one of the best choices for your lunch or dinner in Adrian! Open later than most other places in the area too. You'll be able to find Fajita Heaven Mexican Restaurant at 730 S Main St.

♦ China Garden ♦
China Garden is just a smallish Chinese restaurant in Adrian, easily overlooked, but we recommend that you take notice! It's been around for as long as we can remember, and everybody that we know just flips for their delicious homemade egg drop soup. They have delicious fried wontons here that make a nice starter for any meal, and we would recommend any of the Chinese standards here, especially the lo mein, chow mein, and chop suey. Everything's delicious, the ambiance is nice, and the service is excellent. An all around very pleasant dining experience, and definitely some of the best Chinese food in the area. You can find it at 1557 W Maumee St.

♦ Cancun Mexican Restaurant ♦
We hope you don't mind us recommending yet another Mexican restaurant, but Adrian is full of them and this is another one that we just wouldn't feel right leaving off the list! We have had the pleasure of dining here many times, and they have delicious chicken fajitas and cheese enchiladas that will really tickle your tastebuds and please your tummy! Tea lovers take note, their hibiscus tea is a nice surprise and something that we haven't been able to find anywhere else. They serve warm salsa alongside the cold salsa which we haven't experienced elsewhere. Kind of reminds us of the subtle differences between a chilled and a room temperature red wine. Very interesting! You can find this wonderful establishment at 1054 S Main St. Love it!

♦ Salsaria's ♦
OK, last Mexican place on this list, we promise! Salsaria's is a wonderful restaurant that is known for its delicious salsa, hence the name! The medium salsa is our favorite, and seemingly everyone else's too. We recommend picking up some salsa from Salsaria's even if you're not dining in or getting any food to go. It's so good on everything, and it's a great way to kick up the spice of whatever meal you're making at home tonight. The chips here are just excellent, so thin and tasty! And just the right amount of salt too. They really master that delicate balance. The cheese enchiladas and rice are just fantastic, and much different than anywhere else that you've ever eaten them. Really, give them a try! We think it's the enchilada sauce that makes all the difference. Found at 1416 S Main St and highly recommended!

♦ Pizza Bucket ♦
Pizza Bucket is one of our favorite locally owned restaurants, because the people who run it really put in a lot of effort to keep things running smoothly and to make sure that all the food is truly top notch. The pizza is of course what they are known for, and all of their specialty pizzas are excellent and very highly recommended. The gyro pizza is our absolute favorite, and that pairs so perfectly with their warm homemade bread sticks with that delicious creamy ranch dressing. If you like your pizza a little more on the greasier side, then you will be very pleased with this one! Mmm, it's so good! Pizza lovers, do not miss this one. You can find Pizza Bucket at 143 S Winter St.

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